Words, Words, Words;

On a cold, cold night + 2 degrees—–Snow 12 inches deep, January 1st, 2020….. ~~~~~Well, at least most of us made it to the year 2020! ~~~~~My Lady Love did not live to see it, how I miss Her! ~~~~~The Art work we bought together surrounds me, as I look around. ~~~~~The mirrors are magic windows; the left becomes the right, and who can say—— ~~~~~What is right & what is wrong? ~~~~~Send the young boys off to war…….The Rewards you reap will be young men arriving home missing some or all of their limbs…… Who will care for them? ~~~~~Who will be held Responsible? ~~~~~The “Lords of Money” who stash it all away for themselves? ~~~~~The “BOMB” factories are keeping busy, why just today our Bomber Pilots found themselves a new “Target”, A Wedding Party, “We suspected it was the Enemy.” the bomber pilots said…… ~~~~~I said to myself; “I have landed on the wrong Planet!” ~~~~~All Wars, Wars, and rumors of Wars…… ~~~~~And what do we leave behind for our Children? No Stone unturned…… ~~~~~A hundred tons of Gold in the vaults beneath the streets…… ~~~~~Still sitting there, long after humans have ceased to exist! ~~~~~A Giant Gold Turd, still seeking a reason for it’s existence, Inert, useless……….. ~~~~~YES, Hoard it away! Store it away in your vaults with the two foot thick iron doors. ~~~~~But YOU will still Die! & find that Heaven has no use for Money! ~~~~~For what is Paradise? A place where ‘Greed’ and ‘Lust for Power’ hold no sway— ~~~~~Keep a Tow Chain in your car or truck to pull your neighbor out of the ditch…….

9 thoughts on “Words, Words, Words;

  1. I’ve not lived anywhere that delivered 12 inches of snow. My own country is burning, so the idea of snow is oddly soothing. I like your back to basics attitude to life – love one another. Stay warm, friend.

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    1. I am keeping up on the Fires down Under, what a bummer, perhaps, if you Aussies stopped selling all those millions of tons of coal to China, Mother Nature might have some Mercy on you. When the World Speaks, the people would be wise to Listen! Mother Nature speaks not in words, but in actions! Wind & Fire come to mind…..

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