I give up^, reading that old tired newspaper

It is the same old, same old shit, over and over again, Why, I would rather play my drums, than listen to or read that drivel. They are a lot more fun. I bought extra sticks, just in case any-one would care to drop in and play along with me. (Has not happened yet) yet I have high hopes, for the future, maybe some-body driving by will hear that Beat, and stop in to play with me. I can only imagine at the wonder of Music? How do those bands come together, how do they find each other? Deep Mystery to Me///// ~~~~~Can any-one out here tell me how the “Grateful Dead” came into being? Did it just happen that four or five men got together and made that Music Flow? I want to know how I can find a band to play along with me? I do not know that secret sauce, that thing that draws musicians together, to play as ONE! ONE SPIRIT, ONE SOUL. How does that happen? I hope this was a good question to ask, I hope I get an answer…..

Daily Funny – Day #279

Alright, I will fall for this, little trap you have set, after all is said and done; it is still just words between neighbors, I enjoyed what I saw of Your Site, I thought it well done! Sir! ~~~~~If one man wanted to change this whole world, into a place of Peace and Harmony how would he go about that? First thing, I send out a message, I speak with twelve and eight tongues, I hope I get the message across the barriers of Time & Space…..Trying to turn GREED into GIFT, PROFIT into SHARE, Gift it all away; until there is nothing left but DUST, This is the High-way into Heaven, it is all made up^ of Star-Dust, I am going out the way I came in, naked; with nothing…..

To My Brothers and Sisters in Hong Cong.\: Stand up^

Stand up^ for your rights, Stand Tall, be Brave, it is better to Die on your feet, than to live on your knees. A very brave Spanish Lady made that statement first. I stand with You; I may be thousands of miles away, but I am right there with you all in Spirit! ~~~~~Do not bow down, the evil greedy ones, will try to kill you all, they will get fed up^ with protests, just be brave, my brothers, and my sisters; You will out-live the evil ones. Stand up^ tall, stand strong, ignore the water cannons, the tear gas (Made in USA TM) Put on the masks, protect your-selves. ~~~~~The Great Spirit stands up^ with his people, NO more homelessness, NO more hunger, NO more of this abuse; I stand up^ with YOU and demand my Human Rights, The right to speak my mind, to say out loud what the crimes are, to call out for Justice to make Her Appearance on the World Stage! ~~~~~Where are all the readers? I expected to have thousands of comments, yet I get none, is this site a page of ONE?

Strange notes are flowing through my sky.

Where are they all coming from? These strange guitar notes? Am I supposed to play along with them? I have many tongued-drums, can I keep the beat on them? Should I just Play-Along, or take off on a different path into the sky above me? What is the worth of an old, old, man beating on his drums, silently; waiting for a gift to fall from the sky above him? He has, above all, to remain Friends with his-self, for if, you lost that friend, it is all over, the Heart will stop beating, stop, singing it’s song…..I Love all of my Brothers, my Sisters, My Children,above all! This is what the Musicians are saying to me; Just Play along, do not make waves! I, ignore this wise advice, I listen instead to My Children, calling out for Rain in a drought, Calling out for shelter from that storm; forty inches in less than an hour! Good Music to write along with, that is just what the Doctor ordered up^ for me….. I may be all alone,but I am following his prescription, Never give UP^. Keep on watering those flowers, there is a reward in doing that, you are gifted with Flowers……Good Advice!

The Silver Tongued Devil;

Here it comes, whispering in you ear::BUY that newest trinket, produced from cheap, slave labor, transfer that money$$from your account to Our’s, hey friends, that is what keeps this Merry-Go-Round, going around in endless circles. How do we stop it? Maybe, we just say NO! No more lies, no more bullshit. Slam the doors shut, put up^ the storm shelter, and just say, NO! Like a Big No to bottled water, the biggest scam ever invented, in the house of Greed! I watched my neighbor’s pilling those bottles into their cart, paying at the check-out counter, through their nose, for nothing, nothing at all…..It was Free to the makers of this dream, this scam, makes you to not trust free and pure water, given from this Earth, as a Gift to it’s people….. ~~~~~Greed makes my brothers and sisters so stupid, they will fork over their hard – earned Money, for plastic bottles of water, which Planet Earth provides for Free. Go figure that one out! Thank You, Mother Earth, for that good, good Spring Water! ~~~~~Just remember to give thank’s where thank’s are due…..!

What does it take? To get the old, rich white men’s attention?

To gather up their fortunes and use them to turn this old, used, planet back into the Paradise it was when we first found this place to live upon, to give a Future for our children that they are standing out there crying aloud for? What will it take? Shall I send them the storm of all storms? To wash it all away, as if it never was, in the first place? I can do this, if this is what it will take, to get you all to Pay Attention! How much of your Good Fortune can you carry with yourself, when you should fall into your Grave? ~~~~~I only want to find the cure for this deadly disease called GREED, and it’s friends, the Lust for Power, and above all Profit!…..Those Precious children have caught this old, deaf, mans ears, if I can hear them, why cannot you? What is a “Future” with no so-called; “Resources” to draw upon, because our parents used them all up^ in the pursuit of Greed? Shame, Shame, Shame on You all, You build up^ the walls of money, and then, and then, you forget about the rest of us, out here toiling away to help you build that Fortune. It is like we do not even count, in the weighing and the measures, we are as nothing, in the counting House. If only ONE CHILD, goes to bed without a meal, One Child, I call you all Guilty, of Greed, beyond repair…… ~~~~~What does it profit a man, to gain this whole world, and then to lose his Soul to have it all? Hell is a lonely, lonely, place my friends; I know I have been there, in Hell, and there is no-one to talk to, no-one to share your thoughts with, no reason for even ‘Being’ a desolate place to find one’s self in. It took a Fast of Forty Days, and Forty Nights, I had to go back, back, in time, to like the 60’s when people were out there dancing in the streets, singing out loud :NO MORE WAR! and sticking flowers in the barrels of guns……To finally find myself, back home again…….NOT ONE CHILD, NOT ONE CHILD to go to bed HUNGRY, Not on MY PLANET……Imagine, a world where then is no war, no need for war, the people are just happy to be alive and breathing that free air, dancing in that Free Sun’s shine. That is the World I want to hand down to my Children…..

What have we got here, except a Life-Sentence?

We are Born, and then; we live, or, we die, as fate has determined for each of us. Some of us must face “Old Age”, some of us will live to a ripe old age, and some of us old one’s will die of neglect, because we taught our children, to not care about a Future, not to respect those who have led the way. Brief interlude; I went and beat the hell out of my many tongued drums; the music was to die or live for, your choice….. Yet I only play all Alone, I have many drums, and many extra sticks so You can join on in, and maybe play along with me. I ain’t no “Prince”, , I ain’t no “Sonny Terry; and “Brownie” McGee, but I am getting the ‘hang’ of their music; Like putting on my ‘Walking Shoes’, I just dust off my soles, and start off walking……I never had to look for a home, because I always had one; it was right where I was standing, along-side that road……I am trying to teach the people to remember how Magic works, Some people think that Magic is an impossible ‘Dream’, yet I am living proof that Magic Exists.~~~~~Take my private life for an example, or a curse, as You will have it, there are just so many Wonderful People out there in this World, they will take precious moments out of their lives, just to send Me, a; “Thank You,Card”……When I stuck my thumb out in the wind, asking for a ride; to no-where in particular; I only ever, met Friendly Folk’s, they took me out to dinner, they invited me into their homes, because I was always, as a new-born friend. I did not, rob, or lie, or cheat, or steal, especially from a new, met friend , I was just there, an old friend, waiting on the highway to come and take me home, and I always made it: HOME…….