This Old Man;

I slap Death in the Face, every time He/She comes to call on my old man’s ass….. ~~~~~I get UP^ off my old man Ass, and I go and play on my beautiful Wooden, Hand made Tongued Drums, I can play now for hours instead of minutes, like when I first started out to Learn a New Thing to do, when the only true love I had went & left me all alone, My Great Dog, Tao, first & Then my Woman…….What is left for me to do? ~~~~~Sorrow only makes my Heart Beat Harder than ever………… ~~~~~I will see this through, I tell myself, after my good, good neighbors came and saved me from starving myself to Death………..Who can I call on that telephone? I am Deaf……… ~~~~~There is no one here to chat with, to talk too…..I am left with My Self……Good thing, I still have eyes that see, I can read many a good book; like “The River Why?” by David James Duncan, or “Money and Class In America” by Louis H. Lapham…..Or any of Mr. J. Krishnamurti’s Great Talks….. ~~~~~Every time I wake UP^ and realize my old heart is still beating, I walk to my front window, and give my Thanks, gratitude, to me is important…..What is it that keeps our Sun burning itself up to gift us with Light, Heat, another Day? I ask how many Human Beings think to Thank that Sun of ours? To busy shopping for more junk, in the Rich men’s stores……People used to go outside and Worship the Sun, not anymore, too busy to be bothered with that pagan crap……I will say again, a Big Storm is on it’s way, the Wise ones will prepare for it’s arrival, others will disappear from the face of Earth….. ~~~~~Have a Nice Holy Day, my friends……….

4 thoughts on “This Old Man;

  1. Very deep. Don’t despair, Alaska man. All around the planet there are people who care about the earth. The first thing I do every morning and many times throughout the day is to give thanks to the sun, the trees, the seas, the animals and the Divine Spirit. And later the same thanks to the moon and the stars. You are not alone.

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    1. Emberbear, I do not Despair, I just work harder to make my dream of a Paradise here on OUR PLANET, for OUR CHILDREN to Inherit & Enjoy…..Sirus, the Dog Star is My Winter Guide Star, on a clear night it rises low in the Southern Sky and Flashes all those beautiful colors….What a Welcome Visitor! What I seek is a Weaponless World, so we may open ourselves up to this endless Universe of ours. We are at present on the No-Fly list of planets, so no Visitor’s…..World-wide Peace is my Goal, before I die, hopefully……Happy Holy Days to YOU & Your Loved ones, & Thank YOU, from an old war vet…..

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    2. Thank YOU for the encouragement; it is hard not to despair when one loses one’s 35+ year Love/Soulmate, she was also my ears, as I am deaf, so now this machine is my only means of communication…..When she passed I shut down for almost 40 days, never ate a bite of food, never talked with another soul, until finally a good neighbor checked in on me, brought soup, told me that this was not what my lady would want me to do, so I am slowly gaining back some weight and carrying on…..Touch & Go that was + I am on old Vietnam Vet with PTSD, Constant battle just to keep on living…..But I am a pretty tough old fart, So soldier on! Happy Holy Days to YOU!


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