Random Thoughts shared;

F–king is such Fun!; But all too quickly it is over and it is back to everyday, ordinary reality, gotta get to work, gotta earn that bread for the next meal, because that belly is getting empty. Plus we have to satisfy our Ego’s, need that new house, that new car, that 60 inch T.V., so off to the mind-destroying job we go…..Hut, Hut, Hut, off to work we go, every day the same old s–t……It’s OK, we now have those little magical screens, our super muscular thumbs, we can Tweet! we can play Games!, we can snap 10,000 pictures, send endless texts………………………………………………………………………………………….~~~~~What we cannot do is interact with the Reality of this world…..You know, the Reality of Over-Population, the Reality of endless little wars, the Reality of World Destroying Nuclear Bombs, all set, ready to go at the push of a button…..Or how about burning and chopping down the last of this planet’s great Rain Forests to plant Soybeans? Mostly for animal feed…..Or how about the disappearance of the animals and the fish and the birds?……………………~~~~~Note how hard the Rich and the Government fight against women having access to Birth Control…..We must have a steady supply of Cheap, slave wage labor so Profit increases, we must be able to fill in the ranks of the military with ever more Cannon Fodder……I know this sounds like the same old s–t over and over again, well, as far as I can see, nothing has changed since I started writing, and until things change, I must continue trying to bring people’s attention to bear on the subject matter at hand, as I, personally, would like to see to it that our precious children have a future to look forward to, instead of a laid to waste trash dump……Have a nice day!

More on “Glorious War”,

Well, now with our Voluntary Military, the forces have to use bribes to get those poor, unemployed people to sign up. $15,000. sign-up bonus, free college, etc……Of course the Rich men’s sons do not sign on the dotted line, they go instead to Harvard or Yale, so they too can be even richer, no war for them! ~~~~~Now we train them up; “What is the purpose of the Bayonet? To KILL” Learn to aim that rifle boy, learn to fire that machine gun, learn how to load those shells into the breach of the cannon, and so on. ~~~~~All trained up, and off we go, to War, Glorious War! Gotta play Whack A Mole with those Taliban! A while back it was gotta Kill those Cong! (How did that work out?) And Iraq, what a Victory! Are we good or what? ~~~~~And now those boys are coming Home. Some in Silver Boxes, draped with a Flag, some with a burned off face, some missing one arm, one leg, two arms, two legs, triple and quadruple limbs missing. ( I have a buddy in Staten Island, N.Y. who lost all four limbs). Some come home and sit alone at night wondering how all his buds were killed, and why did he survive the battlefield bullet, so he sticks the gun in his mouth and eats that bullet that missed him on the battlefield, or he winds up on the streets, homeless, because he cannot adapt to civilian life, you know, work a dead end job all day, same old, same old,” Wish I could get back to war, I had buds there who had my back, now I got no-one…..” ~~~~~The DAV, the American Legion, and all those other orgs. do a wonderful job trying to help those wounded warriors, but would it not be nice if we could finally learn to live at peace with one another, treat all men, women and children as Equals, and eliminate the need for them? The fact that I have to spend my time writing about this war shit, just makes me sick to my heart, I would much rather write about Beauty and Paradise, but that time is not here yet. I write to remind people to wake up and look around themselves at this “For Profit” world we have allowed to rule us for so long that we take it as a fact of life. It does not have to be this way! Good people must no longer be silent, we must, all of us “Soto Voce” stand up, and speak out and say; NO MORE…..By our Silence, a World is Lost…….

Heidi, Heidi, Heidi Ho! It’s Off To War, We Must Go;

The good old USA has at least 146 Weapons Factories (Wikipedia) to keep employed, how are we going to do that without another “Tidy” little war? ~~~~~Where are we dropping those bombs today? Afghanistan? Iraq? Syria? Yemen? Sorry no report made available to the Public! ~~~~~How many 100 million dollar drones are on order today?, Lost one to Iran the other day, replacement on order, the Pentagon has $750 Billion dollars to play with, all those wonderful computerized warplanes, ships, missiles, (subject to Hacking), another $12 billion dollar faulty aircraft carrier on order. ~~~~~In this modern world aircraft carriers are BFT’s (Big Fat Targets) hauling 6,000 sailors to a watery grave….. ~~~~~”The Department of Defense” is a Big Fat Lie, it is the Department of Permanent WAR…..If those soldiers are not firing off those rifles & machine guns, how are the Ammo Factories going to stay in business? ~~~~~The funnest thing is, in today’s world, by the time they finish designing a new warplane, like that $350 million dollar F-35, it is already obsolete! Someone in missile design has a plan for that! ~~~~~Take Mr. Assad of Syria & s good buddy Putin, bombing his country to rubble to stay in charge of RUBBLE. Now he is seeking outside help to aid in rebuilding all that he has destroyed. Why is this guy not standing in the world court of Justice, charged with crimes against humanity? Oh! I forgot World Leaders are Sacrosanct, Inviolable! Like the Donald taking out Iran’s General, big boo boo He was Sacrosanct! ~~~~~According to Wikipedia in 6/2018 there were 72 armed conflicts ongoing in our world. When are human beings going to get sick to death of this Shit? ~~~~~We are spending our National Treasure on Bombs and other weapons of war while we have 40 million Americans living in Poverty, millions of people homeless, 2+ million in prisons, something is seriously wrong here people! ~~~~~What a wonderful world we could make for our precious children to inherit if we would just learn to live with each other in PEACE!

HEY! Fellow Bloggers;

It seems to me that many of you are lacking Self-Confidence, you worry if any body will be interested. Who cares? I will tell you what I do; I say what I think at the moment, I just let the thoughts roll through my old brain, and believe me my old brain is stuffed to the gills with a life-time of reading like 5,000 + books, + thousands of magazines, I can read one paragraph of a book and know if I read it, and what the story was about, even after twenty years, because I LOVE to READ! ~~~~~Books have been my salvation, since I only got through one year of High School, but I was lucky to have some Great English Teachers, who taught me Comprehension, that is the key, Comprehension of what you read. When I read, what I consider to be a Great Book, I check to see if the author is still alive, & then I try to find their address to write and tell them how much I enjoyed their work, I have many authors write me back to thank me for paying attention, for what is a writer without a reader? Whistling in the Wind my friends……Really Good Books, I buy numerous copies of and gift them away for other readers to enjoy, my local bookstore loves me! They will search out and order any book I desire, new or used……So what I am saying here is continue to WRITE, Practice is what it takes, nobody can play the Violin on first stroke of the wand. It took me three years of practice to learn how to play on my 8 and 12 tongued wooden drums, but now I can play for an audience. ~~~~~The more you WRITE, the more confidence you will have that what you have to say is meaningful to others. I have posted at least 50 + articles here on word-press + numerous comments on Medium, the first ones were crap, Medium started to limit me to two comments a day, so I went to war with them and Won, now I can write as much as I want! All I was doing there was encouraging the authors of articles to Write More! ~~~~~So, a Great Book to read and learn from, best read aloud with a Loved One; “The River Why?” by David James Duncan, one of my all time favorites, of which I have purchased and gifted 50 + times. When you read this book, you will find ME on the “Last Page”…….By the way, one Post I wrote drew 300 + comments & likes in less than a day! I was humbled, believe me! To think that that many readers would like what what I had to say……..

Words, Words, Words;

On a cold, cold night + 2 degrees—–Snow 12 inches deep, January 1st, 2020….. ~~~~~Well, at least most of us made it to the year 2020! ~~~~~My Lady Love did not live to see it, how I miss Her! ~~~~~The Art work we bought together surrounds me, as I look around. ~~~~~The mirrors are magic windows; the left becomes the right, and who can say—— ~~~~~What is right & what is wrong? ~~~~~Send the young boys off to war…….The Rewards you reap will be young men arriving home missing some or all of their limbs…… Who will care for them? ~~~~~Who will be held Responsible? ~~~~~The “Lords of Money” who stash it all away for themselves? ~~~~~The “BOMB” factories are keeping busy, why just today our Bomber Pilots found themselves a new “Target”, A Wedding Party, “We suspected it was the Enemy.” the bomber pilots said…… ~~~~~I said to myself; “I have landed on the wrong Planet!” ~~~~~All Wars, Wars, and rumors of Wars…… ~~~~~And what do we leave behind for our Children? No Stone unturned…… ~~~~~A hundred tons of Gold in the vaults beneath the streets…… ~~~~~Still sitting there, long after humans have ceased to exist! ~~~~~A Giant Gold Turd, still seeking a reason for it’s existence, Inert, useless……….. ~~~~~YES, Hoard it away! Store it away in your vaults with the two foot thick iron doors. ~~~~~But YOU will still Die! & find that Heaven has no use for Money! ~~~~~For what is Paradise? A place where ‘Greed’ and ‘Lust for Power’ hold no sway— ~~~~~Keep a Tow Chain in your car or truck to pull your neighbor out of the ditch…….


Stupidity will prevail…..Humans will continue to purchase useless s–t, thereby enslaving themselves with Credit Card Debt……Those Interest Payments make the Rich, ever Richer. ~~~~~How hard can it be to just decide when one desires to own something, to just save up the money and pay Cash? Those Credit Cards are a cleverly designed TRAP….. ~~~~~You can spend money you do not have, with a promise to Pay in the Future; therefore one becomes a slave, the Interest payments are old Mafia/Cosa Nostra rates…… ~~~~~Think long and hard about this…… ~~~~~Humanity will someday cease to exist, as Mother Earth seeks new Creation; yet that worthless gold will still be sitting in those vaults, left behind, worthless as ever…… ~~~~~Why do humans insist on placing a Value on things so worthless? ~~~~~Can Gold be Eaten?, Can it burn to make a fire to heat a home on a cold day? ~~~~~Oh! Sure, we could trade it for fire-wood, maybe, if the fire-wood man decides he should keep it to warm his own home; then what? ~~~~~On a cold day in Alaska .2 degrees, these are important thoughts to have! ~~~~~I thought & Thought, let me go to word press to write down my thoughts, and all of a sudden, there was word press with the Word “Write”…..I never made a click of my mouse! ~~~~~The January Sun, put on a wonderful show for me today, of course, I had to have the eyes to even notice it’s journey across the sky, most humans are like, asleep, so they never think to Thank the Great Spirit for another day of this blessed life! ~~~~~Think about this: If our Sun decided to shut it’s self off for three days, what would life on Earth be? ICE CUBES! ~~~~~My Sky-Light is covered with snow, yet the Sun shines through it all making the most beautiful patterns on my ceiling, I just sit here and LOOK UP^, what a Show! ~~~~~It is down to 2 degrees outside, yet I have a nice warm fire, 59 degrees inside, I can live with that! Today I had to step outside to gather buckets of snow to melt for water, as my water supply froze up, so big deal, just do it! I hope you all like my little story of Life in Alaska in the Winter Time!

Let Us Try something New;

Time delay here, I write a word and it takes ten seconds to appear………………………………. ~~~~~What I want to suggest here is we reorganize our thinking, from waging War to waging Peace. These are the Holy Days…..Let us use them to rid ourselves of the weapons of WAR……After all we all live on a little speck of cosmic dust in an infinite universe………. ~~~~~We now have Nuclear bombs, which can turn our world into an ash can, something like our moon. Is this the Paradise we would bequeath our Children? ~~~~~Let us stop bomb & Weapons factories, & instead employ those workers in cleaning up this garbage dump we have made of our one & only livable planet…………………………………..Some-one is fucking with me here, leave me be, or I will find a way to f–k with YOU…….The last man who screwed with me was found dead strangled to death with his power cord……Take note & leave me be!