Shame on the President and his repugnant Senators and Con men who treated this disaster in the making as a silly joke, “No big deal people just get out there and keep working & consuming like always…..Do not worry we are going to bail out our corporations and the rich, and toss a sop to the peasants, just like we did back in 2008, 2009, remember that bail-out? ~~~~~Shame on all of those profiteering on the misfortune of others, a special Hell awaits your arrival….. ~~~~~Shame on all those selfish people who stuffed their shopping carts to the hilt, leaving nothing for their neighbors, know that when you need help, there will be no one there who cares….. ~~~~~Shame on our Government for refusing to go to the aid of other countries, and deciding to hoard needed medical supplies for ourselves, this is Not the Country I went to war to defend….. ~~~~~Kudos to China for stepping up to the plate, and doing exactly what America should have been doing, even as the American Propaganda machine rails against you…..You are a credit to the World in these hard times…… ~~~~~A Blessing on all those Medical Doctors & Nurses and Aides on the front lines, placing themselves in danger to care for others, and another blessing on all those hard working people manning the stores, so that we are still able to buy groceries. And our brave Firemen & Police, thank you all…..Oh, yes, a special blessing on all those who donate food & money to our food pantries so those less fortunate can still have a decent meal…… ~~~~~These may be hard times, but we will get through this by loving and Caring for each other, stay safe friends…..

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