Well, the Machines have Won;

My Gmail account has disappeared into thin air, I am a non-machine, and Google has gone to A.I., no humans left on the Payroll, Meat machines need not apply, my Word Press account no longer recognizes my “Likes” nor my “Comments” Mayhap, they did not like what I had to say on this site? ~~~~~I know, I know, the Truth is hard to swallow, the lies are easier to stomach, as they are filled with Acid……It seems to me that this life is largely filled with a wish to escape from it, that is why one watches the T.V., it is a convenient Escape from what Is…..Here is a Truth: This world is a Mess! ~~~~~We, You and I, treat it like an endless supply of good things, at the same time we treat it like a Trash Dump, we drop Bombs on it, we spill endless amounts of blood upon it, we waste the precious water on so-called “Soft Drinks”, soda pop, that rots your intestines……Meanwhile there are millions of refugees, driven by drought, or worse, a tyrant running their country, yet nobody is willing to allow them in? Where has Compassion gone? “Oh! they will flood our hospitals, use up our welfare payments, eat all of our food” “Keep them OUT!” “I went to the Cosco today and bought all of those giant packages of toilet paper on their shelves, I could care less about anyone else needing it.” ~~~~~Makes me wonder, if Shame has lost it’s meaning……

Listen, Listen, Listen;

To the Sound of Silence, maybe alone in your apartment, no visitors, no T.V., no Radio, all alone with yourself. This, my friend, is the perfect time to get to know yourself…..Be still, and start to pay attention to the wanderings of your own mind…..What happens at first is your mind will work to Distract you, go off on a tangent, it takes attention to recognize this distraction, just keep on going back to the beginning, start again to Pay Attention, now watch your mind, just going in all directions, a news article, a neighbor talking, an AD on The Computer Screen, Click Here to Order Now! ~~~~~Uh Oh! we got distracted again, need a fresh Beer, football game is coming on, don’t want to miss this…..How hard it is to just sit still, to do nothing, to be the observed and the observer. Who is thinking these thoughts? Where does thought come from? ~~~~~First there is the here & now, and then there comes the Memory, thought captures each moment and then tries to Relive that moment, even tho it is lost forever in the Past which is not subject to recapture, and so the mind spins a web of desire, I want this, I want that, go get it for me……If one is not endlessly aware of the minds tricks, out will come the credit card, and once again a temptation is fallen for…..Another piece of useless crap, soon toted to the dump…..But I digress……… ~~~~~I hold this whole world in my little, tiny brain, I also hold the Universe, which is hard as it continues on into Infinity…..Yet I dream of a world of empathy, of compassion, of the endless love we hold for one and the other…..This is what I view in my brain, there is no past there, for the past cannot be changed, all we can do is be aware of the Now, this moment, when we can pinch ourselves and say Ouch! This is all there is, this present moment in time, which is already sliding into History, even as we think. All of the so-called Hero’s who forgot about themselves for a moment and leaped to the rescue were out of Time at that moment, they were in Infinity…..A Lovely place to be….. ~~~~~This is a hard time to live, this Virus Bug, has the whole world on Standby…..Yet it is a message perhaps, from Mother Earth; “You humans refuse to accept responsibility for the wanton destruction of your own Mother, the lady who provides the air and water and soil to grow your food, how you treat this Lady is a Shame upon you all…..”Everyone’s Values are defined by what they will tolerate when it is done to others” William Greider…… ~~~~~And so I am thinking, I have said my piece for this evening. Stay Well, People, have Faith in the “House of Mankind”

To Word Press People:

Why is it that when I click on :ALL,Unread,Comments, Follows, & Likes all I get is the loading circle going endless round and round? Plus when I click on LIKE below and article my screen goes black for a moment and then “No Like” shows up????? Answer Appreciated, I paid top dollar to have my site and I would like it to Function!!!!

COVID-19 Did It;

I hope all my fellow readers/writers are still in good health, Blessings on you ALL! Well, my G-mail has all disappeared into thin air, is anyone else experiencing this? ~~~~~Our “Great Leader’s” answer to all this turmoil is; “Let’s throw Trillions of Taxpayer bucks at the problem, that will make it all go away.” “Am I not the greatest, smartest, wisest president in world history?” ~~~~~Maybe the lone employee at Google got the Virus? Man these machines are sure a let-down to me, I am going to go back to Snail-Mail, at least the Post-Office still employs Live Human Beings, and anyway I sure enjoy receiving nice hand-written cards in the Mail….. ~~~~~Well the Greed Monster, Earth destroying Machine, has been brought to a screeching halt by a little tiny invisible Bug! The Masters of the Universe have had to watch their imaginary fortunes disappear into “Thin Air”, which, by the way, is sure a lot cleaner now that all those Air-planes are parked, the Cruise ships are without passengers, and the cars are parked in garages and the humans are packed into their Apartment/Prison Cells……now if Mother Nature can just come up with a few more of her defensive bugs, maybe we can get our over-population problem under control…… ~~~~~Those brave Children, marching in their millions failed to get the Powers that Be to listen to them and take action,”The World Is On Fire!” they cried, Ho Hum, Business as Usual…..So Mother Nature had to step in and make them pay attention……How is it that we have 7.8 Billion humans on a planet whose maximum carrying capacity is maybe 1 Billion? Well, the Corporations must have a steady supply of Cheap Slave Wage Labor, Cannon Fodder for the Armies, and above all:Consumers, consuming ever more, more, More! I hope all the people sitting at home now will take the time to re-assess their function in this world, and maybe realize that it is time to Clean Up This Mess we have made of our one and only Livable Planet, as the beautiful Oceans have become plastic waste dumps, the few fish that are left are inedible due to it, our lands are denuded of life, the birds and animals are disappearing faster and faster, yet we just merrily roll along, singing that “Good Consumer Song” ~~~~~Well, brothers & sisters, this old man is going to take a nap and worry about this No More…..Mother Nature is back in Charge!

A song, no war included;

So, Lady, should I ask you now this question; “What is Love?” Could you give to me an answer? Is is just a silly word? A word that has no meaning? Is it just the impression of our bodies on a mattress, soon changed like the sheets on the bed? Or some drunken one-night stand? What is Love? Could it be what makes this world roll around the Sun? Could it be what makes the Forest & Flowers to grow, or that look in Your Eyes, when you look at me? Could it be what brought You to Me, to live and share our lives together, forevermore? So, Lady, if I ask you now, this question; “What is Love?” Would You give to me an answer?

Mother Nature Assumes Charge;

Well, fellow humans, we had a million + children out in the streets, calling out to our so-called Leaders; The World is Burning, do something! Ho Hum, business as usual, get your young asses back in brainwashing school, brats…..So we, as usual, refused to listen to our “Beloved Children”…..Merrily, Merrily, we roll along, ripping up our one and only home for Profit, the future be damned…..The Earth looks now like a Giant Trash Can, so what? The bucks keep rolling into our coffers…………………….~~~~~Well, says Mother Earth, if the humans will not live up to their responsibilities, I will have to teach them a lesson…..So out of nothing she fabricates a tiny little virus, invisible to the naked eye, and says: “Sic em, boy!” And thus she accomplishes what years of futile protests failed to accomplish, and the World eating machine begins to falter, and then to shut down…..The Airplanes are parked in row upon row, the Cruise Ships are tied up at the piers, the cars stay in the garage, and The Air is once again almost Breathable! That over-inflated Stock Market watch’s their trillions of imaginary dollars evaporate into thin air…..Humans are confined to quarters, forced, maybe, to begin to talk to one another……………………………………………………………………………Or Not, perhaps they have lost the fine old art of discourse, lost forever in endless trivia on those “Magic” little screens; “Whas, up,Bro?” “Hey man, same ole, same ole.” To quote Kurt Vonnegut; “And so it goes.” And our brave Leaders say; “Those Consumers are not Consuming, something must be done, we cannot have the rich becoming less rich.” “Oh! we will just bail them out, after all we will all be dead before the bill for this comes due.” For example, remember G.W. Bush after 9/11? “Just get out there and shop folks.” While he proceeded to launch us into a ‘Forever War’……Trillions of our national treasure spent, millions of lives lost, but the Military/Industrial complex was in seventh heaven………………………………………………..~~~~~People huddling in their homes, scared to death by the powers that be, and a little tiny virus, that so far has not even come close to causing as many deaths as Malaria & the Flu…..This makes me laugh & laugh; “Nobody ever went broke underestimating the intelligence of the American people.” H. L. Mencken………………………………………………………………………………..~~~~~Perhaps, just perhaps this is the time to rethink our priorities in life, like pay off that debt load, stop being a “Good Consumer” Start thinking for yourselves, and begin to realize how good ‘The Simple Life’ can be…..Think about it!

So many Thoughts, So little time;

The ICC (International Criminal Court) has charged the Afghanistan Government, the Taliban, and the good old USA, with crimes against Humanity…..All good and true charges……Yet I have yet to see that same Court charge the monster Criminal, Mr. Bashar Al- Assad of Syria, and his buddy Mr. Putin of Russia with any War Crimes. Ask yourselves why is Russia helping Syria in their “Civil War?” Why the answer is easy; what better way to test out your latest weapons on Living People, than on some boring test range…..Well, they have succeeded in bombing into Rubble every city and farm; and killing at least 1 million citizens, not to mention the many thousands thrown into Assad’s prisons, there to undergo unbelieveable tortures…..No more mister nice guy there; and yet they now expect the international community to Ante -Up and help this monster to rebuild his self-destroyed country…..The ruler of Rubble, that is what Mr. Assad & Mr. Putin are now, 5 million refugees the price we have to pay. So My question is this: “When will the ICC press charges of genocide against Mr. Assad & Mr. Putin? Another “Paper Tiger” is what I see here, Ms. Justice, lost at Sea, maybe the high tides got her? It always amazes me by what people will tolerate, as long as it is done to “Other’s” Our Planet is a little round ball, which we all exist upon, it is not like we have someplace else to go to. The Universe is waiting for us to wake the F–k Up, and learn to live in Peace and Harmony…..We need a million + Greta Thunberg’s, Done Here…..