This Christ-Mass-VS-X-mas;

How about this Holy Day Season, instead of shopping till we drop, we drop the Shopping and instead of making the Rich even Richer, we begin to Gift, to Share our good fortune with those less fortunate? How about, instead of purchasing cheap crap that all winds up^ in the junk-yard, we instead gift worthy charities, in our childrens names? ~~~~~What a difference we could make in this world of ours! ~~~~~Doctor’s Without Borders comes into my mind, how Brave they are; setting up^ their tents in a war-torn land, and welcoming in all, no matter which side they are on; without asking for a single penny in return…..This sets an Example for the American Medical system of Greed to follow…..Which bankrupts people when they are least able to handle it because they had the misfortune to fall ill……Shame on them! ~~~~~How about People, World-Wide take to the streets on Christ-Mass day and say clear and out loud, that we are Sick-to-Death of these endless wars, we want an end to it! ~~~~~How Stupid is it to spend our National Treasures on Missiles, Guns, Bombs, Fighter Jets, Submarines, Air-Craft carriers, Nuclear Weapons? We have human beings homeless, sleeping on the streets, people suffering abject Poverty, while others have Billions of bucks stashed away, all for themselves, when if shared out could alleviate all Poverty? ~~~~~Shame, Shame, Shame on us! ~~~~~”Slavery” ~~~~~”When the idea of service first emerged in life it said, “Surrounding conditions are the law. Obey them or die.” Life obeyed and survived, for in obeying natural law it was served. ~~~~~When men arrived, some men used the idea of service for personal gain. They said, “Obey and serve us, and we will pay you. Your survival depends on it” Men obeyed and many died because the service was difficult, and the payment inadequate.” ~~~~~THAT IS HOW THE IDEA OF SERVICE DEGENERATED INTO THE IDEA OF SLAVERY…..” From the book, “The Experience, A Celebration of Being” by Sirio Esteve, Random House, 1974…..available from Abe’s Books….. ~~~~~So, to sum up this discourse, let us during these Holy Days, allow us to put a final end to War, and the rumors of War, Let us find Peace on Earth; as Jesus Christ preached! ~~~~~What a Wonderful World this would be! A Gift to OUR CHILDREN & OUR FUTURE…………..

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