LET US GET UP^ OFF OUR ASSES THIS BLESSED DAY, AND TELL OUR SO-CALLED LEADERS WE ARE SICK TO DEATH OF THIS SAME OLD SHIT….. ~~~~~War & Guns & Bombs, and ever more Bombs…..Let us take to the streets in every city, in every town, all across this One and Only World of ours and declare PEACE on EARTH! We Will, We Will, We Will Wage PEACE instead of WAR…..Our Reward will be that this whole Universe will be open for us to enjoy! I look to the People to stand UP^….. ~~~~~Bring your children along with you, it is their Future, their Future we are working for…..Make signs to carry; like WE DEMAND AN END TO WAR! “WE ARE DEMANDING PEACE!, WE ARE DEMANDING A FUTURE PARADISE FOR OUR CHILDREN TO ENJOY! Simple when one thinks about it…………..