Listen, Listen, Listen;

To the Sound of Silence, maybe alone in your apartment, no visitors, no T.V., no Radio, all alone with yourself. This, my friend, is the perfect time to get to know yourself…..Be still, and start to pay attention to the wanderings of your own mind…..What happens at first is your mind will work to Distract you, go off on a tangent, it takes attention to recognize this distraction, just keep on going back to the beginning, start again to Pay Attention, now watch your mind, just going in all directions, a news article, a neighbor talking, an AD on The Computer Screen, Click Here to Order Now! ~~~~~Uh Oh! we got distracted again, need a fresh Beer, football game is coming on, don’t want to miss this…..How hard it is to just sit still, to do nothing, to be the observed and the observer. Who is thinking these thoughts? Where does thought come from? ~~~~~First there is the here & now, and then there comes the Memory, thought captures each moment and then tries to Relive that moment, even tho it is lost forever in the Past which is not subject to recapture, and so the mind spins a web of desire, I want this, I want that, go get it for me……If one is not endlessly aware of the minds tricks, out will come the credit card, and once again a temptation is fallen for…..Another piece of useless crap, soon toted to the dump…..But I digress……… ~~~~~I hold this whole world in my little, tiny brain, I also hold the Universe, which is hard as it continues on into Infinity…..Yet I dream of a world of empathy, of compassion, of the endless love we hold for one and the other…..This is what I view in my brain, there is no past there, for the past cannot be changed, all we can do is be aware of the Now, this moment, when we can pinch ourselves and say Ouch! This is all there is, this present moment in time, which is already sliding into History, even as we think. All of the so-called Hero’s who forgot about themselves for a moment and leaped to the rescue were out of Time at that moment, they were in Infinity…..A Lovely place to be….. ~~~~~This is a hard time to live, this Virus Bug, has the whole world on Standby…..Yet it is a message perhaps, from Mother Earth; “You humans refuse to accept responsibility for the wanton destruction of your own Mother, the lady who provides the air and water and soil to grow your food, how you treat this Lady is a Shame upon you all…..”Everyone’s Values are defined by what they will tolerate when it is done to others” William Greider…… ~~~~~And so I am thinking, I have said my piece for this evening. Stay Well, People, have Faith in the “House of Mankind”

2 thoughts on “Listen, Listen, Listen;

  1. I’m reading back. Excellent. A time to be more and use less. I read somewhere that air quality is better now too. Many planes grounded and cars parked. Mother Earth breathes sighs of relief and fears we’ll learn nothing about ourselves in this time.


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