Instead of the Same old Same old;

Let me discover a whole new batch of words to string together into a coherent simple sentence…..Like Merry Xmas to all those simple fools who gave more $$$$$ into the Rich man’s Hands….. Instead of making a Donation in their child’s name, to a favored Charity…. ~~~~~Now you are more a Debt Wage Slave, so go on keeping on, and see what it gets you…..An early Grave perhaps, Trials & Tribulations; Who even knows where the Cold Creek Flows? In the Dark & the Dead of night? ~~~~~Four inches of Rain today, instead of snow in Mid-December….. ~~~~~No such thing as “Climate Change” Our so-called “Leaders” Say….. ~~~~~Why are we not out on the streets in protest against these LIES? ~~~~~OH, sure, we are aware of it in a vague sort of way, like we remember Hurricane Sandy, when the streets of Manhattan were flooded, Yet I will warn YOU all that a Great Storm is coming, there will be no escape from it. It will be every where, there is no “Escaping it” Mother Earth, is sick & tired of people refusing to Listen to Her Word…… ~~~~~

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