Well, Happy Holy Days to All! ~~~~~One neighbor after another has been stopping in at my house, bringing me treat after treat, cookies, pies, cakes, to die for…..What a Blessing it is to have such wonderful, caring Neighbors! When my Lady Love of my life passed away in November, I just wanted to die with Her, and so I tried to starve myself to death, I made it 35 days without a bite of food, when all of a sudden, neighbor after neighbor stopped in, brought me food, told me; “Hey brother, this is not what YOUR LADY would want YOU to do.” “Do something instead to Honor Her Memory!” ~~~~~So I sat back and thought about it, what to do? Then I realized I had saved a sum of money for my Lady to live on if I should die before her. What did I need that money for? Living by myself now, I can make it on less that $300. a month, I am an old man, not long for this world, so I started writing checks, $10,000. to MSF…,$10,000. to my local Food Pantry, $5,000. to the Salvation Army, and so on…..I decided that when I leave this Life here on Earth, I want to leave .10 cents in my checkbook….. ~~~~~I had all this time to sit and think about Life, and what comes after Life, and I figure that if there is indeed a Heaven, the only way in is to enter it the same way one enters into this lifetime, naked and alone, those bundles of cash are of no use in Heaven, money has no place there, so the best thing to do is to spread it out here, where it can be used to do Good Things, for those less fortunate than Myself….. ~~~~~So! I want to thank my Good, Good Neighbors for their timely intervention in my life, You have helped me make the Right Decisions on how to Honor the Memory of My Lady Love of my Life! May the Great Spirit send Blessings to You All!

10 thoughts on “NEIGHBORS, THE VALUABLE;

  1. What wonderful neighbours! I couldn’t do without mine, either. I’m so glad yours stepped in and that they continue to bring you joy. I admire your financial activities as well. ❤

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    1. Happy Holy Days to YOU also, Thank You for paying Attention, for Liking Me! It is so hard to sit at home, alone, with my Lovely Lady gone to Heaven & Leaving me Behind, my only company this wonderful little machine & Key Board, trying to reach out & so many people gifting me with Sympathy & Good Feelings, I am so Humbled & Grateful, I cannot begin to say how much this has meant to me! It has been a life-line, in a troubled time……Thank You & May The Great Spirit Pour BLESSINGS on YOU ALL!

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    2. Thank You for noticing my post! Happy Holy Days to You and Your Loved Ones…..I am finding the Magic in giving, because I find the more I give, the more I have to give, it is like a Miracle in my old man life, instead of buying c–p and making the Rich every Richer, perhaps we could learn to donate that $$$$ to making people’s lives just a bit better, a lot of people need a little help, and if I can make one child not go to bed hungry, then I have made this world a better place………….

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  2. So sorry for your loss. The terrible gamble when we open our hearts… the world is a better place with you here with the living. Please take good care of yourself. Wishing you a 2020 of discovery and great health, friend.

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    1. Thank YOU, for the encouragement! da-AL, This is what saved my life, my neighbors stepped in and said to me: “Is this what your Lady would want?” “No, they said, she would want you to do things that would make her Proud of Her old man……So now I donate to good causes all of the money I saved up for her to live on, should I die before Her…..We tossed our old T.V. in the trash 35 years ago, it was all mindless drivel…..And thus we found plenty of time to talk to each other, I know Her life’s story almost from the moment She was born.

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  3. My heart goes out to you for your loneliness..
    I am happy that your neighbors concern helped you to start living again..
    Loosing your soul mate is like loosing a piece of yourself..


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