So many Thoughts, So little time;

The ICC (International Criminal Court) has charged the Afghanistan Government, the Taliban, and the good old USA, with crimes against Humanity…..All good and true charges……Yet I have yet to see that same Court charge the monster Criminal, Mr. Bashar Al- Assad of Syria, and his buddy Mr. Putin of Russia with any War Crimes. Ask yourselves why is Russia helping Syria in their “Civil War?” Why the answer is easy; what better way to test out your latest weapons on Living People, than on some boring test range…..Well, they have succeeded in bombing into Rubble every city and farm; and killing at least 1 million citizens, not to mention the many thousands thrown into Assad’s prisons, there to undergo unbelieveable tortures…..No more mister nice guy there; and yet they now expect the international community to Ante -Up and help this monster to rebuild his self-destroyed country…..The ruler of Rubble, that is what Mr. Assad & Mr. Putin are now, 5 million refugees the price we have to pay. So My question is this: “When will the ICC press charges of genocide against Mr. Assad & Mr. Putin? Another “Paper Tiger” is what I see here, Ms. Justice, lost at Sea, maybe the high tides got her? It always amazes me by what people will tolerate, as long as it is done to “Other’s” Our Planet is a little round ball, which we all exist upon, it is not like we have someplace else to go to. The Universe is waiting for us to wake the F–k Up, and learn to live in Peace and Harmony…..We need a million + Greta Thunberg’s, Done Here…..

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