More on “Glorious War”,

Well, now with our Voluntary Military, the forces have to use bribes to get those poor, unemployed people to sign up. $15,000. sign-up bonus, free college, etc……Of course the Rich men’s sons do not sign on the dotted line, they go instead to Harvard or Yale, so they too can be even richer, no war for them! ~~~~~Now we train them up; “What is the purpose of the Bayonet? To KILL” Learn to aim that rifle boy, learn to fire that machine gun, learn how to load those shells into the breach of the cannon, and so on. ~~~~~All trained up, and off we go, to War, Glorious War! Gotta play Whack A Mole with those Taliban! A while back it was gotta Kill those Cong! (How did that work out?) And Iraq, what a Victory! Are we good or what? ~~~~~And now those boys are coming Home. Some in Silver Boxes, draped with a Flag, some with a burned off face, some missing one arm, one leg, two arms, two legs, triple and quadruple limbs missing. ( I have a buddy in Staten Island, N.Y. who lost all four limbs). Some come home and sit alone at night wondering how all his buds were killed, and why did he survive the battlefield bullet, so he sticks the gun in his mouth and eats that bullet that missed him on the battlefield, or he winds up on the streets, homeless, because he cannot adapt to civilian life, you know, work a dead end job all day, same old, same old,” Wish I could get back to war, I had buds there who had my back, now I got no-one…..” ~~~~~The DAV, the American Legion, and all those other orgs. do a wonderful job trying to help those wounded warriors, but would it not be nice if we could finally learn to live at peace with one another, treat all men, women and children as Equals, and eliminate the need for them? The fact that I have to spend my time writing about this war shit, just makes me sick to my heart, I would much rather write about Beauty and Paradise, but that time is not here yet. I write to remind people to wake up and look around themselves at this “For Profit” world we have allowed to rule us for so long that we take it as a fact of life. It does not have to be this way! Good people must no longer be silent, we must, all of us “Soto Voce” stand up, and speak out and say; NO MORE…..By our Silence, a World is Lost…….

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