Let Us Try something New;

Time delay here, I write a word and it takes ten seconds to appear………………………………. ~~~~~What I want to suggest here is we reorganize our thinking, from waging War to waging Peace. These are the Holy Days…..Let us use them to rid ourselves of the weapons of WAR……After all we all live on a little speck of cosmic dust in an infinite universe………. ~~~~~We now have Nuclear bombs, which can turn our world into an ash can, something like our moon. Is this the Paradise we would bequeath our Children? ~~~~~Let us stop bomb & Weapons factories, & instead employ those workers in cleaning up this garbage dump we have made of our one & only livable planet…………………………………..Some-one is fucking with me here, leave me be, or I will find a way to f–k with YOU…….The last man who screwed with me was found dead strangled to death with his power cord……Take note & leave me be!


Well, Happy Holy Days to All! ~~~~~One neighbor after another has been stopping in at my house, bringing me treat after treat, cookies, pies, cakes, to die for…..What a Blessing it is to have such wonderful, caring Neighbors! When my Lady Love of my life passed away in November, I just wanted to die with Her, and so I tried to starve myself to death, I made it 35 days without a bite of food, when all of a sudden, neighbor after neighbor stopped in, brought me food, told me; “Hey brother, this is not what YOUR LADY would want YOU to do.” “Do something instead to Honor Her Memory!” ~~~~~So I sat back and thought about it, what to do? Then I realized I had saved a sum of money for my Lady to live on if I should die before her. What did I need that money for? Living by myself now, I can make it on less that $300. a month, I am an old man, not long for this world, so I started writing checks, $10,000. to MSF…,$10,000. to my local Food Pantry, $5,000. to the Salvation Army, and so on…..I decided that when I leave this Life here on Earth, I want to leave .10 cents in my checkbook….. ~~~~~I had all this time to sit and think about Life, and what comes after Life, and I figure that if there is indeed a Heaven, the only way in is to enter it the same way one enters into this lifetime, naked and alone, those bundles of cash are of no use in Heaven, money has no place there, so the best thing to do is to spread it out here, where it can be used to do Good Things, for those less fortunate than Myself….. ~~~~~So! I want to thank my Good, Good Neighbors for their timely intervention in my life, You have helped me make the Right Decisions on how to Honor the Memory of My Lady Love of my Life! May the Great Spirit send Blessings to You All!

The limits of Imagination;

Today I sent my young Coal Man to the Liquor store, to buy me up the supply of Ryan’s Irish Liquor, I gave this young man $300.00 of pocket money for Christmas, + $200.00 dollars to pay for the Booze, well, he ran short of paying for all the liquor, do you think he would of reached into his own pocket and contributed those few extra dollars, out of those $300.00 I gave him? Knowing full well, I would have reimbursed him? Never a thought to do that…..How sad & disappointing. I may be an old drunk, but I am not a STUPID old drunk……I am what is known as a “Functional Drunk”, which means I retain my cognitive abilities……Like up and alert at 6:50 AM on a Sun’s Day Morning……. ~~~~~Well, Merry Christmas to all, and a really Happy, PEACEFUL, New YEAR, what SAY, that for the Sake of our Children’s Future, we give UP^ War & Weapons? ~~~~~Retire those old men from their seats of power in the Senate and the House of Congress? What a New World this could Be! All it takes is a Common Will, to make it happen! We are so brainwashed & conditioned to believe that there is no “Other” way; just go “Along” with the program…..Like “Be Consumer’s” Run up^ that debt, that Credit Card enslavement…..SPEND & SHOP! Order your Toilet Paper from Amazon; delivered to your front door, & cheaper than at your Local Grocery Store; until we run them out of business, and then, and then, you will be forced to pay what-ever price we decide to charge, because there is no alternative…..A Wonderful “Amazon” World; with J. Bezos in charge…..

The Old Man Awakens from His Dream;

2:43 Am, 12/22/2019……He dreams that His Beloved “Great Spirit”, has sent him Blessings to Bestow upon his fellow members of the Human Race, like a Weaponless Planet, whose inhabitants are Welcomed in all the Universe, because of their pursuit of PEACE! ~~~~~He dreams that Jesus, the Christ Child, is Born Anew, and everyday is Christ-Mass Day! The Gifts He brings are Service, rather than Wage Slavery….. ~~~~~When we “Serve” one and the other, there is no need for Money; as all men, women, and children are considered as Equal; just as the Sun shines for All, alike, it does not play “Favorites”…… ~~~~~This old man does not believe in the Sin of Adam & Eve, He thinks it is a Big Lie, told to enslave Humanity! He thinks & dreams….. ~~~~~Of a Paradise, here, Now! on this Planet called Earth…..IT is LIKE a WAKE UP^ call to Humanity…..A GIFT to OPEN on this CHRISTMAS DAY! ~~~~~Let us think of our CHILDREN, and what FUTURE we will bestow upon them….. ~~~~~Maybe, let us put GREED & THE LUST FOR POWER on the back burner, and instead put LOVE & PEACE on EARTH, FIRST & FOREMOST! ~~~~~The Old Man awakens from his dream to see it come TRUE!!! ~~~~~A Present with no wrappings to be torn off and thrown away….. ~~~~~A Magnificent Gift for our Beloved Children….. ~~~~~Happy Holy Days to ALL!

Inspirations of an Old Man;

Alone, is his old log cabin, the old man sits and thinks of the Future. ~~~~~He sees all of his children sitting in a circle, questioning their Future….. ~~~~~What is it to be; they ask among themselves, A Paradise, or a Toxic Waste Dump? ~~~~~What will our parents Bequeath Us? ~~~~~Is it to be Weapons Factories, producing Fighter/Bombers, Aircraft Carriers, An endless supply of Weapons of War? ~~~~~Or, could our Parents & Mentor’s, if they so wanted, gift us a Paradise? ~~~~~What is “Paradise?” ~~~~~The Old Man tries to answer this question as best he can, with his limited vision; ~~~~~”Our Home Planet is a “Lover of Life”, he says, therefore it encourages Life; even tho life fights against it’s own survival, with tooth and Nail….. ~~~~~”Our Sun”, He says, Shines for all, the good, the bad, the beautiful and the ugly….. ~~~~~The strong seek to consume the weak, yet the weak seem to prevail, how is this? ~~~~~There are many more “Weak” than “Strong”, and numbers matter; How many Stars Shine in the night-time sky? can they be counted? Start with ONE, and then climb quickly into the TRILLIONS…..Try to Imagine INFINITY!…..It is not possible for a humans Brain! ~~~~~This is all a “Dreamland”, all who lived before us, made this present moment possible, by their very existence…..The Dead speak to us, they say; “We sacrificed, that YOU may have Life and the enjoyment of it.” “Carry On!” They say, “Carry On!” ~~~~~The Old Man, has a Prayer to the God above; “Let us humans abolish War, let us close down the weapons factories, let our Children inherit only PEACE; and the stories told round the campfires, tell the tale of how we accomplished this…..By becoming Sick of War and the rumors of War….. How we became “Wagers of PEACE; instead of “Wager’s of WAR.” ~~~~~Happy Holy Days to ALL!

All About the $$$$$

Why is it always & Forever (In Saecula Saeculorum) about the Money to be made? ~~~~~What if I just write for the pure Joy of writing? ~~~~~How many Billions of Dollars follow one into the Tomb? ~~~~~We go out the way we came in, Naked, crying out for Milk from the tit….. ~~~~~Do our Memories of life lived, carry with us into that great beyond? ~~~~~Who has returned to tell us about that last Journey? Name One! ~~~~~Time marches on into Infinity, it knows no Behind, no Yesterday; ~~~~~Men write Books of History, of the past times only they remember; ~~~~~All to be taken with a grain of Salt, a preservative……Note that our Oceans are full of undrinkable water, and drought comes & goes as is it’s will to do…… ~~~~~The people of this Earth would be Wise to Listen, when this Earth Speaks to them! ~~~~~Oh! Build that home, that Dream Home, on water-front property, the Ocean will raise up; a wave & come & wash it away, as if it had never been there….. ~~~~~These are my words, & My words only, not meant to offend, only enlighten any readers of them…………

Let us Old Men write something New on Here;

I had an Old Man Dream, I dreamed I played on My Eight & Twelve Tongued Wooden drums, at first I played for Brother Fire, to keep me Warm on a Cold, Cold Night…. ~~~~~And then I learned to just play for ME, it became my Pleasure to hear myself play! ~~~~~I tried to figure out how to share the music on You-Tube, but it was too complicated for my little old brain to figure out, so I gave up^ on it; so the pleasure is all Mine! ~~~~~Maybe for this Christ-Mass I will learn how to play the “Little Drummer Boy” ~~~~~Now, talk of Impeachment, where is the replacement, that little dude with the Perma Grin, who dares not walk into a diner with a woman alone? ~~~~~I would say, “Watch what you ask for” People…… ~~~~~Just the other day the so-called “Christians” entered my Home; I threw them out on their ears, I do not need to hear that crap, thank God, I am deaf! ~~~~~Here is how I live my life: I keep my belief’s to myself; I keep my sexual preferences to Myself, it is nobody’s business but my own, therefore I do not have to enter a court of Law to assert my Right’s…..And I make sure that I mind my own business and no-one’s else’s…… Happy Holidays to ALL!