Words are History;

Each time a word is written down or spoke, it passes into History; Like all the News is already Old News, gone, departed into History, a foot-note at most, if some Historian deign’s to write it down, like the ashes of a cigarette butt….. ~~~~~How High or Low, can one man go? What is his Goal Post? ~~~~~Time marches steadily on & on, waits for no man or woman or child…… ~~~~~Words fill up^ the dictionary, waiting for peer review, is this a “Good Word?” ~~~~~How does one define the “Word” Word? ~~~~~Can we string them together into a coherent sentence? ~~~~~Angry Words can start a WAR, a WAR that has no End, & no beginning; it just goes ON & ON….. ~~~~~Take the Word: “Peace”, what does that mean? To me, the absence of WAR……………..To some a “Protest”, a March in the streets, Tear Gas, Water Cannons; and in the end Bullets fired and Death; a Peaceful Protest, the agitators sent in to end the Riot…..The broken store front glass, the reason to use the Billy clubs, the violence to be quelled by any means possible; Oh! how the dupes are used, another Word; Dupes….. ~~~~~I write these Word’s to Cue you into Reality; this is the Way it Is…….. ~~~~~Can we change this Reality into a Paradise for our children, we claim to Love, so much? What is the “Word” here? Future/Peace; What is LOVE? A four letter Word? ~~~~~A Word that has no Meaning? Or could it be the gift of the Sun’s deciding to gift us another day of Life? The air we have to Breath into our lungs? Life, as lived, just the opposite of Death, which no Word spoken can avoid, as it comes for ALL of US……. ~~~~~In the Beginning was the WORD; And the Word was made Flesh……

V.A. Visit;

Went into the Veterans Hospital the other day, the Nurse was really Help Full; The Shrink, not nearly so; She deigned to give me an appointment in Feb. 2020, as if I could put my Depression on “Hold” until then, when I needed HELP right NOW!………………….. ~~~~~What is it with these supposed “Expert’s” All of them so far have refused to “Listen”, the only Solace they offered was “More Pills”, As if pills could cure “Loneliness & Heartbreak” Or PTSD……I find that one has to go it Alone, cannot depend on any-one else……So here I sit in Solitary Confinement, My Life Mate just Passed away, A Deaf Man, sitting here typing out Words…… ~~~~~I find it Matter’s to no-one but myself, and that is who I fall back on, My-self! ~~~~~The Sun still shines for me, the Day is there, & then the Night, & the Moon appears…..I try to remember to thank the Great Spirit, that my old Heart is still Beating on……My fingers still work, I can type out this work of ART……And this is what it is; A lament, a regret for all the things I have left undone that I could have done Better! ~~~~~Like, when a Friend asked for Help, and I did not hear their Plea? ~~~~~So; my sentence here is Solitary Confinement, until the Power’s that be decide to let me out, to send in some Help! ~~~~~Call me on the Telephone,tell me you Love me, but I cannot hear YOU, because I am Deaf to boot……& I do not know the Sign Language yet…..I have the” Wish for Kings” (Lewis H. Lapham) My home is collapsing around me of Old Age, the foundation, never sound to begin with, I am waiting, waiting, waiting, on my Lady’s children’s to make their decisions as to my fate…..Time will tell……………..

I Write & Write, spilling out more Words than Ever!

I just write & write & Write; my old man’s brain on Non-Stop….. ~~~~~This writing makes my old Heart keep on beating; It makes me to not want to ever stop, Writing…..Yet; I do not want to write the same old s–t over & over again, it’s all been said & done, the News-Feed, the same old story; Murder, Mayhem, Injustice, Rape, Pillage.—–It is enough to make One Sick! AND Ashamed, for US! ~~~~~Maybe, just maybe, Our Children can overcome their Brain-washing, from the moment of Birth? Such as: “Be a good Consumer & Consume, More, More, Evermore! ~~~~~A Merry Christmas, is to be had at: “AMAZON. com………………………………. ~~~~~FREE SHIPPING!……Just make Mr. J. Bezo’s richer than GOD……. ~~~~~ASS-WIPE- delivered to your door, you never have to get up^ off your ASS! ~~~~~Mean-while, all the local stores have disappeared, all those clerks who would say: “Can I Help You Sir?” Now we buy all of our crap, unseen, unfelt, just delivered to our door…..And Now “Alexa”, just say the Magic Word: “Alexa” & it is on the way, Oh! We already have your Credit Card Number, it is in our Memory Banks….. ~~~~~All of those Packages you used to have to carry home? It is waiting at your door, courtesy of Amazon, “Free Delivery”….. You can sit on your Couch, watching mindless T.V. shows like, Forever, or, until you die of inertia……………. ~~~~~Just make sure You Pay Off those Credit Card Bills, before You Go…… ~~~~~Oh! We can take the write-offs, We just raise the Interest Rates, so our Children will pay even More! 25% to 30%, Used to be Mafia Rates; but nevermind; we have Your Best Interest’s at Heart…..Such Largess! ~~~~~This writing of Words, is Meant to Diss Mr. Greed & Mr. Selfishness…..I Hope it hits a Home Run! Do not buy S–T from these Monsters!


I just realized, that at the ripe old age of 74 + I don’t know s–t…..I thought, errors were only in the History books, and that we were past all that old crap…..Well, I was wrong, because it seems to me, that we are making the same old stupid mistakes over and over again…… ~~~~~War’s and rumor’s of Wars, weapons factories, still in existence……………….. ~~~~~What is wrong with US, as the Human Race? If we desire a Future, for the Human Race, we had better figure this out pretty damn quick……Before some nut, with his finger on a Nuclear Trigger, clicks on it……. ~~~~~Future or no Future? ~~~~~Why do we send our Young Men, off to War, when our OLD MEN are more than willing to go? Who has got more to Lose? A Joke Here: “Don’t Piss off Old People” ~~~~~”The older we get, the less “Life is Prison” is a deterrent.” ~~~~~Or; “Don’t Shoot!” I am an UN-ARMED BLACK MAN!” ~~~~~Well, Sir, I am an armed and dangerous White Man, and “Protocol” demands that I Shoot You Dead, because you have committed the Crime of being born Black.” ~~~~~Too Sad, The Mother Mourns, the Children Weep! That moment of Happening, immediately becomes “History”, Gone, if not forgotten……Think on Where We Are At; Right Now! Happy Holy Days……

This Old Man;

I slap Death in the Face, every time He/She comes to call on my old man’s ass….. ~~~~~I get UP^ off my old man Ass, and I go and play on my beautiful Wooden, Hand made Tongued Drums, I can play now for hours instead of minutes, like when I first started out to Learn a New Thing to do, when the only true love I had went & left me all alone, My Great Dog, Tao, first & Then my Woman…….What is left for me to do? ~~~~~Sorrow only makes my Heart Beat Harder than ever………… ~~~~~I will see this through, I tell myself, after my good, good neighbors came and saved me from starving myself to Death………..Who can I call on that telephone? I am Deaf……… ~~~~~There is no one here to chat with, to talk too…..I am left with My Self……Good thing, I still have eyes that see, I can read many a good book; like “The River Why?” by David James Duncan, or “Money and Class In America” by Louis H. Lapham…..Or any of Mr. J. Krishnamurti’s Great Talks….. ~~~~~Every time I wake UP^ and realize my old heart is still beating, I walk to my front window, and give my Thanks, gratitude, to me is important…..What is it that keeps our Sun burning itself up to gift us with Light, Heat, another Day? I ask how many Human Beings think to Thank that Sun of ours? To busy shopping for more junk, in the Rich men’s stores……People used to go outside and Worship the Sun, not anymore, too busy to be bothered with that pagan crap……I will say again, a Big Storm is on it’s way, the Wise ones will prepare for it’s arrival, others will disappear from the face of Earth….. ~~~~~Have a Nice Holy Day, my friends……….

A Long, Dark Night Is Coming…….

The closer we get to Christ-Mass day the harder my little tiny brain works on Thinking…..~~~~~J. Krishnamurti said that when thinking ceases only then can

J. Krishnamurti said that only when thinking ceases can God or Love enter in….. ~~~~~Yet, because I thought to call the Coal man my house is warm, I also thought to call a wood-man, I have a giant pile of wood to help me keep my home a warm, inviting place to visit, for my friends & Neighbors to stop in…..I had to Think on these things, or I would be freezing to death….. ~~~~~Things to remember this Holy Day Season………………. ~~~~~Old, stale white Bread becomes edible when dipped in good bean sauces……………. ~~~~~Remember, on a Cold Day, to toss another Log on the Fire………… ~~~~~Treat your neighbors as your Best Friends, because some day you may need them to be just that; your Best Friends……………….. ~~~~~Respect & treat all Men, Women & Children as Equals, therefore Peace will prevail on this Earth of ours…………….. ~~~~~Remember that as you Give, so you shall Receive, and the more you give, the more you will have to give, not such a hard thing to do………………… ~~~~~Common Sense advice from an old man……Happy Holiday’s!

Instead of the Same old Same old;

Let me discover a whole new batch of words to string together into a coherent simple sentence…..Like Merry Xmas to all those simple fools who gave more $$$$$ into the Rich man’s Hands….. Instead of making a Donation in their child’s name, to a favored Charity…. ~~~~~Now you are more a Debt Wage Slave, so go on keeping on, and see what it gets you…..An early Grave perhaps, Trials & Tribulations; Who even knows where the Cold Creek Flows? In the Dark & the Dead of night? ~~~~~Four inches of Rain today, instead of snow in Mid-December….. ~~~~~No such thing as “Climate Change” Our so-called “Leaders” Say….. ~~~~~Why are we not out on the streets in protest against these LIES? ~~~~~OH, sure, we are aware of it in a vague sort of way, like we remember Hurricane Sandy, when the streets of Manhattan were flooded, Yet I will warn YOU all that a Great Storm is coming, there will be no escape from it. It will be every where, there is no “Escaping it” Mother Earth, is sick & tired of people refusing to Listen to Her Word…… ~~~~~