How to live on Earth, in Peace;

The first rule is to have FAITH, faith in the goodness of this Earth, from whence all good comes; plant a seed and a plant appears, it is like Magic, for all of this Universe is the result of Magic, and of course Sacrifice. Our great Sun is a fine example of sacrifice, burning itself up, day by day to provide us with light and heat, and it shines for the good and bad alike, it does not play favorites….. ~~~~~Of course it helps to foster Respect, respect for all living things; from the tiniest atom to the Elephants and Whales, for all have a right to Life, and a purpose to serve…… ~~~~~”It is all about Me, Me, Me……No my friends, it is all about US, nobody lives life in solitude, we all depend upon each other to make our way, I repair your shoe soles, you deliver me a loaf of good home-made bread, I am happy, and YOU are happy……What is so hard to understand about this rule of Faith? If the Great Spirit had doubted it’s self nothing at all would exist, but the Great Spirit had complete Faith in it’s intentions that here we are, Learning how to live Together…… ~~~~~I will give an example from my own life on the lesson of Faith……Back in November, 2019, my Lady Love became ill with Lung Cancer, and her children decided to come and take her away from me, I lost faith, I gave up, I went 40 days without one bite of food, I became a stick man, I was at deaths door, when my neighbors appeared, and they asked me “Is this what your lady would have wanted you to do?” I had to think about that, and what I thought is No, she would want me to live my life in service and faith, so I started trying to eat again, and get back up^ on my feet. Many friends, some I did not even know I had, brought me soups, meals, and all of them encouraged me to carry on, because they felt I had something to offer this world…..I rediscovered the meaning of the word “Faith”…..I have a great Faith in Humanity joining together, as ONE Living Being, in caring for one another, in making a beautiful future for our children to enjoy, so this is my quest to instill Faith in the inherent goodness resting in the heart of Man Kind. If I have two cans of soup and you have none, will I share that extra can with you? I would hope so…….Love to all…..

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