When I Am Writing;

Who am I writing to? When I decided to become a Writer, instead of just being a Reader, Just Who did I want to Write to? People who read the Nation Magazine, who have to look up^ those Big Words in the Webster’s New World Dictionary?—– ~~~~~NO! I want to write to every-day People……I want to say what I think in plain, ordinary English, so people have no trouble understanding what it is I have to say here……. ~~~~~It is not so hard to understand Plain English, and the language I speak is directed to our Children’s Future…..Do they inherit a Paradise, or on our present course a “Trash Dump?” Which is it to be? It is UP^ to US to make that decision; do we allow GREED to take it all Right Now? or can we decide to save Some-Things for the Future? ~~~~~Where are all the Fish & Birds we used to enjoy? Gone, Gone, Gone; to a better World than this One, with our Endless Wars & Bombs………Who would volunteer to Live Here, on this War-Like Planet? ~~~~~I have met,in my lifetime, many Good People, yet the War’s continue on…..Endlessly….. Why do We Good People Allow This to Continue On? ~~~~~$750,000,000. Could raise this world out of Poverty…..& Yet we spend it on weapons of WAR…..What the F–k is wrong with US? ~~~~~Hey! Great Clod! What is next? Maybe Wart’s and Wrens on my head? What do I care? I am the happiest old F–K in this Universe………. ~~~~~YOU, Great Spirit, made it all happen Perfectly! I am Blessed, by You! ~~~~~When my old Heart stops beating, Sir/Madame; please take your line in hand and reel me in……I will be over-joyed to be a part of YOU!

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