Heidi, Heidi, Heidi Ho! It’s Off To War, We Must Go;

The good old USA has at least 146 Weapons Factories (Wikipedia) to keep employed, how are we going to do that without another “Tidy” little war? ~~~~~Where are we dropping those bombs today? Afghanistan? Iraq? Syria? Yemen? Sorry no report made available to the Public! ~~~~~How many 100 million dollar drones are on order today?, Lost one to Iran the other day, replacement on order, the Pentagon has $750 Billion dollars to play with, all those wonderful computerized warplanes, ships, missiles, (subject to Hacking), another $12 billion dollar faulty aircraft carrier on order. ~~~~~In this modern world aircraft carriers are BFT’s (Big Fat Targets) hauling 6,000 sailors to a watery grave….. ~~~~~”The Department of Defense” is a Big Fat Lie, it is the Department of Permanent WAR…..If those soldiers are not firing off those rifles & machine guns, how are the Ammo Factories going to stay in business? ~~~~~The funnest thing is, in today’s world, by the time they finish designing a new warplane, like that $350 million dollar F-35, it is already obsolete! Someone in missile design has a plan for that! ~~~~~Take Mr. Assad of Syria & s good buddy Putin, bombing his country to rubble to stay in charge of RUBBLE. Now he is seeking outside help to aid in rebuilding all that he has destroyed. Why is this guy not standing in the world court of Justice, charged with crimes against humanity? Oh! I forgot World Leaders are Sacrosanct, Inviolable! Like the Donald taking out Iran’s General, big boo boo He was Sacrosanct! ~~~~~According to Wikipedia in 6/2018 there were 72 armed conflicts ongoing in our world. When are human beings going to get sick to death of this Shit? ~~~~~We are spending our National Treasure on Bombs and other weapons of war while we have 40 million Americans living in Poverty, millions of people homeless, 2+ million in prisons, something is seriously wrong here people! ~~~~~What a wonderful world we could make for our precious children to inherit if we would just learn to live with each other in PEACE!

7 thoughts on “Heidi, Heidi, Heidi Ho! It’s Off To War, We Must Go;

    1. Yes dustbunnies436, very sad indeed, just think of the good we could do for our planet and children with 750 billion bucks a year! Greed & Lust for Power &Profit are the Enemy, and it will take all of us acting together to defeat the enemy. I still hold out hope that will happen, that we will come to our senses and overcome our brainwashing since childhood……Have a Nice Day & thanks for reading me! ________________________________

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    1. Nice to meet YOU Mr. Sheridan, I like a well thought out Poem, one of my all time favorites is The Hound of Heaven, by Francis Thompson……As to War & rumors of War, I am sick of it, I want this world rid of it, and I will work toward that goal until my Heart quits beating in my chest!

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  1. So maybe, we should cut Big Business down to the proper size, which is your local grocery/bookstore…….Maybe instead of the “Perfect Business Model” we should substitute the “Perfect Planet Model”, then maybe our children could look forward to a rosy future instead of a trashed out planet…Hmmmm….


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