Melting the Arctic & the Antarctic.

Mr. Putin and his fleet of Icebreakers are causing the Arctic Polar Ice Caps to melt ever faster, and climate change caused by our human greed for more ever more of everything is now causing the Antarctic Polar Ice to melt, if we do not stop right now there will be no future for humans on Earth within 50/100 years because the Earth’s temperature will climb to over 150 degrees and it will be just another dead rock endlessly circling the sun……Anyone with half a brain must realize that this planet is very carefully designed to encourage life, but once that life gets out of control as we are now, out of control with our never ending greed, that life will cease to exist, humans will disappear, but humans have a lifespan of at most 100 years, Earth has had 5 billion years and has maybe another 5 billion to go, we humans will disappear, but life will go on because that is what Earth is designed for LIFE…..And guess what future life will discover that humans left behind? They will find thick metal vaults filled with bars of an inert metal, that is basically useless, and they will wonder why humans placed such value on such weird things……My advice is learn to walk once again, leave those cars at home and turn out the lights at dark and learn to live the really simple life, a little food, a little shelter, and two or three sets of clothes that are hand washable and string clotheslines in the Sun shine……That is all……

Are We Busy?

Are we busy, you and me using up our world fast as we can? It sure looks a mess to me—all that trash laying around—like our world is a big, old, fat garbage can….. Where is the pride, where is the respect for the land and the seas that gift us with life….. Well, keep on shopping for shit you don’t need to fulfill our masters plan to gather up every last penny from you and me….Are we staying busy, you and me? Now get back to your slave-wage job, meat robot…….

To My Brave Peaceful Protestors; How It Works;

“A government so frightened of its own citizens that it regards them as potential enemies….” “When conducting less forthright inspections of the citizenry, undercover FBI agents and police spies join protest movements to collect names and addresses, whenever possible to take photographs and make tape recordings, While participating in a demonstration or a march, They sometimes act as agents provocateurs, shouting obscenities, breaking windows, causing enough of a disturbance to provoke a violent response from the uniformed police…..So what to do? Well, when the window breaking and the obscenities start, everyone on the march should halt, point their fingers at the perp’s and shout out “FBI agitators, Police agitators! Thus exposing the rats for the rats they are…….

What the old man is doing with his days;

Well it took me 75 years, but I finally have my own home, at least it is mine until I die, then, of course someone else will want to live in it. It is a simple old log house, I have Electric & Phone for dialing 911 just in case I need an ambulance, I am after all, and old fart…… ~~~~~What else do I have in my home? I have this blessed Silence, no traffic roaring by all day and night, no T.V. to waste my life watching mindless crap……I have a wood stove, this stove with about one log an hour, heats my whole house, heats my water, it will cook food on top, keep meals warm, burn up most of my trash, which is not much as old men do not need much to live on so I make little trash, my neighbors bring over their paper-printed newspapers for me to keep even warmer, great neighbors! ~~~~~How this works out is like a new kind of magic for old men to learn, and good advice for young people too, as someday they also will be old folks, time keeps on rolling merrily along, it waits for no-one, and no-one is immune to the passage of father time. On this Planet Earth, Life & Death stalk the land; Life is after Babies, and Death is after anyone he can find…..That is where the guns come from, Death wanting more and more of itself, the selfish fuck found out how good Greed works to fill his coffers…..However, he (Old Man Death) can be defeated, by people learning to Love each Other. ~~~~~What’s the big deal? You are Black & I amWhite, If I close my eyes everything is BLACK, and if I stare at the Sun, everything is WHITE……Tell me please, why we still have people living in ghetto’s? Have we learned nothing in all of our many lives? Maybe, Maybe, Maybe; We should let our children run this world, after all we old folks are all going to die, and then it is theirs. Hopefully we old farts left enough of the world natural enough for them to survive in, before tools and knowledge, men & women just found enough to eat by walking along the path of life……Somewhere that old snake Greed snuck in and made his self at home, and then we all had to go to work and spend our paychecks on rent & food, the free ride was over. Money $$$$$ Money showed up, and every man wanted more and more of it, Good Old Greed working with Mr. Death, and man do they take their toll; 29 miners lost in cave in, their bosses didn’t think it was worth it to protect the workers, “There’s plenty more where they came from…….We just gotta keep them women having babies……. ~~~~~That’s where it is at my friends, consumers must always breed more consumers. If the wonderful ladies would just quit having so many babies the Capitalist World would collapse for lack of Consumers…..Barter, morality, trust in Nature, if she does not Love you, you will die, If she Loves you, she will show you the WAY………

The Nation Of Sheeple;

The little tin god says; “March”, come and do my bidding, “Yes Sir”, You have the instructions. Follow them. “Yes Sir”, Attention! “Yes Sir.” March into the Ocean! “Yes Sir.” And thus the mindless masses prove once again that they have given up the ability to think for themselves…..”The whole aim of Trump politics is to keep the populace alarmed, (And hence clamorous to be led to safety) by menacing it with an endless series of hobgoblins, all of them imaginary.” H. L. Mencken…… ~~~~~This “March on Washington” today reminded me of the herd of cattle stampeding at the sound of a rattlesnakes tail eager to do the bidding of the master of deception, the snake in the grass. The same guy who got Adam & Eve to bite into that forbidden apple….. ~~~~~I noticed that the whole crowd was composed of white people, not a black face in that crowd, my compliments to the Black People for not falling in line with that old white man’s con job…… ~~~~~What a bunch of Sore Losers, crying; “Scam” “Rigged” “Crooked” “Fixed”, whereas, had they won they would be praising that same system to the sky above, “How Great is This!” ~~~~~I had such high hopes that in my lifetime we would have Peace on Earth, yet it seems that goal is further away than it ever was. I wish the children would be out there continuing their march for a future livable Planet. One march is not enough, we must be out there everyday, because greed never sleeps, we also must never sleep….. ~~~~~Note that every word I write is instantly sent into History, for time waits for no man, every thought is also gone, gone, gone into History. It cannot be trapped in this present moment, because time keeps on slipping away into the past. In one hundred years who will remember these words? ~~~~~Courage is the word of this moment……

It cannot happen Here;

I have looked at the photos in the newspapers of the long lines of cars trying to get to the food banks, before they run out of food…..Many of those cars in the line cost 30,000., 40,000., 50,000., dollars. What? you did not think it could happen to YOU? How many of those people in line for food ever in their lifetime thought to donate even five dollars to their local food pantry? I will bet that every-one in that food pantry line owes at least $10,000, or $20,000. or more on their credit cards……Remember that Capitol One AD, “What’s in Your Wallet?” Well that is because we want it all. No Interest for 1 year and then, and then 19%, 21%, 25%, even up to 30% if you do not pay on time…… Sign up NOW! How stupid we become when we give up the ability to Think For Ourselves…………………………………Oh! sure we must have that latest fad, the thing we just cannot live without. Now people are living without enough to eat, so they have to stand in line at the food Pantry. Yes, it seems like the party is never over, it can just go on forever, spend all the money you have yet to earn, and therefore become a debt slave, and you will never be free, because before you can pay off the last debt, you will incur a new debt, because we must always have MORE, MORE, MORE! Maybe think about what you actually need to live, food, clothing, shelter, all the rest is fluff, not needed. Think of all those tribes of Indians living just fine without $$$$$, Nature provided, gave them what they needed. How much does the air you breath cost? Only because the corporations have not been able to figure out a way to charge you for it yet; but the day is coming when you will have to pay for the air you breath……Meanwhile keep shopping on Amazon, Mr Bezos is now worth at least $600. Billion bucks, he is aiming to be the first Trillionaire. Help him out, order NOW……

One Tiny Flame;

That is all it takes to set this world on FIRE……Just to remind some folks that the ideas that the man called Jesus spoke, and spoke plainly, Love Your Neighbor as YOURSELF. If you do not know who YOURSELF is, perhaps you should take a moment to find out…..It is worth a look perhaps, to truly see one’s self as one is……Wow! Where did all this hate and violence come from? This is not what I want to see in my head man, oh, man, what’s wrong with me? Where does all this crap come from? ~~~~~It comes from ignorance, and ignorance comes from the Brainwashing we all receive as innocent children. What kind of History were you taught, my child? It was all about the white man, who bravely fought off those savages, who were determined to defend their right to the land that the white man wanted for himself……The white man who sold black men for slaves so he could make a decent profit for himself…….If you can learn how to walk on the backs of other men you can make yourself RICH…..Promise them a job and some wages, maybe even enough to feel free to step into debt, and then you own them, forever slave wage labor. Is this a great place to live or what? ~~~~~Let us now speak of fish and fishermen (Another Life Lesson to Learn), Tell me, dear one, how did the great Salmon Tribe survive those millions of years of life, before the white man arrived to “Manage” those fisheries, (For the Most Profit). A man decides that he want’s to be a Fisherman, so he goes to visit his local bank to borrow money to buy that fishing license, then he goes and borrows even more money to buy that fishing boat, so now he has to work and catch fish to pay back those Loans, he is forever hooked……He soon comes to believe that he owns all those fish in the ocean, because he is now a Fisherman…..An aside: I once asked 4 commercial fishermen this question; ” If there were only a few salmon left to run up that river, would you still catch them?” All four answered; “Sure man, if I don’t get them someone else will.” And that is why the seafood menu will soon read; “JellyFish” ~~~~~Honest, truthful people hold this world UP, for if it was left to greed it would be quickly all used UP! Think about all those Gold Bars, sitting in their vaults, while half this world is starving from lack of food. it is not because we know that food costs money, it is because we already have almost ALL the MONEY. Please buy, buy ,buy, this joyous season, savings in the bank are a weight on the economy. Please run up those wonderful credit cards, what a gift to the owners, forever interest payments of 19-29 % What a DEAL! ~~~~~So here’s the deal, it is really easy, one has to realize just how much one needs to exist on this Earth…..Go on a diet, one small meal a day will still enable you to do everything you have planned to do~~~~~At 60 years of age I went to one meal a day, mostly soup, today, at 75 I chop wood, haul water, shovel snow, and cook my own meals. What really keeps me alive is the “Dance Of Life” ~~~~~I believe in Ms. Greta Thunberg, and all her millions of followers, all children, praying for a future Earth, even better than the one we inherited. Let Us Gift it to Them!


There is no shortage of food to feed the hungry, what there is a shortage of is the MONEY to purchase this food. Why is there a shortage of MONEY? Because in this world MONEY makes you a KING, and being a KING one must have ALL the MONEY. For example one man has for himself earned and kept $160,000,000,000.00. If this man should die he will learn this: “To die rich is to have lived in vain.” J. Krishnamurti….. This same man could donate $1,000,000.00 to every Food Pantry in this world and it would not even make a tiny blip in his fortune since he is earning at present $35,000.00 a second….. Yet, alas, he must keep it all for himself in order to be recognized as “The Richest Man in the World.” Greed is like this Covid 19 disease, it infects people, once infected with this disease, there is no cure….~~~~~Take Gold: There is about 30,000 tons of Gold in this world, China alone owns 383.2 tons of it, the USA has 200.2 tons. Where is all this Gold? It is stashed away deep underground in massive steel lined vaults, hoarded for God knows what, as it will still be sitting there where neither moss nor rust corrupts it, long after humans have departed this planet…..Of what use is this inert metal? Well it makes pretty bangles to wear, it is used in tiny amounts for electrical contacts, unfortunately it cannot be eaten, it cannot be burned to heat our homes, on a cold day which is worth more, a pound of Gold or a pound of Coal? It could be used to purchase Food to feed the starving people on this Earth, but this will never happen as it must be hoarded to make the rich man ever richer….How Sad! How much is a human life worth? In some parts of this Planet Human Beings are still being sold into slavery. Many humans are presently “Wage-Slaves” they must earn money to feed their bellies, if they do not earn Money, food will not be forthcoming, therefore they must starve or work for wages which will just barley earn them enough to buy the food they need to live…….Perhaps we need to stop and think what is wrong with this present system of consumerism, The present system needs consumer’s to keep the money ball rolling along, therefore we cannot allow women to control their own bodies, because if they do not produce babies to grow up into consumers,the system of money will collapse. What we need to be a better world is to live by way of Service, rather than by way of Slavery. By way of Service we can build the “House of Mankind” emphasis on “Kind”……Well, this old man is tired, I hope I have said something useful this time, take it for what it is worth…….


Why is it that we human beings, who are at best temporary guests on this planet Earth, so intent on destroying the only home we have to live on? Why are we always waging WAR instead of waging Peace? Why do we continue to fish out our oceans, until the last fish is caught in the nets? Why is it that one man can be worth $160 Billion dollars, while millions of people do not know where their next meal is going to come from? Why are the bottom trawlers throwing away dead the bycatch of Salmon, Halibut, Rockfish, Crabs, when our food pantries are crying for Protein? And they are fishing for Pollack, which is made into tasteless fish sticks for our school children to eat, which they discard into wastebaskets and wind up in the dumps…..Is this the height of stupidity or what? Why do we continue to elect the same-old-same old, ancient politicians, who, why they decry the wasteful government, continue to collect their fat paychecks all the while denying relief to the people who elected them to serve the people? Why do they cry Fraud! Deceit! Scam! when they lose an election, yet praise to the high heavens the same system when they happen to win? Why are we continuing to build up-dated Nuclear bombs and missiles which if used would end this world as we know it? Why do we glorify athletes, some musicians, and politicians, and not the everyday working Joe, who makes it all possible? Where would you find produce in the store if some working Joe decided he would not harvest it anymore? Why do people insist on buying their crap online, when their local business stores are right there in front of them? Don’t they realize that soon enough the only choice to shop will be “Amazon Prime” This will be a sad day indeed. What happens if this wonderful internet thing is hacked and shut down? Where will you shop then? Think about these things…..

More from Louis H. Lapham

From “A History Of Fake News.” “Advertisements For Reality” by Lewis H. Lapham……………………………. Wherever news is sold these days–online and on camera, in print or en blog–The product comes wrapped in the claim “Ours is real! Theirs is fake!” Shills and scolds on all sides of the story line or tweet, chief among them the president of the United States but also CNN and Fox, the New York Times and the Drudge Report, accuse one another of trampling out the vintage where the grapes of truth are stored. Op-ed pundits in all styles of wizard hat dress up the commotion in the trappings of apocalypse, announce the death of America’s democracy, see everywhere on the horizon fact-free dictators slouching towards Facebook to be born……………………………………………. The soundings of alarm are more alarming than the sound and fury they deplore. More alarming because the keepers of the nation’s conscience apparently have forgotten, or maybe never were so informed, that news doesn’t grow on trees. All news is is fake in the elementary sense of fabricated artifact, like Diet Pepsi and Ivory Soap. Not what happened yesterday; a story about what happened yesterday. The Trojan Horse was fake news; so was the birth of Christ and the press release declaring all men created equal. Fake news is the stuff with which Plato made his dream of The Republic. Children of the city must believe the “noble falsehood” the rulers of the city teach them to believe in order to maintain the health and well-being of the body politic. Whether the story is true or false matters less than the children not forgetting their duty to believe it. The noble falsehood is the society’s self-preserving myth.President Trump’s falsehoods don’t qualify as nobel because they aren’t embedded in the self-preserving myth of the American democracy—-government of the people, by the people, and for the people shall not perish from the earth. The president governs by and for his imperishable self, the health and well-being of the society to be preserved in the fragrance of Empire and Success, his signature men’s colognes……Journalists of any and all description (analog and digital, mainstream and disruptive) rely on the self-promoting myth of a free and fearless press, champion of the people, honor and duty bound to speak truth to power, deliver all the news that’s fit to print. Their noble falsehood never has commanded or deserved belief among children of the city old enough to know their baby brother wasn’t delivered by a stork. Newspapers serve at the pleasure of whatever news is fit to sell, governed by the political and commercial interest of their sponsors. The result is a product described in 1941 by Dorothy L. Sayers, British novelist and playwright as a mash-up of fixed opinion and temporary fact, a “smear of unreality….spread over the whole newspaper page, from reports of public affairs down to the most casual items of daily gossip.” Sayers lists some of the standard operating procedures, among them ‘sensational headlines, false emphasis, suppression of context, garbling, random and gratuitous invention, flat suppression, and deliberate miracle mongering. The tricks of the trade were as ably deployed in newspapers of the 1790’s controlled by John Adams and Thomas Jefferson as in the newspapers in the 1890’s commanded by Joseph Pulitzer and William Randolph Hearst…….But in the long, dark, and lonely night before the dawn of television, readers of the printed press understood they were playing with loaded dice. They expected messages to show up on, at, or under the table armed with both a concealed and open lie. They didn’t take offense or show cause for alarm. They looked to newspapers for entertainment, not a civics lesson, and it was generally understood by readers both literate and not that the making sense of whatever reality a newspaper chose to advertise required effort on the part of citizens seeking to be well informed. Not much effort, but at least the knowing how and what else to read (Periodicals, other newspapers, possibly a book) as well as the willingness to bear the risk of thinking for oneself………America never has produced such readers in large and commercial quantity, but prior to the advent of television, there were enough of them in red states as well as blue to preserve the myth of a democratic society founded on the meaning and value of words. The electronic media shift the telling of the noble story to images of wealth and power signifying nothing other than their own contrived and disposable magnificence. Everything on television is advertising, all advertising the voice of money talking to money, the mounting of predatory spiels prioritized to sanction ignorance and preserve privilege…………Well said; Mr. Lapham, thank you for edifying this old man…..