Stole My Story;

I just spent 2 hours writing a nice story for you on here and then it just Disappeared! Near the last sentence, evaporated, gone, man, if I had just been typing it on Paper, this would never have happened, tell me how great this New, Shinny, Information Age is……………. ~~~~~It is a bunch of Crap; over complicated by code writers & Corporations…… ~~~~~A few years ago, if I needed a new Phone # I would just call AT&T and they would come and install one, but alas, alack, I went deaf (Almost 5 % left ear only) and now I have to conduct my business over this Modern, New, Infallible network, and I had to spend over 4 hours with three different representatives Just to get my already installed phone turned back on, after some A–hole cancelled my service on me…..Oh! we need an I.D. Card sir, oh! we need your life history sir, could you give that number one more time; and so on……I had only been sending them a check in the mail for 30+years, always on time, always the correct amount……But it was in my Lady’s name, and all I wanted to accomplish is have my name replace hers, since she died and I was still among the living! ~~~~~I try to sign on to sites on this here Internet, and once again I need to concoct a new Pass-Word, a new proof of identity, I am sick of this stupidity, this lack of trust among Human Beings, My IP address should be sufficient, but since they invented fake VPN’s that too is worthless…… ~~~~~It does not help that I am a “Computer Dunce”. I am too old to learn all this new stuff, so I just muddle my way through, although many hours were wasted when I should have been practicing how to play on my 8&12 tongued wooden drums, which are rare instruments to own, much less be able to play on……So let us see if I can “Disappear” this latest missive……Love to All Writers & Readers….

9 thoughts on “Stole My Story;

    1. Thank You! I have taken to demanding Paper receipts for everything, especially at the bank,, because what happens when the power goes out, or the bank decides it needs a little more money, so when you go in they say: “Sorry Sir, we have no record of your having an account here.” Easy enough to do…..Back in the year 2000, they were bragging that “Computers would eliminate paper” This is 2020 and four or five trillion computer printouts later……So much for the “New World, brought to you by Technology! ________________________________


  1. My friend, you and I are old. I want to remind you of the technology we used to use when we had something fascinating to share with others: write it down. Write it down with a pencil, a pen, a quill, whatever. Just write it down.
    I spent seven years learning how to crank out one-page synopses; that was my highest ambition when I went to grad school. I found it amazing that a body could sit down and pound out erudition in thirty minutes or less. It all works well until you remember that you are dealing with man-made crap. It is bound to fail, and fail you when most needed.
    Because of this lovely fact, I always make a point of writing down whatever flights of fancy my mind might make. Got notebooks and legal pads full of stuff that is invulnerable to electronic piracy.
    Write it down.


    1. How True, I still have my yellow legal pad next to me, it is easy to place trust in these machines until they fail us, as all machines eventually do. I just lost all of my Gmail, and can find no way to get it back, I was getting mail everyday and now it is all gone, lost in never-never-land, and now all you can do on Google is talk to machines, and they are stupid as S–t…..

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  2. Hi there, yes I finally got my phone back on, it was a hassle, but I stuck with it, had to do it all online as I am deaf, went through 3 different Reps…..Now my Gmail has disappeared 50 + messages gone into thin air, I tried everything! Unfortunately Google has turned everything over to the machines, no Humans available! I am going back to Snail Mail, the Post Office still works & it has real live Humans,…..What a run-a-round on Google…..Well you all stay safe from this Virus! Best, OLD Man George!


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