The Old Man Awakens from His Dream;

2:43 Am, 12/22/2019……He dreams that His Beloved “Great Spirit”, has sent him Blessings to Bestow upon his fellow members of the Human Race, like a Weaponless Planet, whose inhabitants are Welcomed in all the Universe, because of their pursuit of PEACE! ~~~~~He dreams that Jesus, the Christ Child, is Born Anew, and everyday is Christ-Mass Day! The Gifts He brings are Service, rather than Wage Slavery….. ~~~~~When we “Serve” one and the other, there is no need for Money; as all men, women, and children are considered as Equal; just as the Sun shines for All, alike, it does not play “Favorites”…… ~~~~~This old man does not believe in the Sin of Adam & Eve, He thinks it is a Big Lie, told to enslave Humanity! He thinks & dreams….. ~~~~~Of a Paradise, here, Now! on this Planet called Earth…..IT is LIKE a WAKE UP^ call to Humanity…..A GIFT to OPEN on this CHRISTMAS DAY! ~~~~~Let us think of our CHILDREN, and what FUTURE we will bestow upon them….. ~~~~~Maybe, let us put GREED & THE LUST FOR POWER on the back burner, and instead put LOVE & PEACE on EARTH, FIRST & FOREMOST! ~~~~~The Old Man awakens from his dream to see it come TRUE!!! ~~~~~A Present with no wrappings to be torn off and thrown away….. ~~~~~A Magnificent Gift for our Beloved Children….. ~~~~~Happy Holy Days to ALL!

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