Hey Word Press;

How come I cannot read my “Comments” and how come when I want to like something on here my screen goes Black and the “Like” is not entered???? If I remember correctly I paid my dues to you, and yet I feel like Persona Non Grata……Please correct this problem or when I come up for renewal, well, I will find someplace else to convey my thoughts…….Sincerely, alaskamanspeaksgeorget.org….

Out with the Past;

Did anyone miss me on here? I only write when I feel I have something to SAY, and now I have a little History to remember me by………….. Remember, I am an old guy (75) so my lady passed away last November, well yesterday, some friends of mine and hers gathered together and held a ceremony to put her ashes in the ground, everyone brought Flowers, it was the right time; Autumn Solstice day…..To celebrate I burned down a 50 + year old barn, where we raised up 100’s of goats and sheep……It was a wonderful fire, my neighbors came and sat in lawn chairs to watch……Now I hired a giant excavator and truck to make a new pile of old junk I no longer have any use for, so first snowfall, another Big Fire! Is this fun or what? In the meantime I dug around my house foundation to repair the failing posts, I had to buy 4 20 ton jacks to lift up this old log house. I am using 7 foot I beams I got for free when the highway crew replaced the crash barrier about five miles from me……Recycle now! Where I live is a palace of MAGIC, for MAGIC happens all around me, tonight was a great night to look at the sky, I saw a giant beam of light put out by Jupiter, what a fine show it is to view, all it takes is waiting for dark and stepping outside, + no light pollution at my old house……Well, if anyone is interested in this story I will write some more. Never a Dull Moment Here……..


The oceans are acid baths, no fish, no whales, no crabs, no clams. The lost fishing nets still floating, still searching for prey. Behold! A lone Jellyfish…..Strip mined for blind greed….. ************************************************************** Sand and Spiders are now all that is left of the old Rain Forests….. The last great old tree sawn into 2 x 4’s for the mass market place of Blind Greed. *************************************************************** Where once the birds sang their joyous songs, all is silent now. The Ivory Towers are empty; The Gold bars still secure in the steel vaults far beneath The barren, empty streets. The race of man for “More” forever “More” Is over, the race is lost to BLIND GREED!

Thank You Word Press;

For restoring my comments & Likes, I was sure missing communicating with all my fellow writers here on Word Press…..To all of my friends, I pray you are all doing well and keep Writing My Friends, your thoughts are important, and I love reading what so many different people are thinking…..Blessings, alaskamansluckgt…..

Once again, a Word Press;

I wonder what I paid good money for here on word press? When I click on “Like” I get a black screen and no “Like” appears, when I go to the Bell to see comments and likes I just get this maddening ever revolving circle. This has been going on for months now and I am about ready to quit this site and ask for a REFUND, I have not found a way to talk to the word press staff, all advice appreciated….

The Visit;

So, our little reptile brained, pumpkin headed ‘Great Leader’ is headed to Tulsa, Oklahoma for a visit, and Lo and Behold we must call out the National Guard to Protect Him. To protect him from what, exactly? Just because he called on the U. S. Army to get out there and kill all those Black People peacefully protesting the injustice they are subject to in everyday life? Is this not the same city that years ago murdered most of their black citizens for daring to be normal everyday business people? In my opinion a ‘Great Leader’ has no one to fear, because he is an honest man and need fear no-one, thus when he walks among his people he is welcomed. This man is not that, this man loves prejudice, this man lives on being able to instill Fear among the people, fear of the “Other”, I would not hire this man to shovel out my pig-pen, my pigs are better than that. ~~~~~All we have to defend ourselves is the VOTE, I would say, do not sit home thinking your vote makes no difference, Sure all the choice we have now is the lesser of two evils, but why is that? Whatever happened to the principled leader, the man who spoke truth to power, why he was shouted down by the voices of unreasoning, power seeking idiots, and thus the people get the government they deserve. “Nobody ever went broke by underestimating the intelligence of the American People.”: H.L. Mencken I would like to think we are better than this, please do not disappoint me…….

How to live on Earth, in Peace;

The first rule is to have FAITH, faith in the goodness of this Earth, from whence all good comes; plant a seed and a plant appears, it is like Magic, for all of this Universe is the result of Magic, and of course Sacrifice. Our great Sun is a fine example of sacrifice, burning itself up, day by day to provide us with light and heat, and it shines for the good and bad alike, it does not play favorites….. ~~~~~Of course it helps to foster Respect, respect for all living things; from the tiniest atom to the Elephants and Whales, for all have a right to Life, and a purpose to serve…… ~~~~~”It is all about Me, Me, Me……No my friends, it is all about US, nobody lives life in solitude, we all depend upon each other to make our way, I repair your shoe soles, you deliver me a loaf of good home-made bread, I am happy, and YOU are happy……What is so hard to understand about this rule of Faith? If the Great Spirit had doubted it’s self nothing at all would exist, but the Great Spirit had complete Faith in it’s intentions that here we are, Learning how to live Together…… ~~~~~I will give an example from my own life on the lesson of Faith……Back in November, 2019, my Lady Love became ill with Lung Cancer, and her children decided to come and take her away from me, I lost faith, I gave up, I went 40 days without one bite of food, I became a stick man, I was at deaths door, when my neighbors appeared, and they asked me “Is this what your lady would have wanted you to do?” I had to think about that, and what I thought is No, she would want me to live my life in service and faith, so I started trying to eat again, and get back up^ on my feet. Many friends, some I did not even know I had, brought me soups, meals, and all of them encouraged me to carry on, because they felt I had something to offer this world…..I rediscovered the meaning of the word “Faith”…..I have a great Faith in Humanity joining together, as ONE Living Being, in caring for one another, in making a beautiful future for our children to enjoy, so this is my quest to instill Faith in the inherent goodness resting in the heart of Man Kind. If I have two cans of soup and you have none, will I share that extra can with you? I would hope so…….Love to all…..

Staying busy, Old Man Working;

An old (75 years) man decided to look under his old log house one day, pulled off the windbreak, and Lo and Behold, every post holding up the house has turned Rotten! It is a miracle the house has not just collapsed, although this winter a post in one room pushed up right through the floor. So now this old fart is digging and crawling under the house and looking for material to repair those failing posts. I was at the dump the other day and found some 6 foot I-Beams, discarded by the highway dept. so I grabbed them to put in place of the posts, although at my age I can barely lift them up OH! I wish I was eighteen again, George Burns……Thank you Mr. Covid 19 for not being able to hire some helpers…..Well, it is something to do in this time of loneliness……The air sure seems cleaner without all those billions of cars & airplanes running 24/7, so I count that as a blessing…..People, I think, are learning just how little they can learn to live just fine with. I heard the news crying about the lack of Consumers out there running up their little credit cards, Oh! Boo-Hoo, people are actually paying off those darn credit cards. I, for one, hope that things never ever go back to the so-called normal, which is actually the most abnormal way to live I ever heard of, Never ending, endless Consumption. ~~~~~Digression: How to end homelessness, poverty, and most crime: STOP HAVING BABIES! ~~~~~On that note it is past my bedtime, Stay well, and maybe learn how to sing songs or play an instrument…..

Positives & Negatives;

First I hope and pray that all of the writers and readers on Word Press and elsewhere are well and Healthy! Many, many of our fellow humans are dying horrible deaths, and they must die all alone, with no loved ones even allowed to hold their hands as they pass out of this world, how sad. (Negative) Our Health Care Hero’s are strained to the breaking point, all of them so brave in the face of their own getting sick by contact, we are losing some very valuable people here, perhaps more of us need to take up nursing & Medical School, all hands on deck, so to speak….(Negative) ~~~~~So, the World Wide Greed Machine is on at least partial hold, the Corporations begging for more Taxpayer Bailouts, just like in 2008, and of course our Billionaire ‘Great Leader’ is all for it, just run up that National Debt Clock, we are not going to have to pay it, our children will have to pay it……Well our breathable air is a little bit more breathable without all those millions of cars parked, those Kerosene spewing Jets sitting idle, those cruise ships docked, this is I think a Positive thing….. ~~~~~Here we are sitting at home, so what are we doing with all that vacation time? Are we sitting there worried to death about where that next dollar is going to come from? The smart folks are snuggled up with a good book, a cup of tea or coffee, or drink and time on their hands, T.V. turned off….I myself am lucky I went to all those Library book sales, I have over a thousand books to chose from…..I would say learn how to appreciate this break in the everyday Rat Race, learn how nice it is to just sit back and relax for as long as it takes, someday, I am sure it will be back to Business as Usual, until then be adaptable, and above all Love One Another! (Positive) ~~~~~Stay well, my friends!