HEY! Fellow Bloggers;

It seems to me that many of you are lacking Self-Confidence, you worry if any body will be interested. Who cares? I will tell you what I do; I say what I think at the moment, I just let the thoughts roll through my old brain, and believe me my old brain is stuffed to the gills with a life-time of reading like 5,000 + books, + thousands of magazines, I can read one paragraph of a book and know if I read it, and what the story was about, even after twenty years, because I LOVE to READ! ~~~~~Books have been my salvation, since I only got through one year of High School, but I was lucky to have some Great English Teachers, who taught me Comprehension, that is the key, Comprehension of what you read. When I read, what I consider to be a Great Book, I check to see if the author is still alive, & then I try to find their address to write and tell them how much I enjoyed their work, I have many authors write me back to thank me for paying attention, for what is a writer without a reader? Whistling in the Wind my friends……Really Good Books, I buy numerous copies of and gift them away for other readers to enjoy, my local bookstore loves me! They will search out and order any book I desire, new or used……So what I am saying here is continue to WRITE, Practice is what it takes, nobody can play the Violin on first stroke of the wand. It took me three years of practice to learn how to play on my 8 and 12 tongued wooden drums, but now I can play for an audience. ~~~~~The more you WRITE, the more confidence you will have that what you have to say is meaningful to others. I have posted at least 50 + articles here on word-press + numerous comments on Medium, the first ones were crap, Medium started to limit me to two comments a day, so I went to war with them and Won, now I can write as much as I want! All I was doing there was encouraging the authors of articles to Write More! ~~~~~So, a Great Book to read and learn from, best read aloud with a Loved One; “The River Why?” by David James Duncan, one of my all time favorites, of which I have purchased and gifted 50 + times. When you read this book, you will find ME on the “Last Page”…….By the way, one Post I wrote drew 300 + comments & likes in less than a day! I was humbled, believe me! To think that that many readers would like what what I had to say……..

4 thoughts on “HEY! Fellow Bloggers;

  1. Not sure I agree that you should write whatever pops in your head. Perhaps I care about readers too much but despite some controversial subjects, no one responds negatively. Maybe they took their mother’s advice ‘if you can’t say anything nice….’. Anyway, it’s important to be authentic or try you’re damnest. I’ll order “The River Why” from the library on your advice. And I’ll keep writing. It does instill confidence.


    1. Yes, maybe we should think a bit about whatever subject we decide to write about, and research is important also….I would like to know if you enjoyed the “River Why?” after you have read it….Have a nice day! alaskamanspeaks….


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