Do what YOU want to do!

My lady of 30 + years, passed away, a month ago, you know what I am doing?, I am drunk, and stoned, and playing on my drums, you know why? No-body is around to give a shit!, so I can do what-ever I want, I can sit here on this little machine, and write out what I am feeling, at this very moment! ~~~~~I am of two-minds here, One is, I want to save our world for our children to enjoy!……And then, I am tempted to just say f–k it, let it be!…………………… ~~~~~Which choice to make? ~~~~~I do not desire to see those Evil, Greedy, F–k’s win this deadly game! ~~~~~I want my Children, (And ALL CHILDREN) are My children…..Inherit an Earth of plenitude, to just pluck fruit from the trees, and never have to SHOP! ~~~~~A Paradise does not exist; It must be Created from the Heart’s of people! ~~~~~Where does this inspiration arise from?……Maybe when we get sick of the same old s–t! Over & Over again. BUY THIS! YOU MUST HAVE THAT!…….Just SIGN on that Dotted Line, do not bother your-self with that fine print! What a sucker’s game! ~~~~~Before you are even aware of it you’ve got $20,000. of credit card debt, and if you should happen to get sick, uh! oh! can’t pay that bill too! Bankrupt, out on the hard-knock streets! Over 40 Million American People are in this situation…..Think they will get Bailed-Out, big laughter here!…..That is just the way it is Bro, tough luck!……Some folks got a whole heap of money in their bank, yet they would not think to hand $5.00 to a homeless man, woman, or child……Strange World, Strange World, indeed……Written with Pink Floyd’s Music, 11/13/2019….

Nobody Knows, ain’t Nobody knows;

When the Cold Spell comes on, or where the cold creek flows, in the dark and the dead of night…..At best, a guess, or maybe a fore-cast……Human beings are so Unaware, unaware of their surroundings, of a fellow man sleeping on a park bench, because there ain’t no-where else for him to go! Of a Lonely child in an orphanage, crying out for some-one, just Love Him/Her…..It is so hard, to give up^ a part of your life to adopt a child; yet think of the Love you earn, the other people you encourage to do the same! ~~~~~If enough of us Do This, pretty soon there will be No Orphans! ~~~~~I think, if people would just decide to do good deeds with their money, instead of indebting them-selves to use-less junk, they shared it with their local food pantry, man, no-body would go Hungry!…………………………………………………………………………….~~~~~ I am a Big Fan of Doctor’s Without Border’s, the way they practice medicine is the epitome of Health-Care! ALL Taken-in, healed as best they can, out the door with-out a break-back medical bill! To Them; ALL Men, Women, and Children are Equals! ~~~~~Enough Said…..

7.5 + or – Human’s trying to exist;

On a planet with about a Max capacity of maybe 2 billion! We are going to Eat it Up^ people, long before our grand-children have a chance to try it out and enjoy it……~~~~~I hate to say this, but we are breeding like cock-a-roaches, like rats, like rabbits, like mosquito’s! ~~~~~Any-body guess why we have all of those deadly diseases roaming around the world, or those heat waves and hurricanes are so much stronger now? ~~~~~I think, when this world speaks, the people would be wise to LISTEN! ~~~~~If man will not take control of Population; Nature will! ~~~~~Nature is a very finely balanced, tuned instrument, it does not respond well when men try to exert Control over it……It all depends on the Sun & the Earth working along side each other, Together, as ONE!………………….Maybe, just imagine if the Sun decided not to Shine for us tomorrow, and the next, day? All of life on Earth would become frozen Ice Cubes, forever chilled, and then maybe after that that old Sun would deign to Shine again, and life on Earth would appear again, but this time there will be no Men! Destroyer’s of their only Home! ……

Picking One’s Battles;

Today I am picking a battle with the so-called “Master’s of the Universe”, those greedy men who have found a lucrative way of making More, and More Money…..They Gentrify a neighborhood by casting the Real People out on the Street, and then making homes, apartments into places that only millionaires can afford; and then erecting pretty little Illusion Palaces, of cheap, shoddy goods, little “Shop’s of Horrors” I call them, where they can fleece those millionaires of their hard earned Money! ~~~~~They then store all of their Ill-gotten gains in Bank Vaults, Gold Bars, which are Worthless; one cannot eat a Gold Bar, One cannot Burn a Gold Bar to heat one’s home, it just sit’s there inert, uncaring…..Awaiting it’s next owner, because as sure as I am sitting here writing this, They also will have to Die, and what good is a Fortune, if one cannot use it to Buy Their Way into Heaven? ~~~~~I think the Way into Heaven is paved by sharing One’s Good Fortune with those who are not so Fortunate, Why, I ask, are 40 Million Americans Homeless, in the Richest Country on Earth? Could it be that Evil disease called “GREED?” Why do we need Food Pantries? Could it be that the so-called”Masters of the Universe” want to keep it all for them-selves? ~~~~~Great Wealth blinds men to Reality, they can just go sailing on their Yachts, flying on their Private Jets, dedicated to the accumulation of Wealth, ignoring the Poverty that surrounds them, the Poverty caused by their GREED. ~~~~~One man has to live on $1.00 a day, while another man earns $10,000. dollars an hour, tough Luck, the Rich people say, as they sip on their Champagne cocktails, Most of them have never had the Pleasure of visiting a Ghetto, or the Sweat-shops which earn them that Money, never met the woman who sews those shirts they sell for $50. earning $1.50 a day for 12-15 hours a day, in an old factory building in Bangladesh…… ~~~~~Shame! Shame! Shame! ~~~~~I, myself, am a poor old man, yet when I get an extra dollar, I gift it away to that family down the street who cannot find enough to Eat, and then my gift comes back to me multiplied, so I can gift away even more Money, what is Money to me, I have food, clothes, shelter from the storm, and I will tell you Brothers and Sisters, that a Big Storm is coming! I store my Treasure away in Heaven, where I know it awaits me, not here on this Earth……Enough Said!

What is it about MONEY;

that seems to drive People Mad with Desire? Every site I visit seems to say to me; Oh! Money-size this? What happens when a Man does not give One-Shit about Money?..~~~~~, It is , to me, just a gift I can Gift Away…… ~~~~~What appears to me, is the more I Gift Away, the more I have to Gift-Away……~~~~~Any-way, that is How It Works, for little old me!….. ~~~~~I gifted my Local Food Pantry, a nice gift, and the next day on my door-step appeared this couple with a gift of a loaf of bread and a cup of soup! + It was my favorite Bread!……How could they have Known? ~~~~~Magic has so much to teach Human Beings, if they would accept it’s presence! ~~~~~I have had my share of Hard Knocks in my life-time here, but I learned how to just Carry-on! Every-thing will be OK! in the End……How, on Earth did I ever get to 74? ~~~~~I guess, I guess, I had a Good, Good, Guardian Angel, a-sitting on my shoulder, guiding me on My Way!

Something Beautiful, for a Change;

I desire to write something different here, now, I only have a moment in time to do it!…. ~~~~~What would this World be like, without all the Ills, of War, Poverty, and indifference?,,,,,,This is my dream, Many, Many, Back-Yard BBQ’s without any arguments, no fight’s, Just common Sharing. Have a Good time, one only lives a moment or two here on this Earth, and then just like that!……………………………. ~~~~~It is gone…….. No-one has Ever Returned from Death, to tell us about it! ~~~~~All of the answer’s (I Think) are contained in the Question; What is NOW? ~~~~~I can hear my own Heart Beating, I can feel the breath coming in my nose, and out of my mouth……..Is this important information? When one forgets to Inhale, one is likely to Die…. ~~~~~”I have flown to Star Stained heights, Sure that every Thing of Worth, was in the Sky, and not this Earth, So, I never thought to make my way, down ~~~~~ down, ~~~~~ down; ~~~~~ To Where to where the Iguanas Play” ~~~~~ Dory Previn, “Mythical King’s and Iguanas” Album, 19????


I shut down everything to do with News, 30 days ago……I found it to just be the same crap, over, and over again…..I find my Brain is a lot clearer, rid of the endless drivel. I have not even seen a T.V. in 30+ years, that added 10 years to my life! ~~~~~The only thing that matters to me is NOW!, that is this moment, it is the only time we have to live in! Five seconds before NOW, is already History, and tomorrow in not Here Yet, and it may never be, if, say the Sun suddenly decides it does not want to Shine for us any-more! Then we will only have Star-light, and of course, It will get Really Cold, Really FAST!…..I think it is a Good Idea, to every once in awhile, to Thank that Sun for shinning for us, for Gifting us Heat & Light! ~~~~~Entirely too many Human Beings, have succumbed to the Siren Song of Greed, and his Partner, Lust for Power, blinded by the need of More, forever More! And they must lure in Consumer’s to keep the Greed Ball rolling along……”Shop till You Drop”, who cares if you run up^ $20,000.00 on the good old Credit Card? You will have to just work it off, and thus is found a Debt, Wage, Slave! ~~~~~I have gotten myself down to be able to live on $300.00 a month, and you know what? I am a Happy, Happy Man! I owe nobody, nothing! I am a deaf old guy now, yet I can still hear Musical Vibrations, they give me solace in there troubled times……The Great Spirit has had my back for 74 years, now, and I have slowly learned to just have FAITH, that the Creator of this Universe knows what it is doing….. ~~~~~Humans can be so Stupid at times, forgetting on which side of Nature their bread is buttered…..The best food comes from Organic Soil, all the worthless crap food comes from Factory Farms. Just try to imagine the life of a pig on a factory farm, it will make you sick! And do not even begin to try and imagine the life of a broiler chicken, in a building with 10,000 other chickens, unable to see the out-side world, unable to barely move, just designed to sit and Eat……I raised herds of goats, sheep, all kinds of birds, and every-one had a name, a personality! My animals understood English Perfectly. How do I know this for a fact? When I first started out I knew nothing, I would go out-side, and chase goats to come and get milked, how stupid of me!, What of waste of time and energy, so one day I just stepped out-side, and said OK! If you gals do not come in to milk, I am not Feeding any-body today; And Bingo! They were lined up^ ready to be milked! Goat’s also have a wonderful sense of Humor; I would go in the herd to check everybody out and a couple of young kids would play a game, called, lets get the old man to fall over, A kid would come up^ in front of me and jump on me, while another one would stand right behind me, I would step back, and be tripped over backwards! I could hear the whole herd snickering! ~~~~~My old Great Dog “Tao” would know before I did, what I would do next, he anticipated my every move, I did not ever have to “Train Him”, God, I miss that dog, he lived to the ripe old age of 16 + years, one of the best Friends a man could ever ask to share his Life with! But I digress here, Cutting off the News Feeds, has been Really Good for Me! Try it!