The Anythings I Would Do:

Get busy cleaning up the mess we have made of our one and only home: Earth. Step 1. Make the Oil, Gas, Chemical, and Mining industries hire at a decent wage millions of unemployed citizens of Earth and put them to work all over the planet and the Oceans equipped with the proper tools to make our planet livable again. Step 2. Stop all worldwide fishing, except for subsistence fishing, for at least ten years as the Oceans are 95% over-fished. Soon all that will show up on seafood menus will be “Jellyfish”… step 3. Make everything above the Arctic Circle and below the Antarctic Circle, off limits to Fishing, mining, Oil drilling, anything commercial at all. These areas are the most Sacred Areas on our planet! They are also the most sensitive to encroachment by humans. Step 4. Build the House of Mankind. Rid this planet of the weapons of War, and build ourselves a place of Peace to abide in and raise our children free of fear….. Step 5. Take the mega-billions of dollars spent on the pursuit of war and invest it in making sure every living thing on Earth has a place to live, clothes to wear, food to eat, and decent medical care. The example for Medical care is the Organization Doctor’s Without Borders Of MSF. I will publish more things that I would do in my next post. Would like Comments on this one, or else add your things to do…..

The Year 2019>What is it to Be?

Greetings fellow humans. A new year is upon us, a new year means a chance to do something different, Such as: End Wars, Make sure every human being that is hungry gets fed. Rid ourselves of all those Petty Power hungry Tyrants. Learn how to clean up and care for our one and only livable planet/spaceship. Learn how to live the simple life. Love and care for each other, no matter the race, color or language they speak. Learn the difference between Service VS Slavery. Maybe turn off the so-called ‘Smart Phones’, the Boob tube, get a good book or two and read them. Tell someone everyday that you Love and Care for them. Pay off your debts as fast as possible so you are free of Debt Slavery…Shop Local as much as possible. If we continue on our present path, we will leave no future for the children we profess to love, when we should be leaving them an improved world. It is up to you and I, we, we, we must be the ones to change this course of history. We can make a Heaven of it, or, a living Hell, which on our present path is where we are heading. A changed New Year for All!

A Christmas Wish for What?

  • To The President, Senate, House of Representatives, Other world Leaders, and all those of petty mind and tiny hearts. You all might try to take one minute out of your own lives and put on yourselves in the shoes of those people on this planet who are not so fortunate as yourselves. It seems to me that you have forgotten the teachings of that Man you all claim to believe in: Christ the Savior. You also seem to forget that all human beings are Guests on this Planet Earth, not the owners of it. Your stay here is limited to the max 100 years. A good guest treats his host with the utmost respect, is eager to help with the chores, clean up behind himself, and hopefully departs having made some improvement in his hosts life and home.

Your egotism and selfishness is hereby noted by your treatment of others. Most people love their home country, but it is hard to maintain that Love of Country when your leaders are oppressors who care only to enrich themselves on the backs of their countrymen… It is a difficult choice to make, that choice to flee the oppression and seek out a better, safer place to live, especially when one has their arms full of hungry children. It is also really hard to stand up and fight for your rights when the oppressor’s have the armies, navies and air forces, the bombs, the tear gas and you have only bare hands. Since our current President seems to be more concerned with missing his Christmas Golf game at his private resort, than with the well-being of those who he has the power to assist in their time of hardship and misfortune I say: “Sir shame on you, as you have shamed us.” I call on my fellow men and women to rise up and say with One Voice: “No More! Not one child going hungry or dying from lack of medical care.” “No More bombing of your own people Mr. Assad.” “No More testing of your latest weapons on the Syrian People, Mr. Putin!” I say: ” Let us trade Greed in for Compassion and true brotherly Love.” I say: “Let us stop spending hundreds of billions of Dollars on weapons of war, and spend it instead on improving the lives of all Men, Women, and especially the Children.” I say: “Shame, Shame, Shame on all those people who have surrendered their morality and their hearts in pursuit of that Petty God, the so-called Almighty Dollar. You all stand condemned! To all those who Lust after Power, I would remind you that you also are mortal, and one day you must stand before your creator and give an account of yourself and the life you chose to live here, as a guest on the Planet Earth… Merry Christmas, and God rest your souls, Merry Gentlemen……..

A little note to our Supreme Egotist in Chief Courtesy: Sirio Esteve…

                                                                       EGO                                                                           And we said to Him, have you an ego?…………………………………………….No! No!           Who, then?……………………………………………………………………………………Men!                    The cry rose high over the din of the woods:” ME! ME! ME! ”                                     Men were lose on Earth.  That was long ago; long, long ago.  So they say who know by hearsay.                                                                                                                                          Indeed, a meticulous study was made.  The compilation of evidence almost reaches the sky.  Nevertheless, we know by hearsay, or book-say, or professor say.     What a day!                                                                                                                                          Men were lose on Earth.  The cry “ME! ME! ME!” in whichever language said inaugurated the beginning of mankind.  Ah, me! Ah,me! And still he says “Me, no.”          How is that? If You are mankind, how come no Ego in You?                                           “Me” is not Mankind.  “Us” is Mankind.  When Me beheld many not-Me’s, the outgoing attachment US began its earthly career.  At that moment I appeared; that is, mankind appeared and the building of mankind became the first covert and later the avowed purpose of human experience.                                                                             Us? Did You say “US”?……………………………………………………We, not one or two;Many.    

 Does 1 know 2? Does 2 know 3?  One hundred numbers are here; do they know each other?  A million numbers? Do they know each other?                                                    How can they?  Numbers are not self -aware.  Only men know about each other in a clear way.  Their self-awareness distinguishes between one man, ten men, one hundred men, one thousand men, one million men.  What is more, they can be consciously interested and attached to each other; theoretically, up to seven billion or more, the number of human beings living on Earth at present.  That is us in the fullest sense.                                                                                                                                        Think about it.  Seven billion like yourself on Earth now.  Start where you are and go imaginatively to the people in the next town or city, and then go to the people in the next one, until you have reached all the towns and cities on Earth; seven billion, speaking different languages, following different customs, and adhering to different faiths.  Seven billion; that is, Us in flux, because we move and because some are born and some die.  Seven billion, that is the size of our family at present.  Can you feel attached to all of them; vaguely, of course, to those whom you have not and will not meet?  If you can, he will draw you away from the narrow ways of the Ego…..

                        An egotist burrows a way through his own body.  That is a narrow path to follow. Mercy!  An egotist sings a song to his own throat.  That is cheap music to live by. Mercy!     An egotist thinks in a frying pan by candlelight.  That is a dark light by which to learn about a world.  Sky and Sun are needed for that; but an egotist uses a frying pan and a candle.  Mercy! Mercy! Mercy!                                           For Whom?  For all who feel and act and think from within the compounds of their skin.  How else, you ask?  Evidently a biologist questions our assertion.  Indeed, the self looks at its body from eyes in it.  It feels the body by nerves in it.  It thinks about the body by a brain in it.  Simultaneously, it looks at the world, feels it and thinks about it in the same way-from within the compounds of the skin.  A man who conceives himself in this fashion has taken a good position from which to understand himself.  But he disregards something of importance.                                                           What does he disregard?                                                                                     He disregards the immediate quality of his experience and the truth it reveals.  In experience the self does not perceive itself as a brain looking out of eye windows, feeling by nerve antennae or thinking by word arrangements.  When the self turns its attention on itself, it finds consciousness and identity reacting to the world from the features and qualities which it is.  Self-hood has become sufficiently dominant to stand out as a distinct, conscious unit.  The question to ask now is: “How engrossed is the self in its own importance?”  It was natural in the beginning that a self-aware animal would become at least somewhat obsessed with itself as an individual.  What happened as time passed?  The obsession should have eventually lessened.  Interest should have moved from the body, from possessions, from personal status; past the skin, over to other men and far places; and simultaneously inward into an enlarged self-hood, able to embrace  mankind, the world and the stars…                                                                                                                                                                                                                     What, specifically, are the narrow ways of ego?  In good living, Take and Give go together.  Men give to others and they receive from others; and they enjoy both.  This establishes a relation of mutual dependence and regard…  This relation weakens and breaks when men imagine they do not need others as much as others need them; or that mutual regard among a limited few suffices.  Now, Take gains a dominance over Give which may reach the extreme of taking as much as custom and law permit, and give niggardly except where it enhances the position of the giver.                                                                                                                                                                      This attitude defines an egotist.  An extreme egotist is a human animal who seeks in all feasible ways to enhance his own position with little or no regard for the detrimental effects his act has on others.  In the egotist, one world becomes a reality, or a near reality; one world as small, inhumane and stupid as a few individuals.  This world of the egotist must not be confused with the one world sought by Him in which the regard of all men for each other creates a bond of oneness.                                                                                                                                                                  Take, in front, and Give, back there someplace, in service to Take, produce the narrow ways of the ego.  When an instance of existence draws back from from surrounding existence, it narrows it’s scope to little more than nothing.    That, Mr. Egotist, is you; little more than nothing, regardless of how loud the band plays  your tune.  No one is important by himself.  He needs to mingle freely with other existences to gain importance.  But how is he to mingle freely with other existences when he must preserve a grand image of himself as King, near-king, or should be king?                                                                                                                                                       The following offenses are charged against egotists: First, egotists lose the full significance of social problems by concentrating on their personal implications.  When the full significance’s are lost, minor  significance’s usurp their place.  Superficial, inhumane attitudes result from this.  Second, egotists have lopsided intelligence’s, which lean toward them at the expense of truth.  Self-deception and misrepresentation cannot be avoided here.  Thus a world already false through thru ignorance becomes falser by the distortions of vanity.  Third, egotists are oversensitive to damage done to them and insufficiently sensitive to damage done to others.  Justice cannot function while this attitude prevails.   Because of this, human relations become unjust personally, socially, nationally, and internationally.  In short, the self-love of the egotist fills the world with discord and hatred.                                                                                                                                                               An egotist, no matter how grandly proportioned in his own eyes, has to admit that the Sun is larger and brighter than he.  If after making this sobering admission he can at times feel smaller than the Sun, there is hope.  He will not have to pass the rest of his life falling into booby traps set by his own vanity.                                                     The booby traps prepared by ego ensnare their victim with high promises.  Unfortunately, after initial bounces the egotist finds himself at rest in low significance.  His worldly rise was accompanied by existential decline.  A man has some sixty years to live.  Not long, when one notices the quick demise of a year.  Should the span contain seventy or eighty years, it is still a short time.                                                       With this in mind, the self may seek to aggrandize itself as an individual while it can.  That only makes life shorter.  Egotistic demands reduce the area of mingling.  Self and world become less, and the time span is reduced by being limited to a content which pleases the ego…                                                                                                         Do you want a short life?  Obey your ego.  The booby traps it sets will guarantee a short life, regardless of the years you live.                                                                                An egotist needs a cleanser to clear away the corrosion consequent to narrow sentiment, abetted by narrow thinking leading to narrow values.  He cannot, unfortunately, procure the cleanser at the supermarket, regardless of how super it may be.  However there is help for him if he has conceded that the Sun is somewhat larger than he.  Let him petition the Sun.  He can do this by singing  Hallelujah to it.  He will then be singing to something big instead of something small, something outside of him instead of something in him, something lasting instead of something temporal…                                                                                                                                  After he has earnestly placed the Sun above him in it’s rightful position, he will be able to sing Hallelujah to smaller existences; and it may be that eventually he will sing Hallelujah to blades of grass or crests of waves.  From there to the acceptance of most, and later to the acceptance of all men, is two small steps.  Men, after all, are one in being men; fortunate or unfortunate, accomplished or unskilled, wise or ignorant, in health or sickness, kind or cruel, egotistic or humble; one family sharing the exhilaration and distress of human existence…                                                               Are you ample in affection and compassion?  Do you think and act so as to assist the advancement of people?  Do you celebrate achievements which free the people from the oppression of exploiters?  Are your heart and mind with mankind in its struggle to rise out of ignorance and the failings of incompleteness?  If you do not excel in these, you are undeveloped where development is most needed.  If you have these attainments, you will not place yourself high above others, an untouchable in reverse; your action will not be controlled by notions of great superiority and importance; great masses of people will not seem to be intolerable and unworthy of esteem…                                                                                         The sea engages our imagination, the sky challenges it…..                                 The standing animal surveys his kingdom.  “The Earth,” he says “Is ours. We the species of man are the first animals able to think and say that.  No animal will rise above us in time ahead as we rose above our predecessors in life, for in us the animal denies himself.”   Enough of animal.  Something more, now.  No higher animal will emerge out of men.  It will be something different or nothing. The outcome depends on us…                                                                                                                              They amble along and forget.  They worry and talk and forget.  They speak beautifully about grand spectacles and they forget.  What is it they forget?         They forget they are the last animal and the first instance of conscious existence.  Intestines, a blood pump, air sponges, nerve slime and brain pulp have summoned a ghost; more exactly, seven billion ghosts, making the Earth the ghost planet…                                   Instances of existence had to announce themselves to other instances of existence.  They had to shout “I am.”  Existence not imbued with “I am” or an equivalent to it?   Stay with the idea for awhile.  Billions of Suns and planets; on Earth, billions of simple and complex organisms, and nor a single “I am” in the whole of it?  The idea will not stay with you.  It can’t.  Your presence refutes it.  When “I am” sounded in the Earth’s air, it proclaimed a new world for animals which would be superseded gradually by non-animal worlds of consciousness…                                     Now the animal world weakens all around and in us, as ghostly selves seek to find a meaning in existence for ghostly selves.  The dying is sad despite laughter, pomp, ornamentation, civility and make believe.  An end is the saddest occurrence, unbearably sad when the end does not release a new beginning.   Thus it is that the end of animals and plants and all the beauty they embodied had to and did inaugurate the beginning of identity and self-hood…                                           Salute all animals and plants near you.  They achieved your birth.  Soon they will decline.  Their drama comes to an end as ours continues.  Raise memorials to them in your sensitivity.  Remain true to them and to yourself as one of them, even as you leave their world into the self-worlds of consciousness…                                               Some rise on extended wings and circle in the air.  Others remain quiet and impassive in the Sun on the shore.   Many centuries taught them their patience.   The rumble of waves, the sweep of winds, day-breaks and night-falls, seasons, tides, fog, rain pertain to them as their plumage does.  The world outside blends intimately with the world inside…                                                                                                                When gulls and their brethren in life became men, the balance tipped.  Inside assumed an importance it did not have.  The magnification of “Me” came naturally as a consequence of  consciousness located in an organism.  The weak flicker of identity had to concentrate on it’s self in order to preserve itself. It thus converted “Mine” into the most meaningful aspect of existence; my body, my world, my children, my money, my position, my success, my sickness, my suffering, my mistakes, my misfortune.  These “My’s” weakened the relation of inner experience to outer existence.  They created separate inner worlds not much interested in the great outside.  Men presently bogged down in egotistic pleasures have a way out.  They can perceive the way and follow it when their perception is clear.  Non-human animals lack this perceptory assistance because they lack the consciousness required for it.  Men know! Not inwardly and without awareness of it!  They know sufficiently well to talk about their knowledge and act on it.  They say “Do this,” “Don’t do that,” and they learn how to do as they say…                                                                    That makes an oceanic difference.  Men may not be able always to follow the directive.  A well prepared dinner can mean more than an eternity of stars when the dinner is on the table and the stars are in the sky.  Nevertheless, a course can be charted and returned to when custom, momentary satisfactions and personal gain block the way out…                                                                                                                             Tell us about the course that annuls ego when the egotists are dissatisfied with their type of experience…                                                                                                              The egotist now seeks to love more extensively, love for self expands into love for existence.  When a man loves existence as existence, he loves men as men and he has ceased to be an egotist…                                                                                                     Men can enjoy the sky because it is a sky; the ground because it is ground; mankind because it is mankind; ideas because they are ideas; love because it is love; sharing because it is sharing; that is the new experience which redeems the egotist…                                                                                                                                                      A pendulum swings to one side before swinging to the other.  After that it swings in both directions.  The self goes in, so that it may know and enjoy its small personal world.  After that it goes out, so that it may know and enjoy mankind and the universe.  When it succeeds in this, inner and outer existence blend as they do in gulls on the shore, but with a knowledge they lack…                                                                                                                                                                                                         An acorn takes moisture and light and sends a sprout through the Earth up into the sky.   Why does it do it?   So that it may say “I am a beautiful oak”? It cannot be for that.  The acorn does not know about itself.  It does it in acorn fashion, for the sake of existence.  It proclaims the motto “Unfoldment for the sake of    Unfoldment.”   The seed of a man evolves in a womb, in time, it is pushed into an environment, later to be known as the Earth.  There it continues its development and learns about itself and the place of its existence…                                                                                   What for?  So that a man may strut about like a monarch, or long to do it when circumstance prevents it?  Not at all.  Existence did not reveal a universe to men  for them to ignore it.  The inheritance makes demands.   Existence revealed a universe to men for them to claim it.  “How wonderful I am,” though permissible as an episode, must change into “How wonderful the Universe is.”  The ultimate enjoyment of men cannot be less than mankind and the portion of the Universe open to mankind.  When personal existence enjoys existence impersonally, it does not say “My sky.” It says “Sky.” It does not say “My friends.” It says “Fellow-men.”     It does not say “My words.” It says “Our conversation.”                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   The prophetic sky waits.  The Oceanic cradle waits.   Existence waits for itself everywhere, as it surveys itself.  Men wait and strive, as time pushes them on to themselves.  The beginning has been made.  The advance continues.  The culmination comes.  The House of Mankind rises on itself  to assume it’s sky-place…………  ”                                                                                                                                              Congratulations if you read this whole missive, there is still hope for you and for mankind. The reason I am quoting Mr. Esteve is because he says what I want to say only hundreds of times better than I could in my wildest dreams…I hope people realize what a real danger our Egotist in Chief poses to this planet Earth…..


New York Times, April 28,2018…A full page ad paid for by The World Values Network, Rabbi Shmuley, Executive Director…In this ad Rabbi Shmuley takes to task Natalie Portman for her refusal to go to Israel to accept the Genesis prize, known as the Jewish Nobel.  Saying “She does not feel comfortable participating in any public events in Israel.”  He then goes on to praise Netanyahu as the great and only democratically elected leader in the Middle East, and blah, blah, blah.   He then goes on to say that Ms. Portman attended the Shanghai Film Festival in 2014 Sponsored by the Chinese State administration of press, publication, radio, film and television.  best known as the censorship enforcer and propaganda machine of the Chinese Communist Government.            The Rabbi then goes on to ask: “What would lead Ms. Portman to embrace some of the world’s most authoritarian offenders, and ignore state sponsored censorship while announcing a boycott of democratic Israel on it’s 70th birthday?  Ms. Portman implied it’s the recent clashes between Israel and the “Hamas terror organization on the Gaza border.”   The Rabbi then mentions how the Jews remember of the Warsaw Ghetto…                    When the Rabbi said that he caught my attention, because as far as I can tell, the Gaza Strip is an exact replica of the Warsaw Ghetto, the people walled in, starved, deprived of electricity, fresh water, sanitation, bombed almost daily by Israel, thoughtless murdering of protester’s against these conditions, their hospitals and schools targeted, children and pregnant mothers among the victims, I think, I too would be tempted to take up arms.  What amazes me is how the other side is so easily labeled terrorists, when our side is labeled Freedom Fighters. Now, what brings this particular page to my attention is my relating the Chinese connection to Ms. Portman, to an article in the Economist Magazine dated Oct. 13th, 2018 :Israel and China.  Too Open for Business?   Israel’s commercial ties with China are raising security concerns.                                  “The chief of one of Israel’s intelligence agencies was recently surprised to discover that Chinese construction workers on a major building project might be able to see into a sensitive installation.  Israeli security officials are growing increasingly uneasy with China’s expanding role in the economy, particularly its involvement in several big infrastructure projects and its purchase of cutting edge technology.”  (Skipping a few paragraphs here.)  ” The other concern is over the transfer of Weapons technology to the Chinese.  Gone are the days when Israel would sell them military hardware.  After numerous complaints from America, Israel agreed to cut off arms sales to China in 2005, but a grey area has sprung up around dual use technology, such as artificial intelligence and cyber security products, which could be used for surveillance and intelligence purposes. (Skipping another paragraph or two here.)  Israel’s commercial ties with China have flourished under Binyamin Netanyahu, the prime minister, who met President Xi Jinping last year.   In the first eight months of 2018 Israel sold $3.5 billion worth of goods and services to China up 63% for the same period last year.  “Israel has to do business with China, of course, but there is no serious mechanism to make sure that we don’t sell off key economic assets and valuable technological knowledge,” says Efraim Halevy, a former head of Mossad.                                                                                                                                  So, back to Hypocrites Mr. Rabbi Shmuley,  Ms. Portman went to China to take in a film festival, Israel goes to China to sell them Weapons and technology to help them increase their surveillance of their own people and foreigners.  I would be so bold as to suggest to Rabbi Shmuley that he put the Hypocritical shoe on the proper foot.  They will fit him just fine.  Perhaps if the Israeli people would try to see the Palestinian people as human beings, forcibly removed from their homeland as friends and neighbors and try to work out their differences peacefully.   A first step would be to help rebuild Gaza and make sure the people there have as good a life as the Israeli people themselves enjoy, that would be a nice beginning, maybe they would even talk peace with you. I hope the Rabbi takes the time to read my little love note to him…

Random Thoughts of an Old Grunt

     I see the Pirate Orange Beard is doing his usual dazzling of his true believers with the usual lies and bullshit.  “Oh. The Great (And Rich) Saudi prince would never lie to me, just like I would never dream of lying to you.  So I believe him when he says he knows nothing about some pesky event in the Saudi embassy in Turkey.”   “I was too busy jailing opponents, to pay attention to something so far away.”  So says the Rich Prince, (Tyrant) Oh! the admiration the Pirate Orange Beard showers on those rough and tough leaders.  “I want to be just like them, remember I fell in LOVE with Kim Jong -Un, I so love His Parades.”  “I really want a Parade like my long dead buddy Adolph used to hold, Oh! those goose stepping paragons of perfect white men.”  Now that he’s got the military/Industrial complex an extra fifty billion bucks, and given his fellow Billionaires an extra trillion to sock away, guess who’s going to be tapped to pay for all that largess?  Well Bitch McCon spelled it out for us:  “It’s the fault of all those pesky programs for the not rich folk, the usual suspects, Social Insecurity, Medi-don’t care, and Medicaid, and those food stamps and rent assistance.”  Since it’s a crime now to be poor, we can hire more police forces to arrest all those homeless crooks and build more privatized prisons to stock them away from the well rich and cultured folks, so they don’t have to see them when they are being driven around the city in their Limo’s.  Plus we can rent the prisoners out to the corporations for ten or twenty bucks an hour and pay them ten cents an hour.  Are we good or what…                                                                                                                                            Now how we can slow down global warming by one simple plan: Go back the the eight hour, five day week.  Get rid of this insane 24/7 world.  Plus no traveling on weekends, no plane flights, walk to the park, the museum’s enjoy the sunshine, Park the damn cars,the trucks. Maybe leave the subways and buses running so one can get across town. Plus No Shopping!                  That’s it from this tired old grunt… ttyl.


  1. Elect despots as leaders, make sure they are totally corrupted by greed and immorality.                                                                                                                                   2. Design and spend trillions of bucks on Weapons of Mass Destruction…             3.Pamper the Rich and impoverish the poor more than usual…                                 4. Punish the atmosphere with every poison imaginable to man and chemists…                                                                                                                       5.Encourage women to have as many children as they can bear, deny them access to birth control and abortions…                                                                              6. Strip mine the Oceans, net every last fish in the sea, also all the hard shelled creatures…                                                                                                                                     7. Strip mine the land for every last ounce of minerals, especially Gold, make it look like the surface of the moon. Poison the streams, rivers, lakes and oceans with mine run-off toxins…                                                                                         8.Build thousands of Coal generating plants, supply them with mountain top mined coal…                                                                                                                                  9. Build and sell gas and diesel guzzling autos, trucks, buses, airplanes and ships, encourage their use by not building any public transportation systems…   10. Encourage factory farming, use massive amounts of fertilizers, pesticides and herbicides. Make sure that the run-off flows into all nearby lakes, rivers and streams so as to create dead zones at every river mouth. (This insures that any surviving fish from #6 above will be sure to die.)                                                    11. Build more and more CAFO’s, store the waste in ever larger ponds, thus insuring that rain will fill the local river systems with animal waste products, feed the animals lots of antibiotics and growth hormones…                                         12. Step up the use of plastic and plastic products for single use purposes, then be sure to litter the land and waters with it, what the hell, the planet is a giant trash can already, so no big deal…                                                                                         13. Encourage hatred, make sure to create division among the people, give them plenty of “Others” to persecute, give them names like Terrorists, Criminals, Gangs, anti-christian’s or Low-Life’s…                                                            14. Encourage the people to buy and own guns, rifles, and lots of ammo: Tell them that it’s their right to own them to protect themselves from those horrible, nasty “Other’s”…                                                                                                       15. Constantly raise taxes on the poor and middle class, cancel all assistance programs like food stamps, medical care, low income housing; tell the people that we must have the strongest, most weaponized Army, Navy, and Air Force in the world to keep those Evil Other’s from attacking us while we sleep.  Therefore we must increase our military budgets exponentially, thus justifying those tax increases…                                                                                                                  16. Make medical care and medicine expensive beyond all reason, so only the Rich can afford it, allow the poor and middle classes to bankrupt themselves trying to pay for medical care. Do not ever consider single-payer insurance…      17. Pamper and enrich Big Pharma by allowing them to charge whatever price they desire for critical medicines…                                                                                       18. Sell off all the public’s land to mining and drilling interests, sell it for dirt-cheap prices…                                                                                                                               19. Make it a priority to encourage people to eat more and more unhealthy food products, this will create more fat, unhealthy people who will be prone to diabetes and heart disease, thus making the Medical/Pharma complex even richer than their wildest dreams…                                                                                       20. Make wars of all kinds popular, increase the size of the Army, Navy, Air Force, Marines and of course our new Space Force. It helps to encourage patriotism.  Begin by brain-washing the young at an early age, so they will be happy to march off to glorious War…                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                     This then, is the guide lines for How to End Life on Earth.  We are well on our way to achieving these goals.  We have already elected plenty of Despots in this present time.  I used to think that our Planet Earth was salvageable, but now I am not so sure about that. The rise of so-called: ‘Smart Technology’ has precipitated a rise in the levels of Stupidity.  The people have become dependent upon other’s doing their thinking for them, making them ever more unable to think for themselves.  This is tragic, because one may ask: “Who is it that is doing the thinking for you?”  Oh! Look it up on your “Smart Phone” , the answers to all of your questions are on there.  Just ask Siri, or Amazon’s Echo, or Microsoft’s Cortana.  Siri! “How did I become so stupid?” Siri: “I am sorry, my programmer forbids me to answer that question, as the answer may offend a stupid human being.”  So, my friends, if you like the way this present world operates, do Nothing.  If you want it to change for the better begin by learning how to think for yourself once more…P.S. The Phoenix will not be rising from the ashes of a destroyed planet!                                                                                                                                                          The End.