I Write & Write, spilling out more Words than Ever!

I just write & write & Write; my old man’s brain on Non-Stop….. ~~~~~This writing makes my old Heart keep on beating; It makes me to not want to ever stop, Writing…..Yet; I do not want to write the same old s–t over & over again, it’s all been said & done, the News-Feed, the same old story; Murder, Mayhem, Injustice, Rape, Pillage.—–It is enough to make One Sick! AND Ashamed, for US! ~~~~~Maybe, just maybe, Our Children can overcome their Brain-washing, from the moment of Birth? Such as: “Be a good Consumer & Consume, More, More, Evermore! ~~~~~A Merry Christmas, is to be had at: “AMAZON. com………………………………. ~~~~~FREE SHIPPING!……Just make Mr. J. Bezo’s richer than GOD……. ~~~~~ASS-WIPE- delivered to your door, you never have to get up^ off your ASS! ~~~~~Mean-while, all the local stores have disappeared, all those clerks who would say: “Can I Help You Sir?” Now we buy all of our crap, unseen, unfelt, just delivered to our door…..And Now “Alexa”, just say the Magic Word: “Alexa” & it is on the way, Oh! We already have your Credit Card Number, it is in our Memory Banks….. ~~~~~All of those Packages you used to have to carry home? It is waiting at your door, courtesy of Amazon, “Free Delivery”….. You can sit on your Couch, watching mindless T.V. shows like, Forever, or, until you die of inertia……………. ~~~~~Just make sure You Pay Off those Credit Card Bills, before You Go…… ~~~~~Oh! We can take the write-offs, We just raise the Interest Rates, so our Children will pay even More! 25% to 30%, Used to be Mafia Rates; but nevermind; we have Your Best Interest’s at Heart…..Such Largess! ~~~~~This writing of Words, is Meant to Diss Mr. Greed & Mr. Selfishness…..I Hope it hits a Home Run! Do not buy S–T from these Monsters!

17 thoughts on “I Write & Write, spilling out more Words than Ever!

    1. Alexa, my dear Alexa, I have a sledge Hammer waiting to smash YOU into little tiny pieces, and then, into my fire you go, dear one…..Beware of “Amazon” and all of those other Temptations, cast before your eyes, into debt Hell you shall go…..

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    1. Yes, Displaced, look how willingly the Populace runs up^ those Credit Cards; enslaving themselves, for crap they do not need, how stupid is that? Making the Rich even Richer, and they keep all of that money for Themselves…..25-30 % interest charges. When they could just as well donate to a Good Cause…..And make this world a much Better Place to live in…..


      1. I know. Boils my guts when I think of all the unhoused folks suffering. There must be a reason for our having to bear witness to this conflict, cruelty, and plain idiocy. Gotta be a reason…

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      2. The Reason is easy, Love, in order for there to be Rich, there must be the Poor….Where else do the rich find their $$$$$? I am constantly hammering away at people to Quit Spending them-selves into debt/wage Slavery…..How else does Mr. J. Bezos come to be the richest man on this Planet? A large part of his wealth comes from “Cheap Laborer’s” Willing to work long hours of their life away for almost Nothing…..Just to put a meal on their table…..Get a copy of the book; “The Experience A Celebration of Being” by Sirio Esteve, available at Abe’s Books, page 11: Slavery…..I have bought 50 + copies of this book to gift away, along with copies of “The River Why?” by David James Duncan……I threw my T.V. set in the trash heap 35 years ago and have Never Missed It…..My neighbor just told me I could watch T.V. on this lap-top; what-ever for? I gained 10 + years of life to live in Reality, instead of looking at Make-Believe…..This is why I was Available to meet YOU!


      3. If no TV was what it took to bring us together, then I love it. However, I am stuck on public television like rubber sticks on glue. Always something new to learn. Quiet is my favorite sound, though. Silence comes at a premium, but is where I do my best learning.

        I studied consumerism. Consumers are definitely made. But we can consciously unlearn the crap we have subconsciously absorbed that makes us doubt our selves and desire unfulfilling crap. Hurts my feelings when I look at some members of younger gens who have grown up thinking consumerism is normal and natural. They can’t imagine another way. Frightening.


      4. The GREED GOD of AMAZON & J. BEZOS is what I am working against, notice that I do not say “Fighting against”…..People are Brain-washed from birth to believe that they must be “Consumers” this is what we have to work for…..I tell people constantly in my posts, to not give them your $$$$$ for junk-yard destined Crap!, Donate the money to your favorite Charity, do it in your Child’s Name, so in the future they will know they had a Loving, Caring Parent……Maybe, just think of all the trees left standing alive in our forests, because we did not need all that wrapping paper! Happy Holy Days to YOU!


      5. Why I’m over here knitting my gifts. I usually give all year to whichever matters I support. I support something different all the time. Really, I only celebrate birthdays and deaths. They must be danced.

        Happy High Holy Days!


      6. The best of gifts are hand-made, because one has to think of the person one is creating the gift for! I send gift’s of money because I am not a talented person, so I gift what I have to give, which is all the money I saved up for my Lady to live on, if I died before Her…..It is of no use to me, I can live on almost nothing! I can play on my eight & twelve tongued drums, I am getting better at it, as I practice every day now, someday I hope to give a Concert for people to enjoy, before I die of old age & loss……….Happy HOLY DAYS to YOU ALSO! & Thank YOU for writing to me….!


      7. I tried to take a Video of me playing and put it on You_Tube but I could not figure it out, so it disappears into the Ether of no-wheres Ville, & so I play on & on for myself, mostly…..Practicing for that big day when I can pay for an audience, If I ever figure it out; You will be the first to Hear me Play……When one finds one’s self alone one must find a way to entertain one’s mind, or go crazy…..Being a Reader has saved me from myself, I am reading the Latest edition of Lapham’s Quarterly, “Memory”, Mr. Lapham writes the best “Essay’s” I have ever had the pleasure to read. I have a Canon Camera that takes Video,s, but I do not yet know how to transmit them, I went to You-Tube, but the instructions were so complicated I fell asleep half-way through them! Too old to learn new tricks, I guess……


      8. To me the T.V. is like a little square Spiders Web, full of tasty temptations, but in the end one is caught in the fatal web….& one will spend one’s future wealth, on a tid-bit for today…..That they later realize they did not even need……Yet too late, the Credit Card Bill is Due……


      9. Debt is no fun, but the web entraps the unfulfilled. One must recognize enough or contentment. Most aim for satiety straight out the gate.

        It is a good place, TV, when used as the tool it is. I think it is used best by thinking people. It is used, and abused, like drugs by many, but that is the way of the world, as you well know, amigo mío. It should be used by conscious people. It should be used judiciously. But it ain’t, and we rant along, avoid the junk, make holidays of refusing to consume TV, or flat out throw our sets away.

        I love diversity! If not for exposure to early TV, there is much I might never have known about, except through books, so many relationship dynamics I would be quite unaware of as I am an only child. A girl in a females only 🏠 does not learn larger family dynamics or much of how the world works at all except for books and TV.

        However, I do respect your druthers.

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  1. Displaced, I also RESPECT (ARETHA) YOUR Druther’s…..I only choose for myself, all others are free to choose for their own self’s . Like Religion & Sex, that is my own business, no-body else’s, when people try to push their belief’s on me I Rebel/Repel the intrusion, I remain a Free Man, quite able to think for myself…..I just got sick of the SOS over & over again, so to the trash it went. My Lost Lady & I gained ten precious years Together, able to just talk to one another…….


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