I never could have dreamed this up^

I never could have imagined the beauty full forest, that would take shape before my very eyes, with nothing, to do with me, except leaving things alone. I asked my Lady: “Where do YOU want them Planted?” I never got an answer to my question. So the trees and shrubs, gave up^ on us, and just took root, where they sat; which was where it was at; The Perfect Home. Not to brag, but this is a new place to go to, it is what your real true dreams are made of, “Heaven, Johnathon, Livingstone Seagull, is not a place you go to, It is all around you, one just has to look, and find it all all surrounding’s; in every nook and cranny. If you could imagine, even a Dream of being alive! What a miracle; to come into this World naked; and go out the same way you came in……. ~~~~~Just do not give in to temptation, just say no! to all of it, just be your own best person….. ~~~~~Do not pay any attention, I am just playing along, these type-writer keys, become Notes on my twelve-tongued drum. To be played into for-ever…….

P.S.’ I am smoking really GOOD POT here, It is legal now; GOD BLESSED Us, and we should find a way to say: “Thank You for all the Blessings we have received”…..

Like, hey! Brothers & Sisters, and Mom’s and Pop’s let us count our blessings, if we are alive, we have Free Air to breath, That Sun’s Shine, don’t send us no bill. And that water, just flows down over that hill behind us. Giving Thanks, goes a long way, towards a better World. I know, I found that reasoning to be True, every time I gave “Thanks,” it just came back to me magnified like ten-thousand fold. If, I , remembered to give “Thank’s” to that beauty-full Sun for shinning, I hoped, that, I was not the only one, to stop, and give his thanks, for the Sun; for shinning on Us for another day……~~~~~ It is like the twelve-tongued drum song, I just played, it was for every-body, every-where on this whole Planet! I have enough extra “Sticks” for every-one to play along with, that is the Nature of the Game Here; like , every-body, play along; tap your feet, slap your pant’s leg, you can’t go wrong, by trying to play along. Baby, that is the song I am singing, here on this {AM Radio,Fox video, Tweet, Twit, instant, one instant, where can one put one’s Attention? Here/Now, or in yesterday’s old newspapers? It is all, all, all; History. This moment, Here/Now, gone forever, as if it never even happened. ~~~~~are you, my friends, putting this All Together? Or am I just wasting my time here, A meal for worms, sole epitaph?

Freak’s Me Out;

Man, this is like a weird, strange planet; like it is out of my Orbit, has my space-ship gone awry? How did I arrive Here/Now? Well, my old, drunk dad, who treated my mother like a piece of shit, got her pregnant, again, and out came a Son! And then the father was gone; just like “That” like a snap of the fingers. And then, Mom got lonely, and she took another Bastard in, and this one always kept the window curtains closed, maybe, because, someone was coming after him, I never knew the end of that story, because I left that “Home” behind me, and I never, until Now-looked back. But now, even now, I loved and admired my Mother, for all the crap she had to put up^ with, just to insure that her children would outlive her! ~~~~~She scrubbed office floors and emptied waste-baskets every night, one of the “Lowly, under-paid workers”, but she made it possible for me to be here and write about these events, even now, at the ripe age of 74. My Mom, what a great Gal! ~~~~~What am I going to talk about now? These thoughts are zipping through my head at like a trillion-zillion times a second. How can I capture that and even begin to make sense of it? Well, I slow my-self down, Like Way Down, I wish I had an arrow for down, computer designers? Could my next computer, please have a DOWN ARROW, included in the final design? Much appreciated!!!!! Fuck it, I am just going to go and play my drums for me, for myself to enjoy!

I am Burning Up^

It is so cold, I have no wood for my fire, so I have taken to burning up^ old newspapers, old magazines, even old books, just to keep me warm. What is worth more, my not freezing to death, or old words printed on paper? I weighed it on the balance scale, and my life was worth more that old history words. Now we have “Computers” to store it all away on, until the Power runs out, at least…..What Happens, when it just fails to happen? Good Question? What do we do when those little magical screens fail to “Light Up^” ????? Do we kill one and the other, to find an active battery? ~~~~~Hey! I have a great idea! Let’s spend another $Trillion bucks to invent another nuclear bomb, that can destroy our so-called civilization twenty x times over, instead of the ten we currently have……Is this a great idea or what? What are tax-payers for? If not to fund the Military/Industrial Complex? ~~~~~This is a sad, sad world, my friends and brothers, and sisters, where men are wielding AK-47’s and M-16’s in place of hoes, and plows to reap a harvest of life, instead of a field of sorrow. I find, in my heart of hearts, a place that is not My World, I must depart this place, and go back home, where all of my friends are True friends, and no-body ever lies to me, or would dare to tell me a False-hood, because I can listen to them and know if they are telling me the truth or not, as the case may be.So, I hope to think that I have many Friends, and few. if any, enemies. I pray this ends on a Hope-full Note, to you, my friends, in this strange, strange land……

Wasting Precious Time

I was just over on the “Medium” site, spilling out my thought’s like water over a water-falls, just burbling away; and here I am on Word-Press.com trying to think of something Deep to say, when my drums sit idle, waiting for the Pow-Wow, waiting for some brave warrior to come and play them…..And hit the right Notes; weather it be a one-tongued drum, or an eight or twelve tongued drum, I would like to graduate to an Eighteen Tongue, maybe someday it will happen, if I live long enough…… ~~~~~Some-times little devils come to try to torment me, but I just shine them on, for daylight is a true Blessing. That the Great Spirit thought to Sacrifice it’s self once again for US. Did you walk out-side your door this evening, and thank the Sun for shinning? Did you think to Thank It for another day of life, lived on this Planet, called; ‘Earth’? ~~~~~I am thinking here of all the little Blessings that come along with “Life on Earth”, like air to breath, like; Sunshine, freely given, greatly appreciated, When I step outside at night, I thank the moon, for that night-light, I thank the stars for shinning, and promising a future, because they are so far away, yet we can view their light, here/now! ~~~~~It is so sad, that Word Press does not Print it out, Exactly like I wrote it, my periods and commas get thrown astray, my sentences, my paragraph’s mis-aligned, oh! well, we do the best we can to get our message out……

I was just wondering?

Let us just say, I wandered the street of anywhere “Earth” today, handing out $100.00 bills, would people’s lives be any better? Could I pull them out of “Poverty” with a $25.00 loan at 19 or 25 % interest? . What is my Motive here? Mostly, it is GREED, I think, I am only interested in the interest they pay. On a $25.00 loan we can collect humongous amounts of “Interest” The suckers will die before they even begin to pay off the interest on the loan. Those “Low-Interest Loans” are just another scam to fleece the poor. Do not fall for it, you are better off starving to death, rather than get caught in the trap of :Low-Interest_Loans. I found out it would take me, like, forever to pay off those loans, I would die, and still have not even made the Interest Payments! Oh fuck, she died; let us go and steal from some other old fucks. Easy pickin’s Bro; or where do we go from here? ~~~~~More AK 47’s or hey Brother, can we just sit down, and share a Beer? If, If, we could just sit down together, and share a beer, it would be like music, always playing in our ears, and we would come to love peace, we are brothers, we care to share a simple beer together. How hard is that to do? Must we make it :complicated?. It does not have to be, this endless war, this endless strife; all it takes is for men to find, the friend and not the enemy. Once we find that, our children’s future is assured!

I do not care if one living soul reads these words, or not; as is their Wont;

They always talk about; “Money” how much? What is it worth? How much “Profit” will we make?…..They call the living, breathing, brothers of ours; “Biomass” , Just there to be harvested at out whim. I wonder how many human beings know just how life works? In my experience it seems to be all about making a sacrifice, A mosquito is grabbed up by a Swallow, and fed to it’s children, so how many mosquito’s are there for the Swallows to eat, normally there would be many millions of them, but now they are almost all gone, thanks to pesticides. So once the Mosquito is gone, so is the Swallow; gone….. ~~~~~Last year, as I mowed my lawn, I noticed the absence of pesky bugs, I hardly got a single bite, and I did not have to spay myself down with DEET’TM’, Wow!, makes me wonder…..Like what if we find a cure for malaria? All those extra mouth’s to feed. Can we do it? Do we even have a Plan? What do you want to keep all those mouths alive for? To feed YOUR GREED? More consumers= More Profit. Is that right? Am I seeing it correctly? Kill all the Mosquitos, increase the Profit! More little .10 cents an hour “Consumers” ……Someday, somebody will read this and realize I was just telling the TRUTH, as I saw it. DONE!