Positives & Negatives;

First I hope and pray that all of the writers and readers on Word Press and elsewhere are well and Healthy! Many, many of our fellow humans are dying horrible deaths, and they must die all alone, with no loved ones even allowed to hold their hands as they pass out of this world, how sad. (Negative) Our Health Care Hero’s are strained to the breaking point, all of them so brave in the face of their own getting sick by contact, we are losing some very valuable people here, perhaps more of us need to take up nursing & Medical School, all hands on deck, so to speak….(Negative) ~~~~~So, the World Wide Greed Machine is on at least partial hold, the Corporations begging for more Taxpayer Bailouts, just like in 2008, and of course our Billionaire ‘Great Leader’ is all for it, just run up that National Debt Clock, we are not going to have to pay it, our children will have to pay it……Well our breathable air is a little bit more breathable without all those millions of cars parked, those Kerosene spewing Jets sitting idle, those cruise ships docked, this is I think a Positive thing….. ~~~~~Here we are sitting at home, so what are we doing with all that vacation time? Are we sitting there worried to death about where that next dollar is going to come from? The smart folks are snuggled up with a good book, a cup of tea or coffee, or drink and time on their hands, T.V. turned off….I myself am lucky I went to all those Library book sales, I have over a thousand books to chose from…..I would say learn how to appreciate this break in the everyday Rat Race, learn how nice it is to just sit back and relax for as long as it takes, someday, I am sure it will be back to Business as Usual, until then be adaptable, and above all Love One Another! (Positive) ~~~~~Stay well, my friends!

Blessing or Curse?

Earth Day: April 22, 2020…..Will we humans finally begin to LISTEN when the World Speaks? We failed to listen when our children took to the streets to announce that our World was on Fire! So now Mother Earth has stepped in and basically shut the entire Planet down, the cars are parked, the airplanes are almost all parked, the price of Oil is in the Negative, yet the oil wells must keep pumping that oil, even though there is no place left to store it, will the Oil companies now begin to dump it in our oceans? The Milk farms are pouring their milk into the ditches, the farmers are plowing under their crops, (Even though people are suffering from food shortages) how stupid and selfish can we be? Will humans finally realize that we have Legs, not wheels, that bicycles are food powered, no gasoline required…..Are we just going to sit home staring at that idiot tube, hoping that something or someone will show us the way? Or will we take matters into our own hands and learn to live “The Simple Life” Do we really need to rip up the Earth for more Gold, when the vaults of the world are awash with it, hoarded for the Rich, who will discover that it cannot be eaten, will not provide fuel for transportation, and realize that it really is of no use what-so-ever….. ~~~~~How many of us are aware that this Planet Earth is a Living Being? Ask yourselves where all that we have, food, clothes, shelter comes from…..It all comes from this Living Earth, perhaps we could begin to show a little gratitude, by learning how to treat our living Home with Respect…… ~~~~~Think on these thoughts, this 50th. Earth Day……

By Way Of Service;

What are we doing these days? Sitting alone of with our families, watching the stupid tube? Why are our neighbors condemned to die alone? Why the Fear? That little Virus either has your name on it or it does not have your name……Chalk it up to fate, my friends, and then get busy and get out there, volunteer at your local hospital, or if you cannot bring yourself to do that, send some money to your local food pantry, clean out your pantries, deliver it or call someone to do it for you……I would say that we either work together, or we will die alone, what is it to be? ~~~~~This is a wonderful time to reevaluate our lives, to free ourselves from the Corporate Greed Machine…….Think about how much you really need locked down in your houses, apartments, condo’s…..Food, Clothes, Shelter from that storm….. ~~~~~The World is speaking to us; control your populations, or I will do it for you…..A plague of Locusts, hundreds of tornado’s,hurricane’s, earthquakes, Pandemic’s, are you listening now? ~~~~~Here is Greed at work; Fisheries dumping overboard all of their millions of tons of “By-Catch”, Farmers dumping their cows milk into ditches, Farmers plow under their crops, “No Market” for it they say, and our food pantries run out of food, because these are hard times, and the lines for help are long…..What is wrong with this Picture? We have people with tens of Billions of dollars in their pockets, where are they? They are busy looking for ways to stuff another dollar into their port-folio, cannot be bothered with everyday, ordinary Reality…..Shame, Shame, Shame! ~~~~~Meanwhile, the so-called “Small People” are out there on the front lines, working their butts off, making sure this old world keeps on turning, you know, the Nurses, Doctors, Health Aides, Ambulance drivers, delivery men/women, grocery clerks, bus drivers, etc…..I call a Blessing on them All……Let us all get out side and Clap, Clap, Clap, and thank them all for their Sacrifice……Make Music, even if it is only banging a spoon on an old pot or pan, make a joyful Noise! With Love, from Alaskaman……

How’s it Going out there?

First I want to thank Google for giving me back my G-mail account + the 454 mails I had been missing, I guess they look at Word Press, because before I posted my plight on here I was getting No-Where…..Anyway To all those locked up in those little boxes in the big cities, my heart goes out to you, but I would suggest maybe you use this time to evaluate how you are living your lives, you know the old Rat Race, work,consume, work, consume, etc. Notice how Quiet it is without those 10 + million motors running 24/7? Now take a deep breath and notice how much fresher the air you breath tastes, and yes, you can taste air, it runs over your tongue with each breath…..Tell me, friends, do we really want to go back to Business as Usual? There is another way, it is called the Way of Service. ~~~~~When we share services no money is involved, I make you a pair of shoes, you repair my roof leak, I provide you with food from my farm, you come and help me harvest or repair my tractor…..You make me a pair of work pants, I come and fix that leaky faucet, and so on, see how this works? By doing these things we will come to build “The House of Mankind” A place where all men and women are treated as Equals….. ~~~~~This is the road to Peace on Earth, let’s join together and travel on it!

Enjoy the Big Break;

Isn’t it nice to not have to get in your cars, taxis, trucks, subways, and go into the daily grind, except of course the wonderful medical people, the grocery clerks, the truck drivers, etc…..I see the news is beginning to recognize how CLEAN the air is becoming……I understand that a lot of people (The Little People) are not doing all that well, my heart goes out to them, I just sent my last 10,000 bucks to my local food Pantry, cause I am an old guy who hardly needs anything to live on, and I want my children fed…..I would recommend that anyone who reads this to donate to their food pantry, or volunteer to go in and serve meals and food baskets, you will be storing your treasure up in Heaven, where it counts. ~~~~~I want to salute the wonderful Farmers who are toiling away to keep us all fed, three cheers for the Farmers! I want to salute all those folks who are taking time out to look in on their neighbors, who make a trip to the store for those who are unable to shop, who are sharing with each other to make life a little better, and also those who open their windows and share their music with us…… ~~~~~Blessing on all of YOU…….Alaska Man…..I have a beautiful, hours long Sun Set due to start and I am going to watch it, one of life’s great shows…..

Google, Google, Google;

Where OH where has my G-mail gone? Gone for weeks now, nothing I try brings it back…..I suspect it is lost forever in miles of dusty server shelves, a meal for Robot Beetles, sole epitaph to make the curious end of alaskamansluckgt@gmail.com……Go to Machine Hell, you f–king robots….. ~~~~~You have made a Big Mistake my A.I. engineers, I am coming after you, and so far I have never lost a battle against the MACHINE!

A note to the wizards of Word Press;

Why is it that when I click a LIKE, my screen goes Black and my Like is disregarded? Why is it that when I try to read my comments, likes, section under that bell, all I get is an endless turning circle? I have asked this question before and so far: NO ANSWER,,,,,,Do you want MORE MONEY? What, pray tell did I already Pay for?……RSVP……