I just realized, that at the ripe old age of 74 + I don’t know s–t…..I thought, errors were only in the History books, and that we were past all that old crap…..Well, I was wrong, because it seems to me, that we are making the same old stupid mistakes over and over again…… ~~~~~War’s and rumor’s of Wars, weapons factories, still in existence……………….. ~~~~~What is wrong with US, as the Human Race? If we desire a Future, for the Human Race, we had better figure this out pretty damn quick……Before some nut, with his finger on a Nuclear Trigger, clicks on it……. ~~~~~Future or no Future? ~~~~~Why do we send our Young Men, off to War, when our OLD MEN are more than willing to go? Who has got more to Lose? A Joke Here: “Don’t Piss off Old People” ~~~~~”The older we get, the less “Life is Prison” is a deterrent.” ~~~~~Or; “Don’t Shoot!” I am an UN-ARMED BLACK MAN!” ~~~~~Well, Sir, I am an armed and dangerous White Man, and “Protocol” demands that I Shoot You Dead, because you have committed the Crime of being born Black.” ~~~~~Too Sad, The Mother Mourns, the Children Weep! That moment of Happening, immediately becomes “History”, Gone, if not forgotten……Think on Where We Are At; Right Now! Happy Holy Days……

5 thoughts on “IS THIS A GOOD SIGN? OR A BAD SIGN;

  1. So sad. But I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: don’t despair. A new generation is arising that genuinely cares about the earth, peace and justice. Although I am in my fifties I count myself as part of that generation because I was brought up to love the earth and to care about people and indeed I know people in their seventies who think like that too. You are not alone.

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    1. All well & Good, Emberbear, Yet the, so far, incurable disease; GREED & the LUST for POWER run on unchecked…..”You must be ready to Sell your Mother;” Kevin O’Leary, Shark Tank” Profit above ALL! This is the mind-set that prevails at this moment in time…..It is sort of; all right now, so what will we bequeath our supposedly “Beloved Children?” An abandoned Strip Mine, a Raped Earth, for another 1/6 ounce of Gold? To sit, INERT, in a vault for a few million years? Or Hammered into Trinkets, for the Rich to wear? We Breed like Yeast, eating ourselves to death in the quest for Alcohol, or More, More, Evermore…..Slaves to Desire…..I LOVE this EARTH; I LOVE IT’S DREAM, My Goal, is to make this DREAM, a REALITY, before my old Heart quits beating……For MY Children……

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