Inspirations of an Old Man;

Alone, is his old log cabin, the old man sits and thinks of the Future. ~~~~~He sees all of his children sitting in a circle, questioning their Future….. ~~~~~What is it to be; they ask among themselves, A Paradise, or a Toxic Waste Dump? ~~~~~What will our parents Bequeath Us? ~~~~~Is it to be Weapons Factories, producing Fighter/Bombers, Aircraft Carriers, An endless supply of Weapons of War? ~~~~~Or, could our Parents & Mentor’s, if they so wanted, gift us a Paradise? ~~~~~What is “Paradise?” ~~~~~The Old Man tries to answer this question as best he can, with his limited vision; ~~~~~”Our Home Planet is a “Lover of Life”, he says, therefore it encourages Life; even tho life fights against it’s own survival, with tooth and Nail….. ~~~~~”Our Sun”, He says, Shines for all, the good, the bad, the beautiful and the ugly….. ~~~~~The strong seek to consume the weak, yet the weak seem to prevail, how is this? ~~~~~There are many more “Weak” than “Strong”, and numbers matter; How many Stars Shine in the night-time sky? can they be counted? Start with ONE, and then climb quickly into the TRILLIONS…..Try to Imagine INFINITY!…..It is not possible for a humans Brain! ~~~~~This is all a “Dreamland”, all who lived before us, made this present moment possible, by their very existence…..The Dead speak to us, they say; “We sacrificed, that YOU may have Life and the enjoyment of it.” “Carry On!” They say, “Carry On!” ~~~~~The Old Man, has a Prayer to the God above; “Let us humans abolish War, let us close down the weapons factories, let our Children inherit only PEACE; and the stories told round the campfires, tell the tale of how we accomplished this…..By becoming Sick of War and the rumors of War….. How we became “Wagers of PEACE; instead of “Wager’s of WAR.” ~~~~~Happy Holy Days to ALL!

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