Well, the Machines have Won;

My Gmail account has disappeared into thin air, I am a non-machine, and Google has gone to A.I., no humans left on the Payroll, Meat machines need not apply, my Word Press account no longer recognizes my “Likes” nor my “Comments” Mayhap, they did not like what I had to say on this site? ~~~~~I know, I know, the Truth is hard to swallow, the lies are easier to stomach, as they are filled with Acid……It seems to me that this life is largely filled with a wish to escape from it, that is why one watches the T.V., it is a convenient Escape from what Is…..Here is a Truth: This world is a Mess! ~~~~~We, You and I, treat it like an endless supply of good things, at the same time we treat it like a Trash Dump, we drop Bombs on it, we spill endless amounts of blood upon it, we waste the precious water on so-called “Soft Drinks”, soda pop, that rots your intestines……Meanwhile there are millions of refugees, driven by drought, or worse, a tyrant running their country, yet nobody is willing to allow them in? Where has Compassion gone? “Oh! they will flood our hospitals, use up our welfare payments, eat all of our food” “Keep them OUT!” “I went to the Cosco today and bought all of those giant packages of toilet paper on their shelves, I could care less about anyone else needing it.” ~~~~~Makes me wonder, if Shame has lost it’s meaning……

2 thoughts on “Well, the Machines have Won;

  1. I was researching something online today and was warned staff was reduced though it seems likely that these are jobs that might work from home. I didn’t need them anyway. It’s so trite to say but the comments of all those people who claim to follow Christianity are full of hate speech about any ‘them’ at the moment who dare ask for help and empathy. Oh no, we can’t take in everyone though we use the biggest portion of world’s resources and have our responsibilities for things that happen in other countries and creating messes. I’m guilty too of using too much. Too much silence. This is a mess now with our lack of preparedness and vanity that we’re the greatest and shit rolls off us. I’ve been reading a blog of a man from Zimbabwe where they have just recently been recommended to distance themselves. He scoffed at recommendations of wipes and hand sanitizers. Where might we get them and can we afford them? Even washing hands is not always readily available. And he worries that the leadership may use this to take more control. I’m reading that fear in Hungary. I have that fear too. Take care of yourself.


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