Step Outside tonight;

Venus is leading the brightest full moon of the year, look UP^, LOOK UP^,,,,,,Watch the dance of the Universe, unlike man, the Universe goes on forever……Some of our cities no longer even know the Sun exists, what with all that filthy air; well its is a lot cleaner now that all those planes and cars are parked, a wonderful moment for our children’s lungs! While we are all parked inside our little boxes let us take time out to examine our lives. Are you still shopping for useless things on Amazon? Running up those plastic cards? How are you going to pay, when all the jobs are lost? ~~~~~Are the landlords going to stop collecting their rent? I do not think so, how many people will be homeless before this is over? Maybe we should stop looking to our Glorious Leader for solutions and become the leaders of ourselves……Shut off all those distractions, step outside into this glorious Sunshine, close your eyes, (You do Not want to be Blinded by the Light) and feel that warmth on your face, soak up some Vitamin D……Say; “Thank You God, that the Sun continues to shine it’s Love on us.” Realize that you now have time to think for yourselves, how nice it is to be relieved of all that pressure to Consume, consume, consume……Got a mate? Turn to them and say; “How lucky I am to be Loved by You, and how lucky I am to be Loving You! ~~~~~If you are lucky enough to have more than you need, look around and find someone not so lucky and offer to share, donate to your local food pantry or maybe World Central Kitchen’s run by Mr. Jose Andres, who is hard at work feeding those most in need at this dreadful time……This is a wonderful time to re-order our priorities, let us get busy……

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