Let’s examine our thinking;

Now that we are all safely stowed away in our little private boxes, with nothing but time on our hands, let us all get comfy, make a nice cup of tea or a good stiff drink, or whatever you enjoy most, sit in that easy chair, shut off all those distractions, the boob tube, the so-called ‘smart phone’, the radio, and then sit Still…..Now watch your thoughts move through your head, immediately your mind will attempt to distract you, oh! I have to go and do this, Oh! my favorite show is coming on, Oh! I have to text my friend, and so on…..Pay attention, do nothing, just watch your thoughts, over and over again you will find yourself distracted, that mind what a trickster! Now this takes paying great Attention, you are the observer, and you are the observed…..If you will hang in there you will begin to realize that all thought arises from Memory; you have an experience that was pleasurable, and thought wants to capture that moment, and find a way back, so it can experience that pleasure over and over, so it is living in the past, unaware of the present…..When we learn to live always in the present we become aware of the constant drumbeat of the national propaganda, and we begin to realize what dupes we are, brainwashed from birth to believe: “Father Knows Best.” Therefore we begin to relearn how to think for ourselves. Once we think for ourselves we realize some important things, we do not need any so-called leaders to show us the way…..We can do just fine leading ourselves, and then comes Right Action, we start to treat all men & women as Equals, and when that takes place we are well on the way to building “The House Of Mankind” In the truest sense of that word: Man-Kind…..Kind 1. sympathetic, friendly, gentle, tender- hearted, generous,etc…Thus; Benevolent, a charitable or altruistic inclination to do good…..And there you have it, now sit down and try it out…..Make good use of this down time…..

5 thoughts on “Let’s examine our thinking;

    1. Hey there Gifted 50, thanks for the likes, I do not know where you live, but I hope you are safe and well supplied….. I live 20 + miles from the nearest town, and except for a few Good Neighbors, alone, and thus I have to remain good friends with myself. I think you read my Row-boat piece, so I feel qualified to offer up some advice, and the best advice I can give right now is “Learn how to live and enjoy the Simple Life. Quell that desire for more, evermore, and just be grateful that the Sun still shines for us, and the Earth is ever faithful in it’s journey around the Sun.” Have a lovely Day! Alaskaman ________________________________


      1. It’s so good to hear from You, always. I look forward for your input as they are always filled with wisdom.
        I live in Texas and while things are not bad, our infected rate increases. I am also a nurse in the ER.
        Yes I remain grateful for the simple things in life.
        Makes me happy to hear you are well.
        Lots of love to you from me.


  1. Hello Gifted 50, now I have your Home in my mind, Texas, I almost guessed it, and a Nurse, no less, Blessing’s on you and your brave fellow health workers……I am lucky as the VA has my butt, and all my care is provided, not that I need much now, but they were there for me when I needed it, I wish all Americans were eligible for that kind of care…..I am a faithful supporter of Doctors Without Borders for many years now, they show what medicine is all about, treating everyone the same, no matter their background, and sending them out the door without a bankrupting them with impossible to pay bills…..Take care of yourself, gal, you cannot help anybody if you get sick! Your old Alaskan Friend, George P.S. my good neighbor brought me a bottle of Home Made Wine, and some fresh Smoked Salmon today, how lucky can a guy get?


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