World on hold;

Well, friends, here we are all hunkered down for the duration, although no one yet knows what or how long that duration will last, could be days, weeks, months, years…… ~~~~~No Paychecks in the mail, although our glorious leaders have decided to toss a sop to the peasants, man, a $1,200.00 check, (And many Billions for the Corporations), for most of us that will not even cover a rent payment, much less put food on the table……What to do to survive? ~~~~~Well, all I can do is share my own experience. Back in November, my Lady Love up and died on me, man talk about a Broken Hearted Man, I completely shut down, I just sat there in my old log house, I ate nothing, not one bite of food for 40 + days, talked to no one, all I wanted to do was die, until a neighbor at last showed up, brought me a bowl of soup, and said; “Man is this what your lady would have wanted you to do?” So I thought about that, and I decided that since I had been saving money to support my Lady, because I was sure I would depart this world first, that I could just give most of that money away to good causes, like my local food pantry, like MSF. Like Hospice….. ~~~~~Then I realized I could live just fine on almost nothing, my stomach was shrunk to the size of a golf-ball, 3 tablespoons of Yogurt, a few pieces of canned peaches and pears, and I was good to go for another day, plus I had all this time on my hands, like you I have a Life Sentence here on Earth, I am here until I die…..So when this Virus showed up, it was like nothing to me, it either gets me or it doesn’t, so no big deal, just carry on, write, read books, sit back and watch the fire in my wood stove, play on my drums, haul water, carry in wood……A nice peaceful world I inhabit. The nearest town to me is 20 miles away, I have not been there in three months now, I am good until I run out of Yogurt…..I am not tempted to purchase “Stuff”, I have no T.V., no so-called ‘Smart Phone’, I do not even have a hot water heater, a bath tub, I heat water on the wood stove & bath out of a 3 gallon Pan, yet, guess what? I am perfectly content with this life……So look at your own lives and see if you can live just fine without this World Destroying Greed Machine…..

7 thoughts on “World on hold;

  1. First, is that thing in the picture called a nautilus? Next, you are oh so right about being content in my world. I have always been reclusive. Never liked the ways people around me behaved, so retreated to the comfort of my home and my mom. We were like peas in a pod, happily doing our quiet things in the privacy and comfort of our home.

    I do have all of the technology we have been blessed and cursed with. I confess to being an old movie freak, film noir being my favorite genre, followed by comedy because laughter is good for us. I grew up with tv, my grandmother gifted my first to me when I was born! But she and I shared baseball…on the radio. I loved radio. All those radio dramas. I think this is why I have an ear for voices and prefer listening to looking.

    Do you have TTY? I think that’s what it’s called. The phones that allow communication via text.

    All that conditioning to buy stuff I became immune to early. Commercials were for jingles, not stuff to buy. I still remember some jingles. Love that acne pimple song!

    My mom was a maker. She tried to teach me to sew, but I have a lead foot, so she taught me to crochet. I successfully acquired the skill and it has kept me busy for these 60 years. Recently learned to knit. I do spend quite a bit on yarn and other supplies because I also took up spinning and own 3 wheels. Like your drums, these crafting skills give me pleasure, comfort, and keep me busy.

    Finally, there’s time enough at last to read all of the books in my ever increasing library. This month is dedicated to the Qur’an as it is Ramadan, and I’m reading the Arabian Nights. I recommend both.

    Americans have no discipline. Many more will die of the virus and perverse willfulness. Sad.



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