Attention Jeff Bezos:

     Sir: you have a fortune of $140 Bullion Bucks, the people in Syria are fleeing their country by the hundreds of thousands,  They need assistance for Food and Water, could you not find it in your Heart to donate maybe 3 Bullion bucks to the UN. Relief mission to help those people who are fleeing the war criminals Mr. President Putin and Mr. President Bashar al-Assad…Russian President Putin is only helping Mr. al-Assad  in order to test his latest weapons on living People…I do not understand why we the People of Earth have not arrested these Crime kingpins…  What is wrong with us?  Mr. President Assad has bombed his own country into rubble…What for?   I, Myself, if I am not liked I remove myself and head for the hills,  I sure do not want to be around people who do not like me…  I would not think to bomb and kill those people just because they happened not to like me anymore…  So step up to the plate Mr.Bezos and show us that you also have a real LIVE Beating HEART…


By way of service, mankind comes to life.                                                                                          By the way of slavery,it moves towards death.                                                                                                                                     ***                                                                                                                         Is it to be more life, or less life?   Is it to be service or slavery?                                                                                        ***                                                                                                                          They sit around  at the funeral home; whispering, reminiscing , telling about this person or that person, laughing when words or a situation amuses them, offering gratuitous advice with references to health and success; and, of course with allusions  to that most importance’s , the king pin  and queen lady  of organized amusement.   The real experience among  experience- the act by which a man and a woman are genitally joined to each other…                                                                                                                                                    ***                                                                                                                          You tickle me and I will tickle you, in that way  we will forget about slavery and death…                                                                                                                                                                                                             ***                                                                                                                      Skip us.   We are busy  doing nothing.                                                                                                 We can be pleasant , polite, concerned in small ways.   We are architects  of the surface.   We know how to polish it.    We glamorize it.  When we are together, life has a nice appearance.   Like morticians, we inject charm into Death…To  see more go to Amazon books and look up ” The Experience, a celebration of Being, by  Sireo Esteve. can be had by as little as .01 Cents+ 3.99 Shipping….



What if the so-called scientists would devote their time to finding a way to traveling faster than light instead of finding better ways to kill one and the Other???  Our planet EARTH is rapidly being used up, as far as I know there is no Planet “B”  There are at least  ten billion options in our own galaxies ; however there is NO welcome sign put out,  because we will come with Small-Pox blankets.   The MONEY is in the design of better weapons… So, what do you care about?    Money or the future of the Human  Race?  Is there a possibility that YOU, the Scientist could change your mindset to traveling faster than LIGHT?   I am speaking to the Union Of Concerned Scientists…Listen UP!


Is it I?  Our  is it YOU? Why, Why, Why?  Are we, the People so easily fooled.   To support the Con-man in charge of our government?   He is out to Destroy America as the country we know  it to be…  If you do  not believe me., Look at the enemies he has created for us:   The Mexicans, The Muslims, And the Others, Oh! look out for the OTHERS:  They are not like us, They are not rich-white men, they are OTHER’S…Build another WALL…  Keep : Them Out..                                                                                                                                                                       Them is US!                                                                                                            It is We the People.   We will decide who the RULERS  are, whether or not they give a sh.. about Us peons is beyond the point… We are all about Our-self’s, and so who gives a Big-Fat Rat’s Ass, about the Small People?….


So! To whom I talking to at this moment?  So? Who even gives a big: F*** if the  Regular every day people are not listening?  You listen when you are reading this missive…   This is what I am trying to tell you in as simple a language as I can trans-form .  I mean; are you listening?   Or are you thinking about tomorrow?   …….YOO Hoo! are you having a GOOD TIME? RSVP : I could not, by myself, be a Blues Player.  Maybe because I do not know the Blues,  Maybe, because I have not lived the   HARD TIMES…   I have been through: Hard Times,;;; I have lived the Chain-gang Times,  I have lived through the  ” WAR TIMES”   I have survived, I was lucky and I had a Guardian Angel.  I had Some-one to Love ME!   How lucky can one man be;  to have some-one to love him?  It’s O.K.  Babe,  I’m in Love with you, so, the short-coming’s do not matter so much,  It’s YOU ! I love, not some imaginary Babe I’ve got in my mind on,  or some far-off dream I’ve welcomed into my sky of tomorrow…. It’s just a dream come true… That’s all it is, Babe, just a Dream come true…  I  always  wondered, what the Dream was, Was it You and I, or was it something else, some thing that we dreamed up?  This should not be a question we should have to ask of one another….. I know you, I know you like the back of my own hand, it tells me about tomorrow, and the days here-after, about the times that come charge, of this place, we’re just visitors, here for the moment;    To enjoy what is, instead of what if?   A lot of us people dream, Few of those that come true….                                                                                                                                                                                                                                           I wonder if any of you know of where of I speak…                                                                     Where am I coming from?   Is it a place that I could be from or maybe be here to?   The Stars are not as far away as we think they are,  They are next-door to us… Yet we will not be recognized until we have PEACE on   EARTH…. This means that we recognize that we, Human Being’s…  Have a common cause: to LOVE one and the other… Black, White,Brown. Red, on another color entirely…There are as many Salmon in the sea as there is  humans on this Earth;  But, do you think on these things, that I have mentioned?  Alaskamanspeaks….Word Press…

I am a new Poor Peoples Campaign Member…

Why have we allowed the Corporations and the rich to take over and pretty much rule the Planet?    Tell me friends,  where do the Wealthy find all that $$$$$?            Well, they pretty much gather it up from the regular everyday working Joe’s That is You and I my friends…      We must fill those empty Bellies,  we must have Clothes, new cars, computers, T.V.s a home to rest our weary heads in after a day spent waitressing, house keeping, running our selves ragged in one of good ole Amazons warehouses, where every moment of one’s working hours must be accounted for…Whilst earning perhaps seven or eight dollars an hour , as the Boss Man earns Ten Thousand or more for that same hour…Thus the modern form of slavery that from the time we’re infants we are brainwashed into believing that that is the way life is… Not many are able to free themselves from this conditioning,  How is one able to learn that life does not have to be this way,  when one is born into life of parents who were themselves unable to free themselves from the horrible cycle of poverty and ignorance…  The trap is carefully laid,  The rich have had centuries to design it, and the system is carefully protected from any interference by the likes of us… You  see, every man woman and child, would have to cooperate as ONE United Mind, to defeat this evil empire…  How do we show the Rulers who really has the power?    What do the rulers always need more of?    Money,  and since the money is produced only with our labor and our spending of our meager paychecks in their stores, their hospitals, the immense supply of goodies to buy,  provided by other slaves mostly in low wage countries, we must cut out the supply of Money…   this means:   Stock up on food, gas, medicine, and then for a week or a month, NOBODY shows up to work, NOBODY shops… When the flow of Money slows down     The rich will panic, threats will be made:  Back to Work or ELSE….The police will be thick on the streets, the Armies will be put on alert, But we must act as One Unified living force… We must be brave and say NO!        NO! NO! to slavery and humiliation…”It is better to die on your feet, than to live on your Knees.” Spanish Heroine in Spain’s civil war…Then we must learn that life works well when all men, women, and children live in Service to each other,  instead of slavery to the whims of those who believe only in profit, at the cost of poverty for the many and Riches for the few….                                                                                                                                 ……………………………..FOREWORD……………………………….                                                                                                                   “He said to the people, “Sing high.  Do not stifle the song in your heart.”   And the people said, “We are hungry, we sing low and sad.   He said to the people, ” Stand and demand.”   And the people said, “We are sick and we are tired.” He said to the people, “Know yourselves, there is glory in you.”  And the people said, “We know our burdens and frustrations, our problems and anxieties, our hardships and our suffering.”               “Are those in power like you?” He asked.   “Are they burdened and beaten?”  And the people said they are not, they are rich.  They are respected and honored.”        Then He said, ” They have taken your share and theirs, and allowed you a pittance.   That is not just.  Claim your rights.”   And the people said, “When we claim our rights, they jail us, they defame us; they ostracize us.”   He bows his head and says nothing.  The People bow their heads and say nothing.   The planet turns slowly toward midnight and despair.                                                                                                                                              Now He speaks again.  “Do not despair,” He says.        Creativity is on our side.  Love is on our side.  Beauty is on our side.  Truth is on our side.  Miracles are on our side.  We cannot lose.  Look at the stars, they dispel the blackness of the night.  They, too,  are on our side.  Stand up and celebrate.”  A fire runs through the people.  They clench their fists and raise their arms. “We will fight,” they say.   “We will demand our rights,” they say.  “We will achieve justice,” they say, “For ourselves and for all men.”                                                               By Sireo Esteve, from “The Experience, a Celebration of Being.”   Random House 1974…                      P.S. I quote from the “Experience,” because he states what I feel so much more eloquently than I ever could…. Love to all, Alaska Man Speaks…


Daily Prompt: Guilty:

via Daily Prompt: Guilty: 1.    Mankind (An Oxymoron),Through the sins of Greed & Lust Human Beings are destroying their one and only home in this Galaxy.  The Animals, Flora and Fauna are disappearing at a evermore rapid pace.   The oceans are polluted and horribly over fished.   I pronounce the Human Race guilty of wanton destruction of life on earth….                                                                                                                                          2. The refusal to practice population management Will eventually lead to a planet with wall to wall people and nothing else…The reason for this refusal is simple, the rich must have a constant supply of CHEAP LABOR….When there are many more people  than jobs are available,  Men can be induced  to work for starvation wages…(Read my post on SLAVERY) Published today on Alaska man .org. or alaskaman speaks…..The greedy people know who they are… When a Billionaire banks another Billion, there are ten million working men and women missing one-hundred dollars from their paychecks….I pronounce those who live for greed Guilty of Avarice…                                                                3. Assault with Deadly Weapons, with intent to Kill…. All countries, nations, individuals who Own, make or otherwise keep weapons which have only one purpose, to Murder Humans, Especially weapons of Mass Destruction…are an insult on those of us who desire only Peace on Earth… All are guilty of contributing to violence against their fellow men & Women & Children.  War only makes the Weapons makers rich, everyone else has to suffer…All are Guilty!                                                                                                                 3. Anybody who abuses, mistreats, Rapes, or harms another Man, Woman or Child is guilty by default.  There is no excuse what-so-ever for any abuser.   All Guilty!                      4. I hope I covered all the bases for your interest, thank you for the opportunity to voice my humble opinion….Great idea for a web site!    I am a 73 year old fart, been through the Nam., North Carolina chain gang, but I had a good angel looking after me…I live in Alaska  with a wonderful gal. and every morning when I awake I look out my front window at Mt. Illiama and say Thank you to The Creator for bringing me to live in this place…More so after listening to the news on NPR. Radio…We haven’t watched a T.V. in over 30 years…But we do read a lot…..Hope you find this interesting… My E-mail is Always happy to converse with intelligent people…..                               Quote for you from J. Krishnamurti: “The God of a petty mind is a Petty  God….