Distractions; and other thoughts…

So here we all are, bottled up in our little tiny Apartment boxes, alone at last with ourselves….So what are we doing with this time? I would guess that for those of you who own T.V. sets you are sitting there glued to the latest Pap, watching little tiny humans contort themselves for your pleasure and enjoyment, while your own personal life goes on un-noticed…..Waiting for some one or something to show you the way (Pink Floyd)…..How about you flip that switch to OFF, and begin to watch the great T.V. of your own mind at work…..How the brain, the Thinking Part, is always trying to get you to distract yourself from Reality: “Oh, turn that T.V. back on, you might miss something important.” “Oh, you have to go to the store right now and buy stuff.”…..All of this is the result of the brainwashing we have been subjected to since early childhood, it is what keeps the World Destroying Greed Machine running on all eight cylinders…..So, now we have an intermission, such a wonderful opportunity to rethink the way we have been living; do we really want to go back to “Business As Usual?” Or could we begin to build the “House Of Mankind” You know, the place where all men/women are treated as Equals, a place where no child goes to bed hungry, where Nature and all of its beautiful Creations are Honored and Respected…..A place where the world is open to all, a sharing of Cultures, religions, beliefs with no judgement……This is what I dream of, of what I hope will soon become a Reality, Help me make it so…….

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