Words are History;

Each time a word is written down or spoke, it passes into History; Like all the News is already Old News, gone, departed into History, a foot-note at most, if some Historian deign’s to write it down, like the ashes of a cigarette butt….. ~~~~~How High or Low, can one man go? What is his Goal Post? ~~~~~Time marches steadily on & on, waits for no man or woman or child…… ~~~~~Words fill up^ the dictionary, waiting for peer review, is this a “Good Word?” ~~~~~How does one define the “Word” Word? ~~~~~Can we string them together into a coherent sentence? ~~~~~Angry Words can start a WAR, a WAR that has no End, & no beginning; it just goes ON & ON….. ~~~~~Take the Word: “Peace”, what does that mean? To me, the absence of WAR……………..To some a “Protest”, a March in the streets, Tear Gas, Water Cannons; and in the end Bullets fired and Death; a Peaceful Protest, the agitators sent in to end the Riot…..The broken store front glass, the reason to use the Billy clubs, the violence to be quelled by any means possible; Oh! how the dupes are used, another Word; Dupes….. ~~~~~I write these Word’s to Cue you into Reality; this is the Way it Is…….. ~~~~~Can we change this Reality into a Paradise for our children, we claim to Love, so much? What is the “Word” here? Future/Peace; What is LOVE? A four letter Word? ~~~~~A Word that has no Meaning? Or could it be the gift of the Sun’s deciding to gift us another day of Life? The air we have to Breath into our lungs? Life, as lived, just the opposite of Death, which no Word spoken can avoid, as it comes for ALL of US……. ~~~~~In the Beginning was the WORD; And the Word was made Flesh……

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