Stupidity will prevail…..Humans will continue to purchase useless s–t, thereby enslaving themselves with Credit Card Debt……Those Interest Payments make the Rich, ever Richer. ~~~~~How hard can it be to just decide when one desires to own something, to just save up the money and pay Cash? Those Credit Cards are a cleverly designed TRAP….. ~~~~~You can spend money you do not have, with a promise to Pay in the Future; therefore one becomes a slave, the Interest payments are old Mafia/Cosa Nostra rates…… ~~~~~Think long and hard about this…… ~~~~~Humanity will someday cease to exist, as Mother Earth seeks new Creation; yet that worthless gold will still be sitting in those vaults, left behind, worthless as ever…… ~~~~~Why do humans insist on placing a Value on things so worthless? ~~~~~Can Gold be Eaten?, Can it burn to make a fire to heat a home on a cold day? ~~~~~Oh! Sure, we could trade it for fire-wood, maybe, if the fire-wood man decides he should keep it to warm his own home; then what? ~~~~~On a cold day in Alaska .2 degrees, these are important thoughts to have! ~~~~~I thought & Thought, let me go to word press to write down my thoughts, and all of a sudden, there was word press with the Word “Write”…..I never made a click of my mouse! ~~~~~The January Sun, put on a wonderful show for me today, of course, I had to have the eyes to even notice it’s journey across the sky, most humans are like, asleep, so they never think to Thank the Great Spirit for another day of this blessed life! ~~~~~Think about this: If our Sun decided to shut it’s self off for three days, what would life on Earth be? ICE CUBES! ~~~~~My Sky-Light is covered with snow, yet the Sun shines through it all making the most beautiful patterns on my ceiling, I just sit here and LOOK UP^, what a Show! ~~~~~It is down to 2 degrees outside, yet I have a nice warm fire, 59 degrees inside, I can live with that! Today I had to step outside to gather buckets of snow to melt for water, as my water supply froze up, so big deal, just do it! I hope you all like my little story of Life in Alaska in the Winter Time!

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