Eulogy for a dead Whale…..

Yesterday another whale washed up dead ashore, and right beside it ten million Krill or more, also dead…… Now, who will sing the Eulogy for them? With the world all around us dying, who will be left to sing the “GONE” song? Now the Gold sits silent in the vaults beneath the cities streets, The Gold we ripped the Earth apart to gather, at the cost of so many lives……. There is no-one left to spend it here…… Yet another Whale washed up dead today, and who is there left that cares to sing it’s Eulogy?


Go to any city, anywhere in this world, start at the center of the city, walk, or bike, around in ever larger circles. You will find in the center many tall buildings, built to impress most with beautiful glass facades, emblazoned with grand titles, Bank of America, Citi Bank, J.P. Morgan, Goldman Sachs, Hilton Hotel, Trump Towers, and so on. All of these buildings are monuments to Wealth, they have Central Air Conditioning, Central Heating, brilliant lighting schemes, fancy, decorated offices, especially the LAW offices, above all, nothing but the best for the well-to-do…..

Every day these monoliths fill up with the workers, fairly paid, whose job is to keep it all humming along smoothly. Somewhere around 5 or 6 p.m. they empty out, the workers head for home, but the buildings keep on humming along, usually an armed guard or two or three patrol throughout the night to protect the castles of greed from invasion by the ignorant masses. In the hot summers the air conditioning runs 24/7. In the winter, the heating system takes over, it also runs 24/7, can’t have the water pipes freezing, or the workers arriving to find a cold office awaiting them…..

Now, enlarge your circle, depart the center where the signs of great wealth begin to taper off, the buildings there are smaller, there may be some large factories, some occupied, some not, those not occupied are usually in a state of dis-repair, maybe boarded up. Here you will find homeless encampments, so-called “street people” some will have tents, some will be sleeping on newspaper and cardboard. These people will usually be hustling for their next meal, or their next bottle of cheap wine or Vodka, or perhaps a hit of Meth, or Heroin, or whatever drug is available at the moment…..

These two scenarios are the inevitable result of the accumulation of Great Wealth…..Great Wealth does not just appear out of nowhere, it does not grow on trees, it must be Produced. The only way to produce Great Wealth is through the means of exploitation. The Planet is drilled, mined, deforested, over-fished. All of this is done by the employment of “Cheap Labor”, when the workers are used up or no longer necessary, they are cast aside, like trash is taken to the dumps…..

Every year our schools brainwash the upcoming generation to calmly accept their lot in life, some few are selected out to receive a college education, so that the ranks of engineers, chemists, architects, lawyers, doctors, and of course accountants can be filled. Some lucky few to be the next Master’s of the Universe, these are more often than not the progeny of the current Master’s of the Universe. The bible of the Master’s of the Universe is not the usual King James version of the bible. The bible of the Masters is a 71 page book called: “The Prince” published by the Florentine statesman and writer Niccolo Machiavelli in the year 1513 A.D. Conceived as a treatise in the manner of Aristotle on the acquisition and maintenance of Political Power, and the nature of successful rule. Eschewing Moral Standards in favor of practical expedience.

Here are a few excerpts from the book:pg. 46, “It is necessary, indeed. to put a good color on this nature, and skillful in simulating and dissembling. But men are so simple, governed so absolutely by their present needs, that he who wishes to deceive will never fail in finding dupes. One recent example I will not omit. Pope Alexander VI had no care or thought but how to deceive, and always found material to work on. No man ever had a more effective manner of asseverating, or made promises with more solemn protestations, or observed them less, and yet because he understood this side of human nature, his frauds always succeeded.” ~~~~~”And you are to understand that a Prince, and most of all a new Prince, cannot observe all these rules of conduct in respect whereof men are accounted good, being often forced, in order to preserve his Princedom, to act in opposition to good faith, charity, humanity, and religion. He must therefore keep his mind ready to shift as the winds and tides of Fortune turn, and, as I have already said, he ought not to quit good courses if he can help it, but should know how to follow Evil courses if he must.

So this is the Rich man’s guidebook. Do you notice, if you deign to notice anything, that when the “Ignorant Masses” suddenly wake up a bit and decide to protest for better wages or better working conditions, how quickly the forces of the LAW descend upon them? How cleaver they are at inserting an agitator into the mob, to perhaps break a window, or burn a car, so their force can be unleashed and the “Mob” dispersed…..One must remember Who makes the LAWS. Just like our so called Constitution, the laws are written by and for the protection of the “Landed Gentry.” Or the “Princes” Or as they prefer “Master’s of the Universe.”

Oh! How our President extols the great Economic Success of our “Great Nation”. Well it is good for the wealthy few, especially with those magnificent Tax Cuts, meanwhile back in the Real World, more and more people become homeless, drug addiction kills more and more people, more and more people become medically bankrupt, the climate worsens, heat waves, fires, storms pummel the land, but do not worry, Be Happy, everything is fine! Soon enough we will enter into another tidy little War, because war is great for the Economy. So, in ending, I would say we deserve the title of :The Ignorant Masses” Because we fail to take the steps necessary to create a better world for our children to inherit, one of equality for all human beings, and not just the Privileged few.

Courtesy of The New Republic…

A Fifth on the Fourth!

The Great Game.

Happy Fourth of July! Celebrate the “Declaration of Independence.”, The United States Constitution, and , of course, all the amendments…”The Bill of Rights” All written of course, by Rich, old empowered White Men. They owned Slaves, yet insisted that “All Men are Created Equal” So hypocrites from the beginning…..Then they decided that only “Property Owners Could be Empowered to Vote.” So onward to today, 07/04/2019, Who rules this world? I fear it is not “We, the People.” This is the biggest lie of all, that the People Rule, as if they had a choice in rulers! The Ruling Party today is led by the Military/Industrial Complex. If you have the least sense of hearing and awareness you know that the drums of war are beating loudly. You cannot sell new missiles and bombs, if the damn military is not using them up. ~~~~~The Military constantly lusts for new War Toys, why not indulge the “Good Ole Boys”. New Aircraft Carriers (Which, by the way are great targets for anti-ship missiles), 6,500 men gone to graveyards, everyone of them…..Oh! We need, in the worst way, a new Stealth Bomber, only $1 billion each. Congress and the President (Oligarch, Tyrant, Dictator) Have bestowed $750 Billion Smackers on them, this while at least forty million Americans have no idea where their next meal is coming from, our infrastructure is collapsing on itself, who cares as long as the Wall Street crew keeps those worthless stocks rising?…..~~~~~I am the greatest thing, since God Created Man—-So Saith our Commander in Cheap. Parade the Tanks, fly the Planes, It’s not I who is paying for the Show! Oh! how glorious is WAR!…..Well, maybe my bud, missing two arms and two legs would beg to differ on the Glories of WAR. Hard to argue when one has to call for ask for help with the toilet paper to wipe his ass for him. I will believe in War when those calling for it are out in front leading on the initial assault…..Of course, they never are, they are sitting in comfy armchairs with a fresh drink to hand, cheering on the Cannon Fodder, Nowadays on the 60 inch Telly…..Shock and Awe! Maybe, we should all have a Fifth on the Fourth…..

GREED and the LUST for POWER

This planet,called Earth, seems to be infected with a deadly disease called: GREED and the LUST for POWER. The humans infected appear to be blind to anything other than adoring the Almighty God the American Dollar. No matter how many American dollars they collect or amass it never seems to be enough, they will strive for ever more dollars no matter how old they get, even tho most humans max out at one-hundred years, they will be working on the next billion until their heart stops beating. They fail to realize that no matter how much they accumulate when they die none of it goes with them! ~~~~~Unfortunately for humanity, in amassing these fortunes they have to destroy their one and only livable planet, because their fortunes are gained by extraction of limited resources. Many people have tried to find a cure for this disease, but to date none has been found. Now the Lust for Power comes into play, anything that threatens their accumulation of dollars is met with a show of force, because having a fortune enables them to purchase armies, police, secret agents to protect them and their fortunes. Some people try to talk sense to them, but it appears that this disease also induces deafness.~~~~~These rich folk will never admit that this Earth is a finite planet, they think they can extract every drop of oil, every cubic foot of gas, every last ounces of gold, silver, copper, zinc, platinum, palladium, etc., and net every last fish out of the oceans, lakes and rivers, and of course the last dollar from the pockets of the poor.~~~~~ So how can those of us not infected with this disease save our planet and leave it for our children improved instead of destroyed? The closest solution I can come up with is we, the “Consumers” will have to stop consuming everything but the basic necessities of life—Food, Clothes, Shelter. The money the rich have comes from US, if us stop giving it to them, then their fortunes will eventually disappear. Simple living has a lot of benefits if one takes the time to look into it. If you stop accumulating debt, especially credit card debt, you will not have to work so hard for slave wages in shitty unrewarding jobs. This results in having more free time for yourself. Do you really need that 60 inch TV? Do you have to have that $50,000 dollar new car? Can you remember how to wash dishes in the sink? Hang your hand washed clothes out on a clothes line?~~~~~Think about these things for awhile, if you are at all interested in a future for life on Earth, because this is the only way to make it possible, and it will take ALL of us to accomplish the cure for that deadly, infectious disease: GREED and the LUST for POWER…..That is all~~~~~

The Third Rock From The Sun….

I would like this message to appear on every so-called ‘Smart Phone’ Screen in the world. Seven and one-half billion human beings, carelessly devouring their only home in this Solar System capable of supporting their kind of life. Do any of you humans pay attention to anything but YOURSELVES? The Oceans are being fished to extinction, the Insects we depend on to clean up the dead and fertilize our food plants and flowers are also disappearing, and doing so faster and faster every day. Our GREED for more, more, more, is making Earth resemble the surface of our MOON! We treat our own home like a trash can and an ashtray. There is not much time left for life on Earth as we know it. Earth itself has time, it’s life is figured in billions of years, while us humans have 100 years or less.~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Living in cities has caused people to view life as concrete, road tar, and machines, and maybe a brave bird or two, and a weed in a crack in the sidewalk. Such a lonely, lonely life. Nature and its love of LIFE has taken billions of years to create the great beauty of all manner of life forms, and we, the people are going to destroy it all in less than ten thousand years. Tell me one Human who can create out of nothing~ as much as a single blade of grass, or a tulip or a redwood tree? Humans can create all kinds of technological wonders, build buildings to reach the sky, but you cannot create so much as a single blade of grass without NATURE! Nature is the creator of LIFE, and you and I my friends, Are busy creating a waste land out of Natures handicraft.~~~~~~~~~~~~~If you LOVE your children, why are you bequeathing them a ruined, barren planet? You obviously Do Not LOVE your Children or you would immediately get busy CLEANING UP THE MESS YOU HAVE MADE HERE ON EARTH! Got an unemployment problem? Put them all to work cleaning up and PAY them a living wage using the profits of the despoilers of this place, The Greed Corporations who care only for themselves and their obscene Profits. START NOW!

HOT NEWS FLASH FROM XOF NEWS MEDIA (From our tiny brains, into your even tinier brain)

Our Intrepid reporter Mr. Ytinah Naes questioned our Great Leader on the rumors filling the ‘Fake News’ channels about his purported lying…Mr. Naes:” Do these accusations about you lying have any base in reality, Sir?” Great Leader: “None what so ever! I would never have the nerve to chop down a cherry tree, it was the old gardener we have. He did it, and he should be sent back to Mexico bandito land immediately.” “I am the greatest leader ever, you guys said so yourselves the other day I heard it on XOF so you know it is true, say it, say it!” Mr. Nyes: ” Yes Sir, you Sir are the Greatest Liar of all, if I say so myself, why you tell so many lies that they become your truth, thus we know for a factoid that you always tell the TRUTH.”

“Once we assuage our conscience by calling something a “Necessary Evil” it begins to look more and more necessary and less and less Evil.” Sydney J. Harris

I call on Erato to make my words Sing for YOU….

I am awake now, I walk through the door my feet have shoes, socks, I take them off, throw them away, now I feel the real Earth, the Earth feels me. slowly, ever slowly I take root. My arms lift up to here, Here is the Sun, nothing but Explosion exuding Light, needing Shadow. Now I am branches, leaves embracing the explosion of love. The Sun is all sacrifice, a Sacred Sacrifice for Life to be Here, Now in this Place……….

My Roots expand, my roots embrace the whole Earth. My roots listen for the World to Speak. All around my roots, little murmurs, little cries. They whisper: “We are dying.” My roots ask “Why, Why are you dying?” Now the answer, with great sorrow comes to my roots, the World Self speaks…..

“Greed and it’s handmaiden Death stalk the surface, consuming everything that is. It is insatiable, a thing of no heart, no soul. Soon, too soon the Living Surface is turned to dust, a foul, evil wind stalks the land seeking ever to sate the endless hunger for more, ever more, but now there is no more, Greed has consumed even it’s self. There is an endless silence now, time passes, days, years, eons pass. Yet still the Sun shines with it’s Love, it mourns, but it goes on……

Earth, sleeps, sleeps and dreams it’s life dreams. A million, than a billion, now a trillion patient search’s…. This Death has happened many, many times in ages past and always Earth has slept away the sorrow, the loss of so much life must needs be assuaged and only time has the healing powers needed. The Sun knows no night, thus the sun is always newborn not even one Earth day old yet……

A million years pass, Ice covers Earth’s surface, another million years pass, then another and another, still the Sun shines out it unending Love, patient, ever patient, waiting for the dream to end, waiting for the object of it’s Love to awaken…..Slowly the Galaxy spins round and round bearing it’s many Suns, it is on an infinite journey,, on the way to Where?…..

The human race is gone, a memory in the mind of Mother Earth. She had given men the gift of self-awareness along with the gift of Free Will. But men abused these gifts, they failed to rise above their animal self, they failed to build The House of Mankind…..Some men tried, they made great music, created marvelous works of art, some had dreams of a future for their children, a world with no wars, a world of acceptance where all were equal and valued for their differences a world where what they saw was what actually was, a world without lies and deceits…..These men’s spirit lives on in Earths heart of hearts, thus they did not die in vain. The men of greed are just…..gone, they consumed themselves, for greed has no memory only appetite.

Now: Clouds cover the land, rain falls, nourishes the barren lands, There! A blade of grass. There! A worm. There! Creation, satisfying it’s love for it’s self. Now: A newness fills the Earth, a new experiment takes shape, the long dream is over. Now: All new life, not the same as the old, that experiment is over, done. The Sun beams on its newly awakened Lover……

I want this poem to not be real, I am a Lover of Life, whatever shape or form it takes, but we do not have much time left to write a happier poem. What is it to be? The House of Mankind, able to explore that portion of the Universe that is open to us, once we have come to ourselves. Or just The End? We, you and I, we must decide: Us or nothing, that is the choice before us…..